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The past few days have been a blur as pundits from both sides of the isle put the proper spin on the debate and their candidate’s chances of winning the election on Nov 2. The Kerry folks did a good job preparing him for the debate but when you remove the fluff Kerry is, in his own words, more of the same. He was again full of lies, he was again misleading, and he was again evasive of the issues. I know my friends from the left will say I am a blind follower or Kerry hater, and even though they do not admit truth when it is pushed in their faces, I will nonetheless, print it here.

The Truth

During the debate John Kerry said:

Well, let me just say quickly that I’ve had an extraordinary experience of watching up close and personal that transition in Russia, because I was there right after the transformation. And I was probably one of the first senators, along with Senator Bob Smith of New Hampshire, a former senator, go down into the KGB underneath Treblinka Square and see reams of files with names in them.

Treblinka is located in Poland, not Russia. Treblinka is widely regarded as the second most important German wartime extermination center. Only Auschwitz-Birkenau is supposed to have claimed more lives (from the Institute of Historic Review).
I can not find information that the Soviet KGB had taken up residence there.

Kerry was asked during the debate about his accusations that the president had lied to the American people. His response:

Well, I’ve never, ever used the harshest word, as you did just then. And I try not to. I’ve been — but I’ll nevertheless tell you that I think he has not been candid with the American people. And I’ll tell you exactly how.

I can find no quote where Kerry directly states that Bush lied. The closest I can come is Kerry said the administration lied. Even though every other time Kerry talks about the administration he is talking about Bush I will give him a pass on this. However, Kerry did say Bush deceived, and misled us into war and failed to tell you the truth. Kerry is technically correct because neither of these words is “liar.” However, lying is failing to tell the truth and misled and deceived indicate that the person was intentionally not truthful. Mr. Kerry might have never used the word liar but he sure intimated that George Bush lied.
Kerry also said:

The president made the judgment to divert forces from under General Tommy Franks from Afghanistan before the Congress even approved it to begin to prepare to go to war in Iraq.

In his Philadelphia speech Sept. 24, Kerry declared:

All you have to do is ask gen. Tommy Franks how surprised he was that those troops moved out of there (Afghanistan) when he was trying to do the job he was doing

Well, they did ask General Franks about this right after the debate and he said this was NOT TRUE. This was also expressed in an interview:

Indeed, when Kerry in a Sept. 21 press conference in Jacksonville, Fla., suggested that Bush had taken needed troops out of Afghanistan, Franks that very day said in an ABC radio interview with Sean Hannity: “That’s absolutely incorrect.”

In addition, General Michael DeLong stated (this is) “Completely untrue.”
Side bar: Will Kerry say these decorated veterans are liars (but not use that word) and degrade their service and moral values like he did to his fellow veterans of the Vietnam War?

The Flip-Flops

Kerry stated:

You don’t send troops to war without the body armor that they need.

First of all, the troops had the body armor they needed. As is the case in any war, the troops expected to be in direct combat got the available armor and then new equipment would arrive in theatre as a follow on. Next, John Kerry voted against the money that would provide the equipment. We all know about the vote for before the vote against so I will not beat that to death. Regardless of what lame excuse he comes up with (which by the way was another lie) the fact remains that John Kerry derides the president by saying he did not provide the equipment the troops needed but when he had the power to provide it he VOTED AGAINST IT. Protest vote or not there is no excuse for not providing our troops with everything they need. One of the complaints during the Vietnam war was that the troops did not get the support they needed. John Kerry keeps telling us how much he learned in Vietnam and that this qualifies him to lead us but he did not learn a basic principle of leadership; TAKE CARE OF THE TROOPS!

Flip-Flop number 2:
John Kerry has blasted the president for not getting help for the invasion of Iraq, for not building a coalition. This is untrue in and of itself but look at what Kerry said in the debate:

With the American military forces nearby and in the field, we didn’t use the best trained troops in the world to go kill the world’s number one criminal and terrorist.
They outsourced the job to Afghan warlords

Didn’t John Kerry say he wanted us to use troops from other nations? Didn’t he say we needed to have a coalition and that the U.S. was suffering the most casualties because we did not have help? When we use troops from another nation he criticizes us for not using our own. It has already been explained that we let the Afghan troops go in so they could have the glory. We used them and Kerry says it is not right. This is a major Flip-Flop. In addition when Kerry stated we had Bin Laden trapped in those mountains and did not get him he failed to mention that Clinton had Bin Laden offered to him two or three times and rejected the offer.
Kerry also said:

What I want to do is change the dynamics on the ground. And you have to do that by beginning to not back off of the Fallujahs and other places

John Kerry was lauded as the man who brought sovereignty to Iraq as reported st Scrappleface:

(2004-06-29) — Democrat presidential hopeful John Forbes Kerry today received praise from party insiders for his leadership which resulted in the transfer of sovereignty to the Iraqi people from the U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority two days ahead of schedule.

The definition of sovereignty is complete independence and self-government. The Iraqis had control of their country and they stated that they wanted a cease fire in Fallujah so they could attempt to negotiate an end to the hostilities. They asked and the U.S. backed off. John Kerry says that was wrong. So he wants them to have sovereignty, which he was credited with providing, but he does not want them to have sovereignty when they want to make decisions about their own country.
Kerry said this:

I know exactly what we need to do in Iraq, and my position has been consistent

Kerry has had at many different positions on Iraq ranging from all out support to all out opposition. This falls under the lie column but since it leads us to his many positions it demonstrates how much he has Flip-Flopped.

So this is the man that won the debate. This is the man who wants to lead America. The man can not tell the truth and takes both sides to every position. I had a comment posted to this site by anonymous, (I understand wanting to be unknown if backing Kerry but I think a real man or woman identifies who they are) who stated, to my remark that Bush was the model of consistency:

Model of consistency? Sure, consistently wrong! At least if he’d flip flop he could be right half the time.

This person actually believes it is OK to take both sides of an issue so you can be right half of the time. That is the fundamental difference between the left and right. They say a broken clock is right twice a day. We fix the clock.

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