If You Can’t Take The Heat

It would seem that in this world if you want to throw stones at people you have to be able to withstand a few getting tossed back at you. As anyone who reads this site is aware, I visit Adam’s on occasion and up until recently, commented quite a bit. I enjoyed the banter over there and sometimes it got a bit heated. One thing was pretty evident and that was, people could dish it out but they could also take it. That is until recently.

There was a commenter who runs a blog. She was very abrasive and nasty. When she got some of that back she was unable to take the heat. This seemed to make her madder. She went to her own blog and made posts with veiled references to me. She also made veiled references to another person who commented there. I returned the favor by mentioning her in one of my posts.

I was not mad or hurt by what she said and I actually thought it was quite amusing. It is a free country (and you would think a lib like her would be all about freedom) so I could care less what she thinks or says. Why am I mentioning this? I went to visit her site tonight and it would appear that she has blocked my IP from entering her small world. It seems rather inane to post about this but after I realized I was blocked I came to this sudden realization that she demonstrated the basic liberal strategy. Make accusations, call names, dirty up the water and then when you hit opposition hide and lock the doors.

This is the same philosophy the donks are using in their assessment of the war. They were all for it and Iraq was a trouble spot and Hussein was a bad man and we agree with the President, now is the time to be strong. We will show those terrorists who is tough. Then some soldiers get killed and the terrorists mount an attack strategy. Bang, all the sudden the donks are screaming that we need to pull out and that the sky is falling. We are afraid we might lose more troops oh please help us.

The donks in Congress are exercising a strategy similar to IP blocking. Well folks, if you can’t run with the Big Dog, stay on the porch (or locked up in the house).

If you want you can visit the site here [this link removed at request of this person]:wink_ee: so go there and see for yourself. When you go leave a message telling her the Dog says Hi.

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34 Responses to “If You Can’t Take The Heat”

  1. I went over and visited the site. There was no sign you were ever there. I couldn’t even find anything I would waste a keystroke on.

    What seemed odd is that she can’t think independently. She seems to use the ACLU as her predominate source for her facts. You and I know that one thing… the ACLU is not known to use is facts but rather emotion. Facts just cloud their agenda. Facts also derail their zombies.

  2. N. Mallory says:

    Folks on both sides play this sort of childish game. Personally, I think it’s funny either way. At first it annoyed me but now it’s like watching bad court t.v. — It makes me feel better about myself. It really just goes to show that some people simply never grow up.

  3. Melissa says:

    Dear Big Dog,

    1. I didn’t say anything about you.

    2. I didn’t lie to my readers and say that you were something you weren’t unlike you who said I was a lawyer. Lying about someone is trolling and immature and that is why I blocked you.

    3. As Adam and I have stated, anything that happened was due to you starting it. I tried being mature. I tried stooping to your level to show you how bratty and immature you were being. You went to my site and attacked me personally based on info on my site. I kept it solely to that site. You have continuously misstated facts and THAT is why I have blocked you.

    I also know you told Adam that you would stop all this nonsense. Thanks for showing yourself as a liar.

    And for someone who doesn’t care, you have devoted a lot of bandwidth to this.

  4. Adam says:

    Big Dog:

    Does this basic liberal strategy include taking back the seats the Republicans are losing because of the basic conservative strategy is sinking the boat?

    However, a large number of liberals (including this one) have never supported the war, even in the months when the Bush administration was pounding the drums. America in general hates this war now though. Better late than never.

    Nonsense Nation:

    The idea that she can’t think independently has nothing to do with the content of her personal site. I could skim your site and judge you by it pretty quickly, but that would be wrong. If you judged me by my site this week you’d think very little of me, but I’d like to think I’ve given some people the impression that I think on my own. Judgments that quick are…well…they are nonsense. How ironic is that?

    N. Mallory:

    Don’t let Big Dog and Nonsense Nation set your opinion of her. She is a very smart person when it comes to law. She deserves much more than just a once over. I’m sure you understand this though.

  5. Big Dog says:

    Well, not to turn this into an Adam style slug-fest but let us clear a few things up. I said you can ask this person she just took the bar. A far cry from telling people you are a lawyer, though I assumed you would pass. I believe that Adam asked me not to insult you as he feels I did in the other post. I believe he said he has talked to you and he would like me not to comment about you. You expressed the idea that I should not come to your site and then comment. I did not since I could not get in. I did not lie about anything but you are free to think so. One of the things I admire about Adam is he will not block people from his site and will not erase comments. BTW, you will notice you were not blocked from here. It would seem the idea of free expression only applies to hose who agree with you. Pretty strange position for someone who wants to practice law.
    And don’t worry about the band width. I can afford it.

    Adam, there is no indication that any republican seat is in jeopardy. You might end up surprised if Hillary Clinton backs out of the race and maybe the republican wins the seat. Clinton can not afford to get bloodied or spend a lot of money. She might have a big lead now but let us see. Even if she stays in and wins she will be scarred. Maryland has a Senate seat open with Sarbanes retiring (Thank God). There is a real good chance the LT Governor, Michael Steele can win that. If he does the long, and I mean long, death grip the donks have had on MD will weaken.

    I hate the war. No one likes war. Many Americans know it is a necessary evil. The lies and attacks by Durbin et al does not make it any easier. The left continually tells us we are no safer but we have not been attacked again.

    I have communicated with N. Mallory for a little bit and she strikes me as someone who is capable of independent thought. I am sure she will make up her own mind.

    The two of you commenting very close to each other. Wasn’t there a mention of somebody’s lap dog over at your site Adam?

  6. Big Dog says:

    And one more thing. I never said you mentioned my name but are you actually going to try and convince us that the incoherent redneck and hating Melissa going together like peas and carrots comment was not a veiled reference to me? If you can convince anyone of that you would be the next Perry Mason, because Stevie Wonder could see it was about me.

