I Would Be Ashamed To Admit This

An officer in Fremont California was attacked by a pack of angry,…..Chihuahuas. It seems he was taking some teen home after a problem and the teens dog’s, five of them, got loose and bit the officer in the ankle. He required medical attention at the local hospital.

I would cut off my foot before I would face my fellow officers after such an incident. These were Chihuahuas, not Rottweilers! You know, those little rodents that look and act like they are on speed half the time. You know, that little Taco Bell rodent. How could five of those little things bother a police officer, or anyone for that matter? You can just kick those little things into the next county.

I guess the dogs got all wild and excited when they smelled the donuts…


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3 Responses to “I Would Be Ashamed To Admit This”

  1. The Bosun says:

    I read that story earlier today and breezed right over it. Then when I read your post, I started laughing so hard. You forced me to step back from my negative attitude today to see the humor in a pack of angry Chihuahuas raising Caine about who knows what. I imagine that officer is going get razzed for a while over that one. Hope you and your readership have a great New Years Eve, tomorrow. If I do not have time to get back with you untril after the New Year, have a safe one. Be ever diligent. Respectfully, Bos’un

  2. Cao says:

    This is too hilarious. Thanks for the laugh, Dog!

  3. N. Mallory says:

    Having been attacked by a pack of Chihuahuas myself, I feel for the guy. They will literally bite the hand that feeds them — in my case, I was paid by neighbors to go oer every day while they were on vacation and feed their Chihuahuas. On the second day, they attacked me. The may be small and cute but they’re mean.