ILLEGALS Kill Border Guard

Those of us who believe in the rule of law want the borders of this country, particularly the southern border, closed down so that ILLEGALS cannot sneak across. People like Ted Kennedy and John McCain (and every Democrat) like to characterize these people as honest and hard working. I have no doubt they are hard working people (I doubt they only do jobs Americans won’t) but they are not HONEST. When a person breaks the law by crossing our border ILLEGALLY and then lives here under false pretenses then that is anything but honesty. This is criminal behavior and our government has sanctioned it for decades. The people in our Congress have turned a blind eye to border patrol agents who were thrown in jail for doing their duties, agents who received more time in jail for protecting us than any of the ILLEGALS get for invading us.

Now we have word that a border patrol agent in California was run over by a vehicle that he tried to stop after it entered this country ILLEGALLY. The area where this took place is popular among off road enthusiasts as well as drug runners entering the US ILLEGALLY. Our government is responsible for the death of this agent. The failure of the President and the Congress to secure our borders has allowed a vehicle to enter ILLEGALLY and run over an agent.

The way our government treats these things it might be a blessing that the agent died. If he had lived the government would have locked him up for a decade because he bothered an honest, hard working invader.

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15 Responses to “ILLEGALS Kill Border Guard”

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  8. irtexas44 says:


    I have no idea what the intombed in DC are thinking. These border agents barely make enough money to support their family’s. They put their butts out there everyday. When I see the films on the news of the illegals attacking them every day and nothing is being done. Now this man loses his life for trying to do his job and protect us. The intombed are so far away from this that they don’t care about anything but stealing more of our money. You are right this agent would have probably gone to jail for doing his job. I’m sure the idiot DA Sutten would have had him given over to him and make sure he did.

    I know all of the rules of engagement and they are fine if your sitting in an office in DC. But it’s time someone woke up and borrowed some balls from some one and says that this needs to be looked at. It is getting the agents , cops, and our military killed. I pray for them all the time. I don’t envy them haveing to go out there everyday. I have mention before that trying to get No. VA and DC to understand about the hispanic gangs. Of course it was all poo pooed. Yesterday on the local news here were all kinds of shoot outs on the streets of Orlando. The local news person is standing in front of something with gang grafitti on it. She then said that PD thinks that maybe the hispanic gangs might be coming in here. Well who drop a sledge hammer on them? Two people a sleep in their home were shot from the shoot out in the street. They were not connected in anyway. The mother had gone out early for the paper and things for Sunday breakfast and found them when she came home. Hell we had to spend hours in classes to learn what the graffitti meant and be able translate it. Then we a little book to carry around to double check it.

    Can you even imagine Patton or even Rommel calling someone and asking “can we fire our guns now?” Please spare me.

    To top off this little picture the Mexican government is up here raising hell that they can’t take all of these illegals back because it would disrupt their whole government and they don’t have room for them all. Excuse me but I have to shed one tear. That would be for who ever they are complaining to didn’t tell them to take their happy asses out their door.

    Somewhere someone needs to wake up. We don’t have anymore time to waste waiting for them to come out of their comma’s. This agent’s family like all of the other fallen heros have to be taken care of. If the Congress got their salary’s raises right so why can’t they do the same for the first responders no matter which ones be corrected before “sometime this year” they will get around to it. The intombed=morons and crooks.

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  10. John says:

    Most of the illegal immigrants that are crossing over are here trying to give their children a better life. There is crime among every sect of society, and using this incident to label an entire group of people is lazy propaganda crap at best. I just got a notice that I live two blocks from a caucasian, citizen, sex predator in my mailbox. Does that mean that all white, middle aged men are sex predators?

    These people come over and pick the vegetables that we all eat. They work fast food. In exchange for them working jobs that no American wants, all they ask is that we pay them $5.25 an hour and give their kids a chance at a decent life. You were lucky enough to be born here. They weren’t. They are doing the best they can given the hand they were dealt. Ask yourself… wouldn’t you do the same thing these people are doing if you were in their situation?

  11. Big Dog says:

    John, cry me a fricking river. No, not all white guys are sexual predators because not all white guys committed a sex crime. However, all ILLEGALS broke the law to get here, end of story.

    They should apply and do it the right way. I would not break the law if I were in their shoes, I would apply.

    We have people here who can pick vegetables. Put the criminals on chain gangs to do it and put welfare recipients on it. Let people in on a work visa, a legal means, and then send them home at the end of the season.

    You get more of what you reward. Reward crime and you get more of it.

  12. Someone nice says:

    Crawl back under your rotten rock, Big Dog. The last thing America needs is another bigot. Get off my interweb.

  13. Big Dog says:

    If I crawled under a rock some ILLEGAL would steal it or sneak past me to get in MY country.

    Crawl back over the border and stay where you belong. One is not a bigot for demanding the law be obeyed.

  14. Concerned says:

    I agree with Big Dog completely. Its Illegal period. Its not a health ingredient for becoming a citizen. Where i live we have a newstory.

    # Illegal Driver in Deadly Bus Crash

    A woman living in the U.S. illegally is charged with vehicular homicide in Minnesota school bus crash that killed 4 kids

    Now if she was legal she might have learned to drive, She would be under are laws, and the families of the dead, let me repeat DEAD children would have some comfort in justice, ie. Insurance,.