Idema Press Lie #1

I have been writing about Jack Idema and the plight of our heroes being held illegally in Afghanistan. I am going to publish, with permission, the lies told by the media. I will do this randomly until I have exhausted the list.

Here is lie number 1:

Within hours after their arrest the press was claiming that “men were found hanging upside down in their compound.”

The truth is that this never happened. Never. No one was found tortured, hanging upside down, or abused in any way. There is no evidence to the contrary, never has been any. It sold stories. If someone had been hung from the ceiling or walls of their house, or any building in the compound, the roof and walls would have collapsed. Afghan mortar is barely sufficient to hang a picture, no less a human being. In fact, reporters paid NDS/FBI agents for tours of the house, no where was there ANY evidence of anyone ever hanging from anything. If there was, believe us, you would have seen that picture on the front cover of Time and Newsweek. The only things ever “hanging” in Jack’s compound were pictures of Commander Massoud in the living room.

Leave it to the MSM to ignore the truth to sell a story.

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One Response to “Idema Press Lie #1”

  1. Dave Simmons says:

    Did you see the Rottweiller weblog? Same crap done to British soldiers in Iraq. The terrorists just made up crap for propoganda purposes and the stupid press believed the slimeballs. Like, duh, are we at war or what?

    It took the Paras a long time to get cleared, and the press just kept writing lies to sell papers. But finally they were all cleared because their own army helped them prove their case, so what is America’s problem, do we not understand that if these men are innocent it only HELPS our war cause to prove it. Maybe Condi Rice-a-Nazi should worry more about defending Americans then letting them hang out to dry over a Raghead roast.