Illegal Immigrants Want Special Status

I used to tell my soldiers that it was important to do the right thing whether someone was looking or not. I impressed upon them that they might not get in immediate trouble but eventually the problem would catch up with them. This did not prevent some of them from doing the wrong thing but sure enough they eventually got caught and paid the price.

When people enter this country illegally they are rolling the dice. They are taking a chance that something will happen and they will get caught. They might be involved in a car accident or get injured at work so there is always the possibility of getting caught. In the aftermath of Katrina we are finding out that illegals have been affected and they are not seeking help because they do not have a social security number or other documentation to show they are legal. Representatives of Latin American and Caribbean communities want the illegals to be given “protected humanitarian status.”

It seems that some illegals have been held for deportation hearings or are otherwise being detained. Some people are up in arms about this because they think it is just not right to do this to people who have lost so much, even if they have broken the law. This is the chance they took when they broke the law to get here and now, as my soldiers learned, they will have to face the consequences of their actions. Why should they have a protected status for breaking the law. What if Osama bin Laden was in the group? How about all ten of the people on the FBI’s most wanted list? Would we give these folks protected status?

I believe that the people, all people, affected should get food, water, clothing and the basics to help them heal physically and emotionally. Those who are here in violation of the law should suffer the consequences of their actions. If that means deportation, then so be it.

Read the whole thing at NewsMax.

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3 Responses to “Illegal Immigrants Want Special Status”

  1. N. Mallory says:

    Well, golly. I know you aren’t going to believe this, but I agree with you on this.

  2. Big Dog says:

    No wonder another hurricane is coming. :wink_wp:

  3. […] Yesterday, Big Dog wrote an excellent post about how illegal immigrants displaced by Katrina are afraid to seek help for fear of deportation. Some organizations believe that they should be given “protected human status” because they’ve already lost so much thanks to Katrina. […]