ILLEGAL Heroin Killed Gun Control Actor

Philip Seymour Hoffman died this week at the age of 46 from a heroin overdose. Hoffman was a pretty good actor and had all that life could offer and yet he died with a needle in his arm.

Hoffman was in favor of gun control and narrated an animated ad for the Nanny Bloomberg gun control group. Hoffman (like all other gun control [read anti Constitutional] nuts) believed that gun control would stop deaths due to firearm use. Gun control nuts want people to think banning guns will stop crime. The reality is these people only want to control our lives and remove the means we have to defend against the tyranny of government.

But banning things does not keep people who don’t obey the law from getting them. Maryland enacted very strict (unconstitutional) gun laws and people are getting shot right and left. Of course the gun grabbers will use this as an excuse to enact even tougher gun laws. But this will not work.

Hoffman is the case study of why it won’t. It is illegal to buy, sell, use or possess heroin but Hoffman was able to buy it, possess it and use it. Heroin has no medical use so it is absolutely illegal but Hoffman managed to get enough to kill himself and have about 50 bags leftover.

How is it that a man who broke the law to obtain the illegal drugs that took his life was ever in a position to dictate whether law abiding citizens should have guns? Was it his drug addled mind that prevented him from seeing the irony of pushing gun control laws as a means to prevent people from obtaining guns as he was obtaining the illegal substance heroin?

According to experts heroin use is a public health crisis. The drug has caused havoc in families across this nation and it IS ILLEGAL! Banning it (by making it illegal) does not keep people from getting and using it so how will any law banning (or otherwise making gun possession nearly impossible) guns keep bad people from using them to do harm?

The evidence is clear that it won’t. In all the cities where there are strict gun control laws there are large numbers of crimes where guns were used. Chicago, Baltimore, DC and countless other liberal controlled cities are living (or should I say dying) examples of why gun control does not work.

Liberals are always telling us that the war on drugs is a failure and since people are going to use drugs we should make them legal. In the same breath they tell us to ban guns to make society safer. The reality is that banning guns will not make society safer.

Perhaps Hoffman should have worked on ending illegal drug use in this country instead of helping to infringe on our rights.

His needle has killed more people than my guns…


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “ILLEGAL Heroin Killed Gun Control Actor”

  1. Blake says:

    AS the brother of a junkie, I can tell you first-hand that the damage it produces doesn’t just touch the junkie him or herself, but the family and friends he steals from,lies to, and cheats on- not to mention the businesses he wrecks, all to get high.
    It is so sad.