If There Is A Difference, Why Not Mention Both?

Nancy Pelosi is calling for an investigation into the Abramoff scandal. Pelosi wants the Republicans involved to be investigated. I posted earlier that 40 of 45 Democrats received Abramoff money so why did she not ask for an investigation of everyone who could be involved? San Fran Nan is conveniently forgetting that the Democrats are wrapped up in this as heavily as the Republicans and it could mean trouble for both parties.

But Pelosi neglected to mention all the facts because she was playing partisan politics. She does not care about corruption, only corruption that will get Republicans in trouble. Of course, she failed to ask for an investigation of William Jefferson of Louisiana who is involved in an unrelated ethics issue.

Pelosi didn’t comment on the Jefferson case, but stressed that “we have said all along that, Democrat or Republican, anyone who doesn’t follow the rules or the law has to be held accountable. That’s the difference between us.”

If that is the difference between us Nan, how come you did not ask for an investigation into Jefferson? Why did you not ask for an investigation into all members of Congress involved? Why did you not ask to be personally investigated for taking more than the legal limit in campaign contributions? Kind of makes you a hypocrite, does it not? You were fined for an ethics violation yet you chastise others.

Your party has shown throughout the entire Alito process that it is full of losers who are absolutely impotent. Your stupidity only adds to that impression.

BTW, I actually have said all along that who ever is involved, regardless of party, should pay the price.


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