If You Want Birth Control You Should Pay Something For It

Barack Obama has ordered all insurance providers to provide birth control with no costs and no co-pays. It is dubbed as free birth control but it is not free. The people who pay insurance premiums will see their rates rise and those who don’t use birth control (for whatever reason) will pay for a service for others. It is not free no matter what any moron in government says.

Houses of worship are exempt but religious based hospitals and heath care providers have a one year delay before they must comply even if it goes against their beliefs.

I have heard the arguments about a woman’s right and I am sick of hearing it. Yes, birth control is legal and women have a right to use it. That is where their right ends. What right do they have to pay nothing for it? What right do they have that requires others to pay for their medication?

People have to pay co-pays for just about everything and some of the costs to the patients are not cheap. Why is it that women have to pay absolutely nothing for birth control? People who need medications to live (inhalers, blood pressure, heart, etc.) all have to pay something for their medication.

Women though, pay absolutely nothing for a medication that is not needed to live. It is not life saving and it is not vital for existence.

I know that part of this is Obama pandering to women prior to the election but this goes much deeper. It involves more of the same regarding pitting people against each other and infringing upon religious institutions. Obama has no regard for religion and he has no regard for the idea of responsibility.

He thinks that we should all be paying for the stuff others get and this has got to stop.

You want birth control pills, abortions, aroma therapy or any other thing then pay for it yourself.

We are not our brother’s keepers and it is high time we put this man child in his place.

November cannot come soon enough.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “If You Want Birth Control You Should Pay Something For It”

  1. Blake says:

    Birth control is for all of those people who are too brainless to plan their lives, and too amoral to think of the true consequences of their actions.
    This has become a Dixie Cup society- when we are through with things, we throw them away- it matters not if it is a cup, paper wrappers from a fast food place, or a TV that went awry- or even a relationship or marriage. Don’t like the one you have? Simple- get another- after all, all that “….for better or worse…” crap , well, those are just words and it would be just too difficult to try to talk about what might be wrong, wouldn’t it?
    See, that is the pervasive problem today in society, and with that attitude, it’s no wonder people from around the world look at us as a wasteful society.

  2. Adam says:

    “Birth control is for all of those people who are too brainless to plan their lives, and too amoral to think of the true consequences of their actions.”

    What does that even mean? Isn’t birth control the opposite of brainless and amoral?