I Told You The UN Is Worthless

The UN Security Council met for three hours today to discuss the missile launch by North Korea. The United States and Japan are pushing for more sanctions but several other nations urge restraint so as to not hamper the fragile six party talks. It would appear to me that the talks (the diplomacy Obama desires) are not working since North Korea has tested nukes and now launched a missile in violation of UN Resolution. Russia, China, Libya, Uganda and Vietnam are urging restraint. These nations are certainly paragