I’d Make Them Sign A Waiver

The FDA today decided that it will now be OK for women to get the morning after pill without a prescription so long as they are older than 18. This super hormone pill has been linked to problems and use of the drug more often than recommended can cause serious illness (in addition to the illness caused by use as prescribed). Advocacy groups are already lining up to petition to allow girls of all ages to buy the drug.

What the FDA has done is now allow women to buy and use a potentially dangerous medication as often as they want without proper medical monitoring. What will happen if this drug, when used inappropriately, causes death or serious medical problems? We all know, people will sue the drug maker. If I made this drug I would require each person who bought it to sign a waiver stating that she would not sue the company for any reason. If she refused to sign a waiver she would not get the drug. Remember the mad cow scare? They made people sign waivers if they wanted beef cooked in any fashion other than well done. If we have to sign waivers to eat rare meat then they can make women sign before they can get the pills.

Watch and learn. I am sure you will see women having medical problems because of this drug. Potential problems have not been greatly explored because this medication has not been widely used. The drug is dispensed 1.5 million times a year but that does not mean that this many people take it. The drug must be dispensed by a pharmacist to doctors and clinics so that they can dispense it. When women can buy it over the counter the problems will surface and all of the sudden women will be suing the drug companies. That is why a waiver is needed.

You think it will not happen? Read the warnings that come with regular birth control pills and then figure out what will happen when women take super concentrated doses of that medication.

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One Response to “I’d Make Them Sign A Waiver”

  1. chrys says:

    Love the title of this post! Great idea.