If Obama Can’t Handle Romney…

Then how will he handle foreign leaders?

What do you mean Big Dog, Obama has been handling them for four years? Well, he has been bowing down to them but what I mean is this, the Obama surrogates have been all over the networks claiming that Obama did so poorly in the debate because Romney lied. While I concede that this was a debate and people play loose with the facts during a debate (both sides) I also know Romney used numbers agreed upon by several studies. So basically, it all depends on whose analysis one chooses to believe.

But what does this have to do with Obama and foreign leaders?

Well, the surrogates claim that Obama was stunned, performed badly and lost badly because he was unable to respond to the lies of Mitt Romney. Let us assume for a moment that this is the case. If Barack Obama is unable to effectively respond to his political opponent because he “lied” then how on Earth can we trust Obama to effectively respond to a foreign leader who is lying?

Suppose we have absolute proof that Iran has nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them and Obama confronts Iran’s leader on the issue. Now let us suppose that this leader, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, lies to Obama’s face and says that Iran possesses no such weaponry. Will Obama be able to effectively handle the issue in the interest of our safety or will he become flummoxed like he was in the debate?

Does it make anyone feel safer to think that a rogue nation like Iran could launch nuclear weapons against us and we would be helpless because our leader did not know how to respond to a lie?

This, of course, assumes that Romney lied in the first place but what matters is that Obama thinks he lied and that is the excuse we have been given for the poor performance.

The Obama camp just told us that something as simple as a lie is enough to throw Obama off and render him ineffective.

If this is the standard by which Democrats want to judge then it is obvious we all need to vote for Romney. He looked confident, was assertive and presidential and he was able to do that despite the lies coming from Obama.

The governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, was part of the apology tour and chimed right in on the lie meme. Now if anyone knows about lying it is O’Malley because that man rarely tells the truth. He was also a bit mixed up with his analysis of Romney. He said that Romney promised everyone that they could eat cake and lose weight.

Martin, you can eat cake and lose weight. The issue is how much cake you eat. Since Democrats do not know what constraint is I would not expect you to understand but here is a study showing that you can eat cake and lose weight.

And this goes back to my earlier point. It all depends on the parameters and which study you want to follow…

But if I apply the Democrats’ logic, O’Malley lied because you can eat cake and lose weight.

Do you suppose Obama got confused listening to O’Malley?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “If Obama Can’t Handle Romney…”

  1. Blake says:

    Romney won the debate because the facts, which Obama couldn’t realistically rebut, were on his side, plain and simple.
    Obama thought he could just show up and he would be given a trophy- not in the real world.
    He can’t run on his record, so all O and his running dog lackeys could try and claim is that Romney lied.
    Poor performance.
    I really cannot see him doing much better in the Town Hall format, either.