If It’s Brown Flush Him Down

Former Maryland State Police Superintendent Marcus Brown was installed as the acting head of the Pennsylvania State Police and waited to be confirmed by the PA Senate. The vote on Monday was not in his favor and he was not confirmed for the job.

Several Republicans crossed the aisle to support Democrats in their vote to confirm but there were enough Republicans left to vote him down 26-22.

Brown is a liberal anti-gun statist who totally supported Martin O’Moron’s unconstitutional gun laws. Brown was in charge of the MSP and oversaw the background checks and the concealed carry permitting process. He toed the party line on issuing permits so people of Maryland were denied their constitutionally protected right to keep and BEAR arms. During Brown’s tenure there was also a months long backlog in approving firearms purchase applications. Many people were waiting 6 or more months in order to get cleared to pick up the firearms they had purchased.

The law allows them to be delivered if the decision by the MSP is not returned in seven days. Most firearms dealers did not do that because Brown’s MSP made it clear that they should not despite the law.

Brown was in an appointed position paid for by the taxpayer. He was unable to honor his oath and follow the Constitution as he was more interested in keeping his head planted firmly in O’Moron’s rectal cavity.

PA Democrat Governor Tom Wolf was informed by Republicans that he should submit a new nominee but it looks like the approval process in PA is a formality or something so Wolf left Brown in the position of acting boss.

Democrats urged Wolf to resubmit Brown’s name but Wolf has not decided whether he will do that.

Marcus Brown should not be in the police force he should be running the security of a communist nation. His name is more appropriate for the kind of policing seen in those kinds of countries.

Brown shirt…

Hey Marcus, let me put it to you like you did on so many conceal carry permit applications.

Your application has been DENIED.

I guess they could not find good and substantial reason to make you the commissioner.

I know there is a lot of good and substantial reasons not to…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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