I’m a Ca ca

Back when George Allen was running for the Congress a little sand flea named S.R. Sidarth followed him around filming him until that one fateful day when Allen called him Macaca. The film of this was played all over and soon the allegations of racism started when some liberal decided that this word, Macaca, was a racial slur in some remote part of the world where people use their hands instead of toilet paper. A big deal was made of it by the left and its sock puppets in the MSM. The same people who equated this word with racism failed to equate the words written by Allen’s opponent (James Webb) as an endorsement of pedophilia.

Well, S.R. Sidarth applied to get into a class at the University of Virginia. The class, Campaigns and Elections, is taught by Larry Sabato, a man reported to be a very partisan Democrat. I will reproduce the entire essay that Sidarth wrote to get in the class:

“I am macaca.”

Hope that was not too wordy or that it did not put you to sleep. Believe it or not, Sabato accepted this and allowed the “man” to attend his class. I am pretty sure that the fact that Macaca hurt a Republican played into this. I am willing to bet that John O’Neill would not get in with an essay that read “I am Kerry Swiftboater.” To be fair, Edmund Jordan, the guy who outed Mark Foley might get in with an essay entitled “I am page boy” but that would only be because Foley was a Republican.

So it is time to visit this whole Macaca thing. Sidarth was supposed to be offended when another called him Macaca but it is OK for him to refer to himself that way. This rule must have been written by the same folks who say it is OK for a black person to call another a nigger but a white person better not. Speaking of that, I wonder if those two folks who were offended by Michael Richards could get in with an essay consisting entirely of the words “I am nigger”?

The political scene has changed because of this as pointed out by Mary Grabar at TownHall.com. She points out that after Macaca (and I will refer to him as that from now on because he said that is who he is) filmed this and it received a lot of play, Democrats all over were stalking Republicans with video cameras in order to catch them in a slip-up. In some cases the Republican candidates were provoked to see if they would slip up. On the surface there is nothing wrong with this (well the provocation is probably over the top) but the problems arise when media outlets only show the snippets that portray the candidate in a bad light. Grabar points out that when an abrasive person was shouting at Allen and was tackled, the tackle is the only thing that people saw on the news. If it is going to be filmed it should be played in its entirety so that viewers can make up their own minds based upon everything available. Unfortunately, the MSM pines for the days when it molded the thoughts of America and will do anything to relive those glory days. Unfortunately, there are many people in this country who have mush for brains and are more than willing to let the MSM tell them how they should think.

Grabar has a well written piece with a lot of information about Macaca as well as the trend to use college kids to provoke candidates. I would like to run for one of those offices. I would never win nor would I want to. I am way too smart to be in Congress. I would just like to be able to put the smack down on liberal college kids who think they are smarter than anyone else. I would have those little bed wetters crying for mommy and daddy to come take them home and feed them a soy milk bottle. I really wish I were the one running when the Macaca thing happened. Macaca would not be introduced into the American lexicon but a lot of other things would.

What candidates need to do is have their own camera crews to document everything that takes place so that the half truths and distortions of the MSM and the liberals can be debunked. Admittedly, those films would not find their way to the MSM but there are a few conservative stations and plenty of conservative blogs ready to show the entire truth, not some mo’ ca ca put together by the liberals and the monkeys in the Democratic Party.

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