  7. Big Dog says:

    I will concede it might be a coincidence but you folks decide. Post from Adam’s:

    You’re such a baby Big Dog. I haven’t done jack shit to you and yet you insist on calling me names. For all your talk, you’re just a bully, a low level school immature school house bully and you have done nothing here but TROLL Adams comments. It’s his prerogative whether or not he bans you but I would because you have nothing substantial to contribute.

    And that’s the last time I feed you, mr. troll.

    Melissa – 8/8/2005 @ 7:16 pm

    Emphasis added to highlight date/time.

    Post from Melissa’s site:

    August 8, 2005

    rhetorical question
    posted by mesawyou at 10:01 pm

    What is it about fat incoherent rednecks and hating Melissa that goes together like Peas and Carrots?

    Emphasis added to again highlight date/time.

    Coincidence, I think not. I can see how people would think I am a liar.

  8. N. Mallory says:

    Not that I want to be dragged into this argument as I’m really working on my drama-avoidance skills, but I do believe I was commenting on the childishness of blocking someone from their website simply because of a different point of view. I am very tired of people on both sides resorting to childishness and name-calling and all sorts of stuff I thought I outgrew when I turned 30.

    However, it’s true that I do not know the whole story and I was making an assumption based on my own interactions with Big Dog, who I don’t always agree with but I find to be thought-provoking.

    BTW, off-topic, I have been to Melissa’s website before, though I don’t know that I’ve read much (which I’ll make more of an effort to do since I’ve been challenged to form a more serious opinion) but I like the fairy graphic and was trying to find the artist. ;)


  9. Melissa says:

    Strategic editing Big Dog. Yes I have truly lowered myself to a level but you are engaging in selective editing. I appreciate that you linked to Adam’s site in general instead of the actual nasty argument.

    Here it is.


    It does not look like Novak left because Gollum upset him. It appears he realized what he said and got up and walked out.

    Now Gollum was not joking. He is a mean spirited Cajun jackass who is nothing more than a democratic whore. He will sell himself to the highest democrat that bids for whatever services he provides. And he will do that in countries other than the US.

    He is a true jackass. First he interrupted Novak then he insulted him. And you love this guy. Well, even trolls need love too.

    Big Dog – 8/5/2005 @ 6:32 pm

    Yeah that’s why CNN Suspended Novak.

    Melissa – 8/6/2005 @ 2:09 am

    Big Dog:

    Now you’ve sunk pretty low. You’re insulting a person who is an accomplished campaign manager. A person who has done something few other people have done in politics. Democratic whore? Far from it. I guess helping democratic elections in other countries is a bad thing though? Yeah, I love Carville. He actually believes in what he’s working for.

    Adam – 8/6/2005 @ 10:02 am

    Just because he believes it does not make him honorable. Gollum is a despicable man who will tell any lie to get a democrat elected.

    Melissa, CNN suspoended him because he used a vulgar word on the air. Whether it was intentional or not he still would get suspended. Of course you would have to have common sense to realize that.

    Big Dog – 8/6/2005 @ 6:50 pm

    well considering that you’re expertise on nonsensical ramblings devoid of common sense, I might have to take a moment to evaluate somethings.

    Melissa – 8/7/2005 @ 12:37 am

    Take all the time you need. If you want we can have someone write it in crayon.

    Big Dog – 8/7/2005 @ 9:13 am

    Well… My brother could kick your brother’s ass!

    Daniel – 8/7/2005 @ 11:03 am

    Big Dog:

    Sinking even lower, huh? Let’s just call everybody names. Ass. Way to piss on the conversation again…

    Adam – 8/7/2005 @ 8:13 pm

    Carville is a master of the politics. Clinton never would have won without him. That’s probably why you hate him, because he helped elect your favorite president.

    Adam – 8/7/2005 @ 9:10 pm

    Carville is a lunatic who talked about the mother ship.

    Adam, you just proved yourself wrong. You said we can not answer violence with violence and that we need to turn the other cheek etc.

    You answered my alleged name calling by calling me a name. By extension you said it is alright to answer violence in kind.

    I say alleged because I never called anyone a name. I just questioned their intelligence.

    Big Dog – 8/8/2005 @ 10:37 am

    Oh yes, I broke my vow of non-violence by calling you an ass. That is sooo violent. Forgive me, ass. I’ll consider this thread done because you’re being dumb.

    Adam – 8/8/2005 @ 1:05 pm

    You’re such a baby Big Dog. I haven’t done jack shit to you and yet you insist on calling me names. For all your talk, you’re just a bully, a low level school immature school house bully and you have done nothing here but TROLL Adams comments. It’s his perogative whether or not he bans you but I nwould because you have nothing substantial to contribute.

    And that’s the last time I feed you, mr. troll.

    Melissa – 8/8/2005 @ 7:16 pm

    Nobody gets banned here, and remember, he didn’t call you names, he just implied you had no common sense. My mistake. Now, if Big Dog HAD actually called names instead of just implying you were like a child, that would make him a crybaby instead of just an ass.

    God my site is going to hell because of this stupid crap. The Republican party is pissing away all it’s power, bottom line. Why do I waste time arguing when I know the Democrats are going to gain seats in November of next year?

    Adam – 8/8/2005 @ 8:16 pm

    You are correct Adam, I did not call names. And common sense is not that common so she should not be too upset.
    One thing I am not is a cry baby but I have to ask, who is the childish one?
    You’re such a baby Big Dog. I haven’t done jack sh*t to you and yet you insist on calling me names. For all your talk, you’re just a bully, a low level school immature school house bully and you have done nothing here but TROLL Adams comments. It’s his perogative[sic] whether or not he bans you but I nwould[sic] because you have nothing substantial to contribute.

    Wow, next you will take away my recess and make me sit in the corner. Now what was that about a crybaby.

    You will lose seats. If you do will you come to the dark side Luke?

    Big Dog – 8/8/2005 @ 10:20 pm

    Ah, Adam. Dare to dream! Piro could even take down your sainted Hillary. Woman vs. Woman should make this political battle very interesting.

    You know what, Melissa, I don’t think Big Dog said anything worse to you than you said to him. Frankly, it worries me that you’re preparing for the bar. Knowing someone’s life may be in your hands (if you become a defense lawyer) or the rest of our lives are in your hands (if you become a prosecutor), worries me greatly. Do us all a favor and work on torts or environmental law.

    You say you’re 30 something, but your Web page and ramblings tell a different tale. “Big baby?” I can’t even remember the last time I called anyone a big baby. Perhaps you’re the one who should grow up.

    Carville’s one of those people you either love or hate. There’s very little middle ground where he’s concerned. He’s a more divisive personality than Hillary. No one should be surprised at the extremes exhibited concerning him.

    Adam, you know you baited Big Dog with your post. So, don’t be surprised by the reaction you received.

    Surfside – 8/8/2005 @ 10:22 pm

    Pass the bar? From the sounds of things she did not miss a bar….

    Big Dog – 8/8/2005 @ 10:50 pm

    1. Neither one of you have read my site more than a minute.

    2. Your behavior is just proving your a bully.

    3. I’m not crying. I’m just pointing out the obvious.

    4. Your comment to me assumes that you have common sense, Big Dog, and, you really don’t and have ranted over here like a maniac for quite a while.

    5. Surfside, he started it. I was just responding in kind. Adam considered the comment offensive also so why don’t you slam here for a while. Thank you for your opinion I will give it the attention it deserves.

    Melissa – 8/8/2005 @ 10:57 pm

    First of all, Surfside, I don’t bait anyone. It’s hilarious to suggest I do such crap.

    Second, she said “Yeah that’s why CNN Suspended Novak.” and Big Dog said “Of course you would have to have common sense to realize that.” You can come on here and defend him if you want, but he is the one who turned her sarcasm into another excuse to insult, like he even needs an excuse.

    Both of you hide and watch as the Democrats roll over the Republican party for their arrogance and misdirection. Clinton is going to win in New York without even breaking a sweat.

    God this is lame. I’m through with this thread …again. If you believe I bait people here at my site…think again. I don’t say things to get a reaction. That’s a Big Dog game.

    Adam – 8/8/2005 @ 11:01 pm

    Guilty as charged, counselor. There was only so much Harry Potter, Jessica Simpson, diet dribble and, my personal favorite, “Five things you should never buy used” that I could take. (BTW, your counting is a bit off as you only provided three.) LOL!

    Surfside – 8/8/2005 @ 11:05 pm

    Adam, your original post was offensively sarcastic against Novak. Not you, personally. But, you did choose to print the entire exchange. What Carville said was offensive and he was baiting Novak.

    Carville can be a brilliant Democratic strategist. He can also be an offensive, rude and crude. That’s why the Party doesn’t put him out on PR very often. If Karl Rove treated a Dem commentator with such disrespect, you would likely have taken a strong stand against it.

    You seemed to get plenty of enjoyment out of Carville baiting Novak. And, you got plenty of enjoyment from Novak falling for the bait. So, don’t act so offended.

    What were you expecting? You know as well as I do how divisive Carville is.

    Surfside – 8/8/2005 @ 11:15 pm

    So Carville “baiting” Novak means open season for bullshit baby arguments and low blows? The answer is no. I post the conversation and say I love James Carville and somehow that makes it my fault, because I know how divisive Carville can be? I should not be surprised when my readers act like fu*king babies?

    Oh bullshit. There is no excuse for this embarrassing crap comment thread. What a waste of fu*king time. We are all now dumber for having taken part in it.

    Let me apologize right now to my decent readers who will probably stop reading after seeing all those childish comments. I’m sorry, y’all. I can’t even explain how fu*king stupid I feel for having my website turn into this.

    Adam – 8/8/2005 @ 11:26 pm

    Amazingly enough (or not), it only seems to disturb you when your conservative readers “act out.” You seem to be perfectly comfortable with it when it’s a Lib voice.

    Contrary to Melissa’s contention, she was the one that took the first personal shot at Big Dog. See comment #5.

    God only knows why you started to get all hot and bothered when Big Dog called Carville a jackass. I’m sure he’s been called much worse. Big Dog “hates” Carville as much as you “love” Carville. I’m not sure why you reacted so emotionally. After all, I’m sure there are quite a few Democrats that would have a similar visceral reaction at the mention of Karl Rove’s name.

    Why is it a surprise to you when the “comments” mirror the tone of the post, itself? You are, after all, the one always saying that violence breeds violence (or something to that effect).

    Frankly, I have a problem with anything or anyone being considered a black or white issue. It is the extremely rare exception that is all good or all bad. Most issues and people fall into gray areas – and gradients thereof.

    And, that’s why I’m an Independent. Join us, and may the Force be with you.

    Surfside – 8/9/2005 @ 12:43 am

    BTW, if you prefer that I not comment here, just say the word; and, I’ll stop. I wouldn’t force myself upon you and your “decent [albeit silent] readers.”

    Surfside – 8/9/2005 @ 12:49 am

    It could very well be that Daniel’s comment was the most intelligent of all. LOL!

    Lighten up, everybody. Shake hands, go “home” and live to fight another day.

    Surfside – 8/9/2005 @ 12:54 am


    I don’t want anybody to stop commenting. I just want the conversation to not veer off into personal attacks. I know I get personal sometimes, and I hate it. It’s totally stupid. I know my “Lib” readers do it too, and contrary to the view, I don’t like it any more when they do it. I want a website that discusses political views, not childish jests at one another.

    Melissa did not start anything. The conversation went from attacking Carville to attacking Melissa in comment #4, so don’t try to act like this is her fault. Big Dog and I have an agreement to not get personal (which is impossible for me sometimes), but he has no problems jabbing at other people. I don’t give a damn what he does, except to the extent that it ruins the discussion here.

    From now on out I want to end this bullshit. If we can’t comment about the subject without it getting personal then we won’t waste time. That’s all I ask for. We can keep on acting like we are right, and everybody else is wrong, or we can actually have a nice argument that doesn’t get personal. It’s up to you but I am fu*king sick of what I have on my site these days.

    I’m looking forward to the election because it’s going to give me a lot more to write about. These short entries I have these days do nothing but create stupid bickering. It’s just not worth it…

    Adam – 8/9/2005 @ 9:09 am

    BTW, just to be clear I did not attack anyone. The statement one would have to have common sense to know that is not directed at anyone. I did not say you. It is a matter of pointing out the obvious. Yes he got suspended for cursing and you need common sense to realize that.

    I am sorry if anything was perceived as a personal attack. I am sorry that you took it that way. I am sorry if you perceive me to be a mean person. (I’m getting good at this)

    It is truthful that if she wants to be a lawyer she needs thicker skin. And most lawyers have skin that sheds but that is another story.

    BTW Adam, you’ve gotten more comments in your last few posts than I have at my whole site. I would say stop complaining and enjoy the fact that someone is writing here.

    Big Dog – 8/9/2005 @ 4:41 pm

    Honestly, I’d rather have no comments than these silly arguments. Help me out here and let’s make take it up a level.

    Adam – 8/9/2005 @ 9:24 pm

    Big Dog. I was going to give you the attention you deserve which is done but it seems that You two are ganging up on Adam so here I go.

    First of all, you never hurt my feelings. You were being a jackass and I called you on it. There’s a difference between calling someone on being a jack ass and having their feelings hurt. Unfortunately, you don’t have the common sense to realize that. You also don’t have the common sense to realize the difference between sarcasm and a personal attack. You also don’t have the common sense to realize intelligent debate and childish bullshit. Just because you say something is true, doesn’t mean it is. So your insistence that you didn’t attack me is just plain wrong in light of everyone except your little lapdog Surfside coming to your aid which she does, for all her claims of being independent, agrees with every fu*king thing you say.

    Hey Adam, are you sure that Surfside and Big Dog aren’t the same person?? I’m just asking?!

    Anyway, Honey, I know that you read 2 minutes of a site that has 5 years of entries so any conclusions about my overall intelligence, thickness of my skin, and drinking habits is hasty, ill-advised and incredibly stupid and might be indicative of the amount of time

    And for all your claims about a personal attack, SURFSIDE AND YOU! did in fact attack me personally after reading my site so even if you didn’t attack me in the beginning like you claimed, you sure as hell had no problem attacking me later. So get off the fu*king high horse. YOu attacked me in the beginning and you have continued to attack me now. You’re completely delusional if you think otherwise.

    Have you noticed that no one else comments here anymore except Adam? All of Adam’s previous posters are sick of you too. You’re immature, arrogant, unintelligent, patronizing, and a complete waste of time so crawl back into the bomb shelter of which you came and watch Ann Coulter, drink Budweiser and oil your gun and leave Adam’s site alone.

    What do you know about being a lawyer anyway? And what do you know about toughness, you’re a nurse! I’d say that a nurse needs to be kinder and gentler than you are but I’ve given you the benefit of the doubt that you can be professional when you want to be. Unfortunately, you don’t have the maturity to give me the same respect.

    Okay Adam. I posted. I got your back. There you go.

    Melissa – 8/9/2005 @ 11:18 pm

    And really, you get all apeshit over Carville baiting Novak into cussing. Come the fu*k on, NOvak should have had a thicker skin. Talk about that for five minutes.

    Melissa – 8/9/2005 @ 11:19 pm

    Well, no matter what anybody says…I still love Carville. He’s the man. A fellow Scorpio, like myself and Hillary Clinton. We rule!

    Adam – 8/9/2005 @ 11:22 pm

    I love Carville too, with all his punchiness.

    I bet Bill and Hillary will be in town this week.

    Melissa – 8/9/2005 @ 11:36 pm

    What for?

    Adam – 8/9/2005 @ 11:40 pm

    Hey, Adam, I think both you and Melissa just proved my point of your bias regarding your Lib readers. It’s so great when one is thoroughly vindicated. I notice how you didn’t go all postal on her and berate her for her personal attacks. So much for your high-mindedness and “let’s stop this and take it up a level.”

    Adam is quite sure that Big Dog and I are not the same person. We’re not even the same sex. We don’t even live in the same state. If you had any aptitude at critical reading, you would know that there are large differences in our writing styles.

    Perhaps you also have a problem with reading comprehension, Melissa, because both Big Dog and I had started to joke with Adam. So, get off your “fu*king high horse,” yourself, and actually read the posts.

    I’m no one’s lap dog. Big Dog is extremely intelligent with a very high IQ and has lectured at international seminars within his field of expertise. I don’t know my IQ – but I did graduate college Magna with a 3.9 QPA. Now, if we’re through with this childish display of mine’s bigger than yours. . . .

    I find it outrageously funny that a 30ish woman has the nerve to call anyone “immature” when she herself can’t seem to get out of her senior year of high school. Harry Potter, Jessica Simpson, dieting and the wisdom of five things not to buy used. And, this is what you believe is acting like an adult????? You don’t have the proper yardstick by which to measure immaturity.

    Ask Adam if I agree with everything Big Dog says. Big Dog and I had heated debates over the Terri Shiavo issue. We’ve disagreed over several issues right here at Adam’s site. Most recently, our disagreement centered around rape and justice. Apparently, you haven’t bothered to keep up with these discussions. Perhaps you can get your facts straight before you go off on a PMS roll.

    Also, Melissa, I offered not to comment here – if that’s what Adam preferred. (Again, try to keep up with the comments. It would enhance your argument.) He declined my offer.

    Point in fact,Melissa, I never said anything about the thickness of your skin or your drinking habits. (And, I’m saying this because I simply can’t believe you would have the audacity to call Big Dog “Honey.”)Should I have addressed those issues? Big Dog was just making a joke that obviously went over your head. Apparently, you have a problem recognizing humor, as well as an old joke. (Honey, you really need to keep up with comments and attribution. It will be important in your career path.)

    And,it’s funny you should accuse me and Big Dog of ganging up on Adam. The fact is that the only reason I entered the fray was that the two of you were attempting to do the same to Big Dog. If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black. . . LOL! As soon as Adam began this post, I knew where it was going – even if he did not.

    And, Adam, thanks for exposing yourself for the lily-livered, invertebrate that you are. (This is not a personal attack, but a clinical assessment of the facts.) I certainly don’t expect any preferential treatment – just equal treatment. Your double standard truly speaks volumes. The fault is partly mine because I imbued you with that trust.

    (BTW, para 6 of Melissa’s rant was truly the epitome of stereotyping. Something you Libs swear you never do. Too bad you don’t bother to see past the uniform when you’re forming judgments. Yeah, you two have so much of which to be proud.)

    Surfside – 8/10/2005 @ 1:57 am

    As a side note: Melissa, it was my understanding that logical thought was an integral part of the study of law. Do you even realize that you undermined your own argument in the above comment? After “scolding” the two of us about personal attacks and how we had no right to make any assessment of you based on a cursory read of your Web site, you proceeded to do the exact same thing to us – with even less information! Typical.

    Surfside – 8/10/2005 @ 4:05 am

    Regarding the Novak/Carville issue, here’s what I think if anyone cares about the actual post subject. Carville shouldn’t have baited Novak. Novak shouldn’t have sworn and left the set. The press shouldn’t have made a “celebrity gossip” type issue out of it. And, fair-minded people who claim to believe in our system of government and the political process should have tossed it from the arena like the meaningless BS that it was.

    But, that’s just my INDEPENDENT point of view. This kind of divisive bullshit gets the country nowhere – much like this entire thread.

    To the delight of both Adam and Melissa, I will leave this blog to the Libs. It seems all they wish for in political discourse is some heavy masturbation.

    And, they wonder why Independents have been voting Republican lately. . . .

    Surfside – 8/10/2005 @ 6:28 am

    The biggest fu*king non-issue of the past week; and, we wasted vast amounts of time and energy over it. We’ve managed to insult each other and betray friendships. If this thread is indicative of the path of our country, we are surely doomed.

    I’m embarrassed and ashamed for myself. I’m made of better stuff than displayed here. You are all on your own.

    Surfside – 8/10/2005 @ 6:50 am

    Well, as you would expect I need to add my 2 cents. First of all Melissa, I don’t think I personally attacked you but if you think so fine but I am not unhappy that I commented as I did.

    What do I know about being a lawyer? A little but i know enough to know that when you say “Just because you say it does not make it true” is the motto of the legal profession. I know that most of Congress are lawyers and they make laws so there is an obvious conflict of interest. I know meek lawyers get their asses handed to them in court. I also know that I could have been one but my aptitude scores were too high.

    I am a nurse and my specialty is Occupational Health with a focus on the treatment of casualties of chemical and radiological exposures. As Surfside said, I have lectured internationally on these subjects and have authored publications detailing medical surveillance for these folks. When I worked with patients I worked in oncology and the ER. I spent 24 years in the Army so the thick skin argument does not wash.

    I personally do not care if you attack me. I think it is funny. I only asked that Adam exercise the same oversight to his lib writers that he did for me. It is obvious from the latest posts that this was a bit too much to expect. Surfside is not anyone’s lap dog. I can assure you she and I are different people. Her intelligence is evident and the fact that you attacked her shows you are uncomfortable with a strong female presence.

    Adam, I would like to believe that your failure to address this comment was an oversight but I am sure it was not (The last line of her rant indicates you asked her to post and “have your back”):

    Have you noticed that no one else comments here anymore except Adam? All of Adam’s previous posters are sick of you too. You’re immature, arrogant, unintelligent, patronizing, and a complete waste of time so crawl back into the bomb shelter of which you came and watch Ann Coulter, drink Budweiser and oil your gun and leave Adam’s site alone.

    I am not talking about addressing the grammatical errors or addressing how she could possibly know how the other people who posted here feel (though if you look at your tally they have not commented in quite some time so I do not know if I am the cause), I am talking about the thought. Your silence tells me that you do not necessarily disagree, and that is fine. This mindless prattle does not bother me. This is however, your site and I do not want to be the one responsible for its demise or degradation. You asked that we take it up a level and now it is clear that you only meant for me and Surfside to take it up, therefore, you can invite all your friends back (though I would question what kind of friends would leave your back uncovered). I am going to take it up a level by leaving. I’m going to go hang out with Ann in the bomb shelter. But since I do not drink I will stick to coffee.

    Melissa, honey, sweetheart, baby, one last thing before I go. The medications only work if you keep taking them, even when you feel OK. I hope this passes for the kindler gentler image you were looking for.

    Enjoy folks, it was fun but now I’m out of here!

    Big Dog – 8/10/2005 @ 7:29 am

    Okay, so now I’m going to fu*king go off again. I cannot fu*king believe this shit.

    What oversight to you want? What do you want me to fu*king do? Do you want me to slap her fu*king wrist? Do you want me to say “don’t do that” every time somebody gets personal? Well I’m not going to do it anymore. When I say I don’t want any of this shit, I don’t want any of THIS SHIT. I asked Melissa to get my back on the site in general, not to come on here and comment back on this stupid thread. I’m not going to tell anybody what to say. I just hate that my liberal readers don’t comment anymore because we engage in these stupid fu*king debates.

    God I am so fu*king sick of you two looking at everything I do as a double standard. What did I do all day yesterday on the thread? When you guys commented I commented back civil, adding a few one liners, not wanting to stir stuff back up. I did the same with Melissa’s comment. If you had a fu*king head on your shoulders in this issue instead a shit sack you’d notice that.

    I’m just not going to get into that anymore. From now on out if anybody wants to come on here and get personal that’s their problem but I’m not going to comment about it at all anymore. I’ve had this website for three years and I’ve tried in the last year to make it a place to discuss political ideas, argue like crazy about them, and have a good time. You guys are fu*king me over with this stupid baby bullshit.

    I want you both to stay and argue civil, but honestly at this point I don’t give two fu*ks what you go do. Everything I do to try to bring this site back to something civil just gets blown back into my face. I’m asking you to help me step the debate up a notch but I guess you just don’t give a fu*k. I’m not asking just you two, I’m asking everyone. If you do care, I’ll see you on the next thread. If not, then hit the fu*king road.

    (Number of times “fu*k” is used: 12 times counting this. Go swearing Liberals!)

    Adam – 8/10/2005 @ 8:15 am

    Come on guys, can’t we just smoke a joint?

    Daniel – 8/10/2005 @ 9:38 am

    “Hey, Adam, I think both you and Melissa just proved my point of your bias regarding your Lib readers”

    Big Dog, you attacked me personally. Then Surfside attacked me personally. It has nothing to do with liberal or conservative. You want to play the liberals bias card, go ahead but it isn’t working.

    I attacked both of you, Big Dog. It has nothing to do with a strong female presence.

    It’s called opening the door, Surfside, and it’s not about me being a hypocrite. If you want to phrase it that way, you go right head.

    (BTW, para 6 of Melissa’s rant was truly the epitome of stereotyping. Something you Libs swear you never do. Too bad you don’t bother to see past the uniform when you’re forming judgments. Yeah, you two have so much of which to be proud.)

    Still, it’s called Opening the door to show you by example of how stupid you are being. See, you didn’t like it, did you? So maybe you would give other people the benefit of the doubt. But that went over your head Surfside and for that I’m sorry.

    I find it outrageously funny that a 30ish woman has the nerve to call anyone “immature” when she herself can’t seem to get out of her senior year of high school. Harry Potter, Jessica Simpson, dieting and the wisdom of five things not to buy used. And, this is what you believe is acting like an adult????? You don’t have the proper yardstick by which to measure immaturity.

    Honey, first of all, a lot of 30 somethings read Harry Potter, diet, and use memes when they don’t have anything else to say if they think it is amusing. So get over yourself already. Just because I am not so unsure of myself that I have to prove to others that I am old, smart, and “mature 24/7 and am able to let loose and splurge on the inner child. Also, I took the bar less than 2 weeks ago. If you had read more than a page of my site, you would know that I am taking a “vacation” more or less.

    But if you can’t learn by me pointing it out or by example, then you can just get over yourself.

    I think you are baiting for the hell of it and you pissed him off so much that he took the site down for half the day. And when I, or anybody else respond to defend themselves, you (and I mean both of you), scream BIAS BIAS. That’s childish baiting on the lowest level. Get over it.

    And don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Big Dog.


    “I am not talking about addressing the grammatical errors or addressing how she could possibly know how the other people who posted here feel”:

    Adam told me how the others feel. They have personally written to him to say that they are not commenting because of YOU BIG DOG!

    Melissa – 8/10/2005 @ 5:32 pm

    “They have personally written to him to say that they are not commenting because of YOU BIG DOG!”

    That’s not true. I n ver said that. But I’ve had complaints. Let’s call it quits though. This thread is done…

    Adam – 8/10/2005 @ 6:27 pm

    um . . then how am I to interpret this>?!

    [23:05] mesawyou: and so I don’t [comment] because Big Dog’s dumbassery isn’t worth it
    [23:05] UberJedi13: lol
    [23:05] UberJedi13: well, you guys should back me up
    [23:05] mesawyou: oh. well I can back you up.
    [23:06] UberJedi13: the sad thing is it’s the same story…you won’t back me up because we always get into bullshit arguments
    [23:06] UberJedi13: it’s why Wanker stopped commenting
    [23:06] UberJedi13: and why Scott rarely does
    [23:06] UberJedi13: and why you do once a year

    I’m done.


    There’s the whole damn discussion.

    You will notice that you went to my site and made comments about my ability to do my job, my professionalism, and a whole host of other bullshit that had nothing to do with the job at hand. Your behavior on this site has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you are abully. You and Surfside started coming to my site and started personal attacks toward me on Adam’s site before I did anything to you so don’t even start with that. And yes this is childish and I’m not paying to have you act like an idiot on my site. Period. I don’t tolerate trolling and this is the epitome of trolling.

    I also know that told Adam that you would quit before you wrote this particular. So it still does not negate your lying. You’re blowing smoke. Also, the times are not as diverse as you would say. There is a variance between my site time and Adam’s site time.

    And yes I am still ashamed at my ability keep up with this. SO keep on lying if your self esteem is so fragile that you got to keep this up. But seriously I am done.

  10. Big Dog says:

    BY the way, I have not commented at your site, just about it here. So I am paying for the bandwidth. For you it is another hit.

    You probably need to take your medicine. I was not strategic editing. I selected two items to show a correlation between the remark and the time to demonstrate that it was a reference to me. The rest of the post has nothing to do with that fact so that is why it is not there. I appreciate the fact that in your manic rage you felt it necessary to paste the whole thing here but it does not have a thing to do with what I was pointing out.

    Yes my self esteem is fragile. That is why I am ranting like a deranged psychopath trying to pull a Hillary Clinton and rewrite history, oh wait, that’s you. You really should see about getting that Rx refilled.
    And you can spin it however you want future counselor, the evidence, though circumstantial, points to you making veiled references. I don’t care if you admit it, I know it.

    Have nice life. Remember, better living through chemistry.

  11. Surfside says:

    Everyone, stop this now! It was bad enough to continue it for several days at Adam’s site. It is simply unacceptable to continue here going into week two.

    This is not political debate, this is schoolyard bickering. I thought we had gotten past it. Everyone oined in throwing mud — no one’s hands are clean. Now, it’s over. Let’s try to be adults, put aside our differences and move on.

    Melissa, just to clarify, Big Dog posted this piece prior to discussing the situation with Adam and agreeing that it all must end. He did not lie. And, I would be very interested in having discussions on political issues with you. Hopefully, we can all get past this.

  12. Surfside says:

    sorry, “joined in throwing mud”

  13. Adam says:


    Wow…look at all those asterisks. My bad… I sure wish you wouldn’t quote me saying fu*k so many times.

    Big Dog:

    If you want to see IP banning, check out Blogs For Bush. You can try to use the idea of IP banning and freedom to make liberals look bad if you want but we both know it’s a joke. Blogs are more like dictatorships than a representitive democracy.

    Please please please please let this argument go. Both of you. Please…it just keeps making us all look stupid.

    On to the good stuff….

    I’m actually thinking about writing on the Hillary issues you bring up. It’s starting to look like an interesting race, but then again, when a Clinton is involved it gets people’s attention. If you think Clinton is afraid of this woman you are just kidding yourself. More on this later…

  14. Adam says:

    Thank you, Surfside. A little early in the day for you isn’t it?

  15. Surfside says:

    Yeah, Adam. You were really on an “f” roll. I was frankly amazed.

    Funny, I was thinking about a Hillary piece myself. She isn’t “afraid” of another woman. It just takes away the “underdog”/sympathy factor of a man criticizing a woman — evens the playing field, so to speak.

  16. Surfside says:

    I’m an insomniac. No telling when I’ll pop in.

  17. Adam says:

    Look…I’m pulling a “Surfside” and commenting three times in a row really fast. Don’t you hate that and wish you could take it back and add more thoughts to your previous comment? I always wanted to make fun of you for it until just now so I’m glad I didn’t.

    Anyway…on the subject of lapdogs, mine and Surfside’s comments are 1 minute apart. I guess I’m her lapdog, or something? I like the sound of that…

    Did anybody catch the withdrawl of Israel from Gaza? Any thoughts on that?

  18. Adam says:

    Well, what you said about Clinton makes me think. I’ve got this idea for Topic of the Week that maybe we can work on sometime…where somebody comes up with a topic and bloggers write about it. Maybe we can get together a group that can tackle that. It won’t be fun unless both liberals and conservatives take part. Maybe we can vote for the best author other than ourselves and the one who wins gets to pick the topic next time or something dumb like that. You seen anything like that before? There might be something already but I’ve liked the idea for some time…

  19. Adam says:

    Yeah…I’m no big joker when it comes to aerial warfare…but I think that was almost a cluster of f-bombs. Why do I crack myself up?

  20. Adam says:

    Anybody here got any instant messengers? I’d rather not get this chatty in comments…

    AIM: UberJedi13 (yeah…I was 16 when I picked it)
    MSN: aducker@hotmail.com

    I’d love to argue with people in IM…at least I think I would.

  21. Surfside says:

    Sometimes, I do it on purpose. It serves to delineate and emphasize. You’re right, though. I type so fast that I don’t give myself a chance to really review my thoughts. Good to know you get a chuckle from it. :wink_wp:

    The withdrawal from Gaza — I’m holding my breath and praying. It doesn’t matter which side of the aisle your loyalties lie; it would be the answer to many problems if it will work out. I’m worried about the power vacuum. The militant Islamic jihad groups/Hamas will try to fill it. I hope the Palestinian Authority has the strength to control it.

    It seems unlikely that violence will not erupt. There are four emotionally-charged factions, with the Israeli settlers/protesters, Hamas supporters, Israeli military and Palestinian military. It will take a miracle. But, I believe in miracles. So, I have hope.

  22. Adam says:

    Yeah, consessions must be made on both sides and for a long time it seemed that when one side made a move the other refused. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that here. I’ll join you in wishing for a miracle.

  23. Melissa says:


    Melissa, just to clarify, Big Dog posted this piece prior to discussing the situation with Adam and agreeing that it all must end. He did not lie. And, I would be very interested in having discussions on political issues with you. Hopefully, we can all get past this.


    Okay I was misinformed on this issue.

    Big Dog, If you look at the time on the PEAS and Carrots issue, it was DURING the actual Adam playground slugfest AND I didn’t make a link. It was me venting. My site is venting. Immature prattlish venting. It’s where my inner child goes and plays and I write about random things like a diary. Honestly the only person who would know what I was talking about is the very few people who would click on a link from Adam’s site to my site. Which is well . . . you . . . and now the people you’ve linked from here. There is a big difference between venting about an anonymous source of amusement or frustration and painting yourself as a victim or mocking me and putting a link to my site.

    ALso, I think you have misstated things and spun things in a way that would have Bill O’Reilly hoppin mad so I put the entire thing here in all its immature spitball throwing glory.

    I have mentioned many times that I have allowed myself to get sucked into this longer than I’d like.

    Yes I am still banning you. I pay for it and you can make medication jokes on your site as much as you want but I am not paying for you to do it on my site. It’s a cheap childish shot and you have done nothing but act cheap and childish towards me since the first comment towards me regarding common sense. Point being is that I don’t like the way you treat me and I’m not going to tolerate it on my site. I have seen the way you and Adam interact for years and it has degenerated to a level that I wouldn’t tolerate on my site either. So I am of an opinion that you aren’t capable of having a reasonably calm discussion. Maybe I am wrong but I’m not going to open it up and find out. So you will continue to be banned. Period. Maybe it’s not fair but I didn’t link to you either.

    Seriously. Hillary

    Yeah its’ very odd that they managed to find a Republican version of Hillary to run against her in New York. That takes away the husband as a liability issue since well. That’s all I’ve read about it so I don’t really have anything else to say until I know more.

  24. Adam says:

    Look…if Palestine and Israel can start to work things out…Big Dog and Melissa surely can get somewhere…

  25. Big Dog says:

    I am not particularly bothered by not being able to go to Melissa’s site. I went there to see what she wrote but if it is a diary, I would rather not read it anyway.

    Having said that let me just reiterate (which is a redundant word) I do not believe I ever commented at her site. I made all my comments here and at Adam’s so there it is.

    By the way, a ban is kind of silly. If I wanted I could go there right now and comment, banned or not. But why bother, I have no interest. And yes, this is silly. I have a lot of fun with it because it is amazing how some people get their knickers in a wad over petty stuff. But I guess we are done. Melissa, tell your grandmother I said Happy Birthday (and I mean that).
    UPDATE: I just went there and checked and I could not find a comment by me (cute dog though).

  26. Melissa says:

    I never said you commented at my site. I said you went to my site, read personal things, and then extrapolated about very personal things like my mental health and my ability to practice law which is way lower than anything I ever did to you or would even contemplate. I never said you commented on my site.

  27. Big Dog says:

    I must have misunderstood this sentence:
    I pay for it and you can make medication jokes on your site as much as you want but I am not paying for you to do it on my site.
    I thought you indicated I did it on your site. If that is not the case then I am sorry I misunderstood.

  28. Melissa says:

    And yes we are but it is not silly to make jokes or comment on a mental illness by implying that they need to take their medication OR to comment on someone’s professional ability to do their job based on a skimming of a website. That is liable worthy and cruel and nowhere near anything I said about you. That is low and cruel and it’s a shame that you and Surfside went there. I would never do that to you. And yes you can comment if you want but once I ban you and have made it incredibly clear, you are then clearly harassing me by coming to my site or commenting over there and I can take action as I see fit. It’s like me saying don’t call and then you keep calling.

    It will not be over for me until you apologize because making comments about my professional ability and mental stability is below the line of decent behavior. If you want to characterize it as getting your panties in a wad, go right ahead.

    As for the banning, you are still banned. If you are going to make such rude comments about my professional ability by reading for two seconds that I took the bar and was depressed once, I am not willingly giving you access to anymore material. And (to reiterate) thanks for confirming that you went there again and any comments by you will be considered harassment and will be taken as such.

    Yes you have clearly crossed a line with me. I told you that I never made any comments about your professional ability for nursing and never would and I meant it.

  29. Big Dog says:

    And what do you know about toughness, you’re a nurse! I’d say that a nurse needs to be kinder and gentler than you are but I’ve given you the benefit of the doubt that you can be professional when you want to be. Unfortunately, you don’t have the maturity to give me the same respect.

    I think this was a stereotype but I am willing to believe you meant it in a good way. In any event I have a higher threshold than that.

    I did go to your site and read it. As far as I know, reading is not harassing, but I am not a lawyer. I told you and Adam that I would not write about it again. The comment had a reference, heartfelt, to wish your grandmother a happy birthday.

    I wish you all the best in the world and I hope you passed the bar.

  30. Melissa says:

    Yes that comment was a stereotype but it was a response to yours and to show you how below the line you were. Yes you can throw it in my face but this was after many many comments directed towards me. I was defending myself. It was to show you of your childishness. You still crossed a line and you have not said anything about that with comments about my mental health and professionalism. That crosses the line into bona fide defamation in that if other people read it and take it seriously then I might not get work. That is different than saying something about lack of thick skin and kindness and gentleness in being a nurse. Your lack of ability to see the difference astounds me. It is nothing about my skin or lack of it, it is about the level of lowness you are willing to sink for some petty bullshit on the internet.

    You were not welcome and you went anyway. You were blocked and you knew it was for you. Also, you solicited people to harass me on your behalf with “{tell them Big Dog said hi”

    I’m not sure the distinction between the internet and how the law interprets that but if I had call blocked your number and you called me either through a pay phone or getting people to call from their houses with a “message from you,” you would be violating restraining orders and each call would be a count of harassment. So there you go.

    Have a nice life.

  31. Surfside says:

    Seriously, though, Melissa. No one knows where you live, your marital status, how old you are, what your address is, what law school you attended or in which state you took the bar. No one even actually knows your name. For all we know, your first name isn’t even Melissa. You can hardly accuse anyone of defamation when no one could attach these comments to your actual person/career. It’s the anonymity of the Web.

    Now, I never study for the bar — but I’m pretty sure the target needs to be identifiable before any charges of defamation can be considered.

    Do you really consider someone commenting at your site that the Big Dog said “hi” constitutes harassment? That’s stretching quite far.

    Apparently, it’s not in your nature to forgive and forget. You’ve gotten all the apology you’re going to get and have given nothing in return. OK. That’s how you want it. But, we have had enough. So, please cease and desist.

  32. Melissa says:

    It links to me. It’s enough. It is an identifiable person. It doesn’t matter that it’s not known. If you tell someone to go away and they continue to come back, yes it is but you don’t know the law and continue to do so.

    I can forgive if someone apologizes but there have been no apologies especially from Big Dog.

    I am done

  33. Surfside says:

    Well, if any law offices stop by here or Adam’s and happen to know you, happen to have your resume, happen to link your name to you Web site and somehow figure out your last name and address, then we’ll worry about it. Otherwise, you’re pissing into the wind.

    I’m telling you now, Melissa: “Go away.” Under your own definition, if you come back, we will view it as harassment. We don’t censure this site and welcome all opions, but this has really gone too far.