If Democrats are Tough on Security, Why Are They Appalled?

There is a report out today from Yahoo News indicating that a Democratic staffer has been suspended by House Intelligence Chairman Peter Hoekstra because of concerns the staffer might be the source of the intelligence assessment leak to the New York Times. The staffer allegedly obtained the report from National Intelligence Director John Negroponte three days before the story by the Times. The staffer has not been named and there are no indications as to whether criminal investigations will follow. The suspension is based solely on the timing of the situation.

Most people would be happy that a potential source of leaks was discovered but then again, Democrats are not most people. According to Breitbart, Jane Harman, the top donk on the Intelligence Committee, is said to have been appalled by the suspension which she claims was without basis. I will not address the number of times the left has gone berserk over accusations without basis. One only needs look at the Valerie Plame fiasco to see how the donks foamed at the mouth and pointed fingers at Karl Rove. They demanded his resignation or for Bush to fire him even though there was no basis for it so Jane Harmon can have a nice cup of shut the hell up.

The donks went crazy over the Plame ordeal telling us it was a matter of national security and yet a potential source of leaks has no basis to them. It is only prudent to suspend the suspected source and then investigate. If it is not the source then you reinstate the person and move on. However, if the person is the source you do not want that person to have access to secret information during the investigation. As a matter of security suspending the potential source was the correct thing to do.

Why don’t the donks see it that way? It is very simple; they are not tough on our national security. Despite all the ads, despite all the claims, despite them trying to portray themselves as tough on national security, the donks do not really care about it. They believe that our secrets should be divulged to terrorists at their trials, they believe that the leaks to the NYT were no big deal and they kept Americans informed and they also believe that a staffer should not be suspended for some trivial thing like possibly leaking secrets. Jane Harmon is not making a very good case for the Democrats by being weak on security. She is basically saying that it is no big deal.

I do not know if the person suspended is a leaker. If so, then that person needs to go to jail for a very long time. It would be kind of nice if this was a sting to catch the person and it would be nicer if it netted a few of the elected Democrats along the way.

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