If Communism is Great, Why Does Cuba not have what it Needs?

There are reports that a top Spanish surgeon has been flown to Cuba to tend to Fidel Castro who has been seriously ill. A top gastro-intestinal surgeon flew in to treat the ailing dictator who has been the subject of a death watch since it was announced that he had a terminal illness. Interestingly, Cuba does not have all the medical supplies that the dictator might need.

The plane carried medical equipment not available in Cuba in case the leader needs further surgery due to his progressively failing health, the newspaper reported. al-Reuters

If Cuba and its Communist way of life is so great and they have everything they need then why did they have to bring in items “not available in Cuba?” Seems to me that if their way of life is so much better than here in the US then they would have everything that they need and plenty of it. Perhaps Cindy Sheehan or Hugo Chavez can explain why their hero Castro does not have what he needs and maybe they can take up a collection to help the poor fellow out.

If Castro is able to speak someone should ask him if he would fly in a specialist for any person in his Communist Utopia or is that reserved only for the special people? Looks like the death watch continues.

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2 Responses to “If Communism is Great, Why Does Cuba not have what it Needs?”

  1. Debating a straw figure is easy, but Cuba never makes any claims to be better than the United States of America. True, free medical care and education are important qualities of Cuban social life, but Washington’s blockade of Cuba makes it difficult for Cubans to have access to all the benefits which we enjoy here in the United States of America. Cubans see movies on screens not always well-illuminated or projected, but they pay the equivalent of eight U.S. cents to go there. Here in Los Angeles one can pay $14.00 to see a movie at the Arclight cinema.

    If Cuba were so terrible, why wouldn’t that be so obvious that Washington would positively WANT EVERYONE to go and see how rotten it is for themselves? Things have taken such a turn that even the MIAMI HERALD and the Cuban dissidents are saying people from the United States should have the right to see Cuba for themselves. The dissidents are even calling for Washingto to resolve its differences with Havana through dialog and negotions:

    Walter Lippmann, CubaNews

  2. Big Dog says:

    Seems to me that Cuba is always touting how great they have it (the leaders, not the people). Cuba is a terrible place though my personal opinion is that we could have opened trade relations with them regardless of their Communist ways. However, they seem to always side with those who are against us and it did not help that Castro released all his mentally ill and criminals to come here when that idiot Carter was President.

    The thing is, if Cuba is so wonderful, why do its citizens risk their lives to come here? For the average person, life there sucks. Our poorest would be rich there (until the government took everything from them).