Idema Left Out To Dry

Jack Idema is a man who served this country for many years as a Special Forces Operator. After the war on terror erupted he went to Afghanistan to seek out Taliban terrorists and to hunt for Osama bin Laden. The military owes a great deal to him for the information he provided and the locals owe him their lives because he saved many of them when an Earthquake tore things up. Idema, who was once applauded by the MSM, has since been demonized. He was arrested, tried and convicted of torturing Afghanis in a private jail he was running.

Idema says that he was not torturing anyone and in fact it is now he who has been tortured since he was sentenced to 10 years in an Afghani prison. The United States government has done nothing, at least nothing visible, to get this man released. Cao has a great deal of information at her site and I encourage everyone to go read about this American hero who has been abandoned by his country at what looks like, the hands of the FBI. The FBI is complicit in the whole affair and they have been censoring (by removing from distribution) newspapers that carry favorable stories about Idema and the charges that were concocted about him. This has all the appearance of a set-up and a real hack job on Idema. The thing that gets me is who the MSM has blatantly lied about the whole issue. You can read the MSM accounts and the facts that refute those accounts here.

I recommend you read all the articles posted over at Cao’s and keep checking to learn the status of this man’s illegal confinement. Interestingly, these items point out all the connections between OBL and Hussein. You know, the connections I have been saying existed while all the moonbats said that there is no connection between Iraq and 9/11. Well read about it and see how the highly partisan and Clinton packed 9/11 commission did not want to hear facts because it had made up its mind before the proceedings. But I digress. That is all interesting but the most important thing is to read Idema’s story. Then tell me how badly those terrorist killers at Gitmo have it.

This link brings up a series of articles about the issue.

There is no way an American hero should be going through this.

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7 Responses to “Idema Left Out To Dry”

  1. Cao says:

    You rock. Thanks.

  2. Dave Simmons says:

    Thanks for supporting the idema guy- he got screwed and its going to take soldiers to stand up for these guys and stop our goverment from abandoning them. these guys should be getting medals and the terrorists should be getting body bags. Send in the Marines if the Army is too scared to get them out!

    Dave Simmons, IRAQ

  3. What a phony….. and anyone who is mindless enough to believe this crap. Yours Very Truely, RDX, Stan and Dan……….

  4. Scilianchick says:



  5. Carol says:

    Big Dog you might want to do a little more checking up on this Idema character. He was in the Special Forces having qualifed in 1977. However he left active duty in ’78 transferring to the reserves. He left the reserves in ’81 with a bar to reenlistment. He never saw combat during his military career. His commanding officer Capt. John D. Carlson in evaluating Idema wrote that he was “without a doubt the most unmotivated, unprofessional, immature enlisted man that I have ever known.”

    If you want to know what REAL Sf types are saying about him go to and check out the discussion boards. These guys tend to keep a low profile and are a bit taciturn but I guess they are a little more comfortable expressing themselves on a military. discussion board.

  6. Cao says:

    The typical trolls are coming out of the woodwork. Don’t tell me The Stuporpatriots guy’s IP address is from Columbia University, right?


    There’s a whole other story that these people are trying to prevent from being told. Already Stuporpatriots have threatened to “expose” me and my “personal problems” that they supposedly know “all about”–these people are the lowest of the low. SCUM!

    Jim Morris is in full support of Jack Idema, he’s no BS artist like the rest of these idiots–MSgt Thomas Bumback, and active special forces operators in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Most of the military folks who are actually on the ground in Afghanistan know what the hell is going on there, unlike our idiot “carol” here.

    Actually, Cao, you might be the first person to be able to wade through the bullshit and publish the facts. They were terrorists, they got caught, Idema caught them, and then they lied. Like, here’s a good one: the terrorists were supposed to be hanging upside down in a basement. Problem was there was no basement in the house, I know, I sent a team there to photograph it. Nor has ONE piece of evidence ever been shown against them- Just anonymous sources who have all either dissapeared or been identified, and now fired.

    Good job, keep it up, and never let them see you sweat.

    Comment by Command Sergeant Major Donald

    And that’s just one of them. You detractors are losing your footing and now you’re freaking out that your agenda and backgrounds are going to be exposed! bwahahaha!

    The issue isn’t whether he’s active special forces–the issue is whether he was supported by both governments. And he plainly was.

    That was reported by Elizabeth Neuffer (who vetted not only his background by the Al Qaeda tapes the Columbia University cabal claim are fake), Eric Campbell, and Jon Lee Anderson. Check out the credentials of those journalists who don’t belong to the amateur hour idiots who put up their hit pieces on Jack.

    And this doesn’t even skim the surface as far as the little clique of lying frauds that the amateur hour reporters were using as experts.

    You’ve got Ed Artis the guy who paid to become a Knight of Malta and the heads the dubious Knightsbridge International which is connected to Lt. Col. Robert Morris who also has a fake humanitarian outfit called Partners International. Jack pissed off Artis who wanted a movie made about HIM by actually doing what Artis wished he could do…and then sought to destroy him.

    Not unlike what he did in Rwanda in 1994.

    Then you’ve got Joe Cafasso, the phony colonel, exposed as a fraud by Veriseal and others.

    This is the little clique of “experts” that amateur hour journalists were calling upon–not to mention Tracy-Paul Warrington who is also a poser.

    Lt. Colonel Robert Morris is the Active Duty Army officer who was helping to pull strings behind the scenes. Lt. Colonel Bob Morris is a psyops guy, and unfortunately, he was a friend of Jack’s before Jack discovered his illicit dealings with NGOs. Funny what money and greed can do to a person…Bob Morris was a Lt. Colonel, charged and arrested for defrauding the US Government out of millions for his phony humanitarian aid company, Partners International, using it to siphon millions from the U.S. government (and by extension, taxpayers like you and me). He was in business with Ed Artis, and an associate of Joe Cafasso. The three of them are running other websites to slander Idema and team. They tried to blackmail Idema’s wife, extort her, and repeatedly threatened her, hiring a felon “PI” to help harrass her. Morris was connected with Jalali and offered him bribe money to destroy Idema and the Northern Alliance. Is it any wonder why Lt. Colonel Bob Morris is carrying his portable hard drive around with him?

    Fox News lawyers met with Artis and Morris during an Army award ceremony for Fox’s Linda Vester, during this time they discussed how best to discredit Idema and how to establish the tapes were fake and made to defraud Fox and others. This was to be one of their defenses in the case against Fox and others. This letter is perhaps one of the most important pieces of evidence not just in Idema’s case against news agencies, but in Idema’s defense against allegations that he’s a fraud.

  7. Cao says:

    I have the letter that went to ABC News from Eric Campbell posted at my website here. Campbell testifies in favor of Jack Idema, just like many folks in Afghanistan right now who have actually worked with Jack and know his contacts in both governments.

    Eric said:

    Jack was often trying to contact people from the Pentagon to share information, and certainly had contact with the US Army Counter-Terrorism Group (I saw emails he sent and received) but it was always on the basis of being a civilian working with the Northern Alliance.

    All the Columbia University cabal can say is scream “liar liar pants on fire” like some 2-year old in a sandbox. Real effective debate skills you have there, Joe! But screaming “liar” means nothing when you have nothing to back it up. We have more and more mounting evidence that shows this story has been misrepresented and it’s time we stood up and defended our loyal Americans at Pulacharke.