ILLEGALS Kill More Americans Than War on Terror

In 2006 Congressman Steve King of Iowa released figures showing that 12 Americans a day are murdered by ILLEGAL aliens which translates to an annual rate of 4,380. This annual number of Americans murdered at home by ILLEGALS is greater than the number of Americans killed in the war on terror since it started. It would appear as if Iraq is safer for Americans than our own country and one expects death in a war. The biggest tragedy of it all is that 4,380 people a year die because our government is not doing its duty in ensuring that Americans are safe and our borders secured.

The Democrats held another Presidential debate tonight with the various candidates discussing how they would bring troops home anywhere from immediately to next March. They discussed how they wanted to stop the war (surrender) and we get the obligatory discussion of how many Americans have been killed in the war. This is the constant focus of the left. Cindy Sheehag (who lost a son in Iraq) is always talking about the number killed and this is the biggest claim the Democrats make. They tell us they support the troops and want to bring them home.

My question is, if they want to stop Americans from being killed by bringing them home from war why the hell are they not stopping the killing of Americans here at home by kicking the ILLEGALS out? It is perfectly legitimate to ask. The ILLEGALS kill more Americans than the war does and they get away with countless other crimes, but that aside they kill over 4000 of us a year. Using the Iraq war logic and the “we support the troops” crap of the left they should be demanding the immediate pull out of all ILLEGALS from this country. Instead, our government wants to make all these people legal by granting them amnesty! They want to make the group of people killing thousands of Americans each year legal thereby rewarding them for killing us (they might sneak that amnesty into the farm bill).

This, of course, is the only thing that the Democrats’ stance on Iraq has in common with their stance on immigration. They also want to reward the terrorists for killing us by pulling out and giving them a victory.

Next time your elected official is stumping for amnesty, ask him about this. It would be interesting to see why they don’t care about the needless deaths here at home. Possibly it is because they have caused them by failing to do their duties.

Big Dog


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7 Responses to “ILLEGALS Kill More Americans Than War on Terror”

  1. Chrys says:

    Great post! Along with the 40,000 people killed in crime, 40,000 plus people who die in auto accidents, 80,000 plus people who die from medical errors!! I also enjoy the fact that the people “so worried” about the deaths of our dedicated, volunteer military members are the same group of people just hanging around waiting for something, anything to degrade these special United States Citizens!!

  2. Virginia says:

    this is very true. I moved from Houston,Tx three years ago because of the fact that it is turning into Mexico, especially on the SE & NE side. You would not believe the crap these illegals get by with. Figured it was better for me to move over to next county, than end up in jail, playing wipe out on some of them. They commit crimes, run back to Mexico, then show back up later. No way to keep track of who these people really are. Scum pretty much sums up what they are.

  3. Steve Dennis says:

    It drives me crazy that none of the politicians, with the exception of Duncan Huter and a couple of others, seem to realize or care about the threat that our border presents us. It is time to close the border and send these ILLEGALS back where they came from, not reward them.

  4. Patsy says:

    The statistics and your analogy, Big Dog, highlight the demagoguery Deomcrats utilize against our troops. It used to be when this nation was at war, there were certain areas, like our national security and our soldiers, because their lives were being risked, that were off limits to political attacks. Democrats have so lowered the standards of what is required to be a patriotic citizen, that they literally make no demands of anyone anymore, unless you’re a Republican.

    Another point finely illustrated from this excellent column is how low the casualty count has been in this war. Especially when one compares it to the risks of living at home faced with the flood of illegal alien criminals walking the streets.

    Great post, Big Dog.

  5. tom says:

    I just wrote this this morning and then saw your blog, please cross post it.
    I am doing all kinds of stuff to fight LaRaza, they are gaining POWER in DC like mad. Obama and Clinton are all buddies with them, getting dangerous. There are several article and alot of links exposing these nuts. Thanks BD. keep up the good work, and I like that graphic for your logo. I have a similiar avitar….Take care