Imagine If It Was About Hillary Or Bernie?

An allegedly conservative writer at the NY Times sent out a tweet that he had figured how Donald Trump’s run for the presidency would end. The tweet had a video that showed an assassination attempt from a movie.

I realize the guy is reported to be a conservative so imagine if he had tweeted this about Hillary or Bernie.

I can understand if some liberal had sent it because they always get a pass from the media when advocating violence against others. But how would the left act if this alleged conservative had tweeted this about the sainted liberals running for the presidency?

The reality is no one pays attention to these kinds of things unless they are directed at liberals. Libs can talk about murdering people all day (they support murder in the womb) and no one bats an eye. Let someone discuss harming a liberal and they go bat crap crazy.

Imagine how this would have played out if it were about Obama 8 years ago?

Do you think it would go unnoticed or would there be an uproar?

And you know there would be a visit from the Secret Service…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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