If She Had A Gun

Many food chains that offer delivery do not allow their drivers to carry firearms even if they have a permit to do so. The people who deliver food carry cash and are often required to deliver at late hours in dark places.

A Domino’s pizza delivery woman in Antioch California delivered a pizza to an address where she was forced back into her car by a man with a gun and then forced to drive to another place where he raped her.

This happened in California so it is unlikely that she was able to carry a firearm at any time because that state, like many other anti firearm states, would rather have its citizens end up as victims.

Yes the rapist had a gun and if she had one it might not have made a difference but at least she would have had a chance. In fact, if people in California were allowed to carry there is a chance the rapist might never have targeted her. If criminals know people could be carrying firearms they are less likely to attack them.

In places where people might be armed (whether they are or not is not the point) criminals do not know who has a concealed firearm and who does not. They do not like those circumstances.

Criminals prefer unarmed victims and they prefer knowing that no one else will be armed. This is why nuts attack gun free zones like schools, malls and movie theaters. They know that the odds are in their favor and that no one is probably armed because responsible firearms owners follow the law.

In a just world instead of being the victim of rape the young lady would be standing over a bullet riddled body describing what happened as the police draw a chalk line around the dead would be rapist.

Liberals (and face it, these are the ones who want us disarmed) can’t have that. If you can take care of yourself there is no need for government to be your everything.

Well how is that working out? The police were not there BEFORE the rape to prevent it. They showed up afterwards to take a statement.

The fortunate thing is this rapist was an idiot. The police went to the address the pizza was to be delivered to and he was there. They were able to arrest him and charge him with multiple crimes.

While it is great they caught the animal the reality is the victim has been scarred for life.

She never had a fighting chance because the government made her a potential victim by pushing for and enacting gun control.

Speaking of gun control; how well did it work out for the criminal in this case? He used a firearm to commit his crime and he is 17. He should not have had a handgun at that age to begin with regardless of his criminal record (which is not discussed in the article). If criminals obeyed the law he would not have had a firearm…

Even if states follow the Constitution there will still be problems as long as there are gun free zones or jobs where people who have the potential for danger are not allowed to carry.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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3 Responses to “If She Had A Gun”

  1. Barbara says:

    I agree, at least she would have had a better chance of this not happening. Some like the one that did this to her, are cowards to start with so they use illegal guns to commit acts like this, one gut shot up close and personal could have turned the table on that bastard. Then I would be ROFLMAO. I would not give a damn what his age is, pull one in me, you gonna die, get my drift.

  2. Barbara says:

    I think her boss needs to compensate her, work a dangerous job, and not allowed to carry to defend herself. But that is California for you, Liberal BS, to hell with citizens being able to protect them self. This is why I am proud to be a native born Texan. We have the Rights here.

  3. Big Dog says:

    It is a shame that they do not value life. Liberalism is a death cult.