Illegal Road Trip

Geraldo Rivera was on Bill O’Reilly’s show this past week and they were discussing a drunk driving incident where an ILLEGAL hit a vehicle and killed a couple of teens. O’Reilly was making the point that this guy had been caught before for DUI and other crimes and that the government knew his status and yet, he was not deported. O’Reilly maintained that if they had deported him the accident would not have happened. Rivera was all the way on the opposite side of this one. He maintained that the incident was a drunk driving accident, of which there are many, and this is the one people are making noise about. These two got into a mine is bigger shouting match that had them pointing fingers and screaming. I am surprised fists did not fly. Rivera said that talk like O’Reilly’s incited violence against the immigrants.

I have to say that Rivera is wrong on nearly all counts of this one. This is not just a drunk driving accident. If a man robs a bank and his gun accidentally discharges and kills a teller they don’t say it was an accidental discharge, they get him for the shooting. This ILLEGAL broke the law to get here and he broke it several other times after and those who previously captured him were derelict in their duties. He should have been put in jail, charged and then after he served his time, deported. Unfortunately, America is so environmentally friendly we have a catch and release program so as not to upset the gentle balance of people who are exploited as cheap labor doing jobs Americans won’t do.

Logic tells me that Rivera is correct in the sense that it is really a drunk driving incident and a lot of them happen. True enough but when a person who broke the law to get here is involved it reinforces the impotence of our government with regard to securing our border. It also reminds us that our government has put people on the streets who should not be there and who could very well hurt us. We get up in arms when they put child molesters back on the streets but for some reason ILLEGALS are allowed to roam free. Contrary to what Rivera said on the show, there are a lot of ILLEGAL aliens in jail, so they are here breaking our laws (or should I say continuing to break our laws?). I also know that there are 10-20 million people here ILLEGALLY and most happen to be Hispanic. Yes Geraldo, there are plenty of DUIs but if our government did its primary job our borders would be safe and we would not have to worry about ILLEGAL aliens doing bad things. They did not care about the law when they broke in what makes anyone think they care about it once they are here. Maybe that is why they get liquored up and go for a drive.

Here is a link to the story about movie director Bob Clark (A Christmas Story) who, along with his son, was killed in an accident where an ILLEGAL hit them. The ILLEGAL was drunk and had no license. He did not care about the law when he sneaked in and he does not care about it now.

At the bottom of the article that is linked you will find a list of drunk driving incidents where an ILLEGAL was involved. Perhaps Rivera should read the list before he maintains it is just a DUI problem.

Big Dog

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3 Responses to “Illegal Road Trip”

  1. Robert says:

    I was at work when this exchange took place, I was sitting with some of my Hispanic co-workers and to a man they agreed with O’riley.

    I started it by asking a couple of them what they thought about the incident. The answer was Illegal is illegal if he was caught and found to be illegal why was the guy still here?

    funny when you think of the make up of my co-workers, 3 of them got here by illegal means and were “amnesty” recipients during the Reagan years.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Funny how the illegals who got amnesty now call the exact thing they did, ILLEGAL!

  3. Jo's Cafe says:

    Monday Yawning Specials for 4/9…