Illegal Alien Smugglers Should Get Life

Police in Arizona have broken a human trafficking ring that is responsible for smuggling ILLEGALS into this country for generations:

Police have arrested more than 40 people and broken up a family-run smuggling ring that hauled illegal immigrants from Mexico to Arizona for generations, officials said on Monday.

The operation, which began in 2001, broke up a ring that smuggled undocumented immigrants to Bowie, Arizona, southeast of Phoenix, from Agua Prieta in Mexico, Immigration and Customs Enforcement said. al-Reuters

State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America

These 40 people need to be placed in jail for life. They dealt in lives and now they should get life. Any judge that allows any type of leniency should be executed by firing squad.

Our country and our laws will not be taken seriously until we start making examples of the people coming here ILLEGALLY and those who are helping them. Until we make the punishment more painful then the money they can earn, we will get more of this.

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