Illegal Surveillance

There has been a lot of talk about the electronic surveillance program that the NSA is conducting. Many people in this country, especially those fueled by idiots like Howard Dean and those who run the ACLU, are telling us that the rights of Americans have been violated. As I posted earlier, it is interesting that this very kind of program helped the Italians catch terrorists who were planning attacks against this country that they wanted to dwarf 9/11. This of course was not reported in this country because it would negate the argument made by those who think rights are being violated.

I want to know why there is never an uproar when our rights are really violated on a daily basis. The police set up sobriety check points and stop people without probable cause. Many jurisdictions install red light cameras to catch people who run red lights and now they are employing speed cameras that clock a person’s speed and snap a picture of the offender who then gets a ticket. These last two instances involve surveillance of people who are out in the public and there is no warrant to film their driving habits. Now my friend Surfside would argue that you give them that right by driving on their roads because driving is a privilege. This is an issue that can be debated forever but the fact is they are monitoring us without a warrant and without probable cause. The argument that is usually made is that the roadway is fair game and they can monitor it if they want and if they happen to catch you, well then you should not have been breaking the law.

The Bush administration has names and numbers taken from a terrorist’s computer and they have been monitoring calls from those people to other countries. I guess we have to assume that since the ACLU and the Democrats do not care if the police monitor our actions while looking at the open road we can assume they will agree that people who use phones are sending messages out in the open and if they happen to catch you then you should not have been breaking the law.

Fact is, the NSA had specific targets. The police just cast out a large net and catch whatever comes along. Couple this with the ACLU providing cameras for poor people in Saint Louis so they can film the police and anyone they interact with and we can conclude that those who oppose the electronic surveillance do so for partisan reasons only and they do not care about civil liberties when targeted by anyone besides the President.

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