If You Like Your Promised Land You Can Keep Your Promised Land


It seems that the Jewish people in America have short memories and are easily swayed by the words of a smooth talker in the persona of one B. Hussein Obama.

Obama met with Jewish leaders to calm their fears over the deal he has worked with Iran. Basically, Obama met with them to sell them some snake oil and let them know all was well. He met with them to let them know he shares their concerns and that he is concerned for Israel.

Give me a freaking break. He does not care about Israel. He bends that nation over every chance he gets. He hates Prime Minister Netanyahu and takes every chance he can to stick it to him and the people of his great nation.

So when Obama tells these people they have nothing to worry about because he is on their side it means they really need to worry. It is his version of if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.

Here is a clue Barry. When you are truthful with people and sincerely care about them you do not need to have meetings with them to let them know you support them because they will already know it. If you have to have the meeting then your lies are not working.

The real issue here is not that Obama lied. He always lies. The issue here is that many of the Jews who had misgivings now have different feelings and are talking about how calming the talk was and how all is right with the world.

Are they out of their minds? How many times does this group of people have the get screwed over before they wise up?

Mind you, these are not Jews from Israel (many of whom do not trust Obama and are worried about Iran and the deal) these are the Jews living in the US. They live here and have a daily view of how Democrats screw them seven ways to Sunday and they still support them. It is beyond me how they can continue to fall for the lies.

Either the American Jew is a glutton for punishment, is completely clueless or does not care about Israel.

They need to wise up.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “If You Like Your Promised Land You Can Keep Your Promised Land”

  1. Barbara says:

    He is sitting it up so Iran will take out Israel, which he wants. Apparently not being a Christian, he does not know what the Bible says regarding Israel. We need to pray God intervenes, and Islam is destroyed instead, that should take care of our worse enemy in the WH too.

  2. Blake says:

    Why ANYONE would believe that lyin’ SOB is a mystery to me- I knew he was a lyin’ dog back in ’04.
    I do not advocate killing anyone, but I would like a good excuse for a party-