Image of Mohammad Upsets Muslims

Muslims consider any images of Mohammad to be blasphemous. Big flipping deal. I consider Muslims flying airplanes into buildings and cutting off people’s heads to be a real serious problem but I doubt they care much about my feelings. Mohammad is their prophet and that is fine and dandy. There was a cartoon drawn of the prophet and it was not very flattering, which is beside the point because they do not like any images of the guy. They are boycotting different things and there are some American publications who said they would not show it out of respect.

Give me a break. In this country we allow artists to deface Christian images all the time and we are told it is their artistic expression. I am all for the expression and would not think to stop it because this is a free country. But don’t let these limp wristed newspapers tell you they have some kind of sensitivity. They think it is fine to have pictures of Mary, the mother of Jesus being urinated on or covered with feces. There is currently a picture of Jesus in the likeness of Osama bin Laden and it is published. There is outrage from some Christian groups but their concerns will be dismissed because they are Christians.

Muslims get upset if a woman shows her face, drives, has sex, and a number of other things and they get upset because the child molester that they worship as a prophet had his image drawn.

We do not need to bomb these people back to the stone age, they are still living in it.

Source 1: Reuters
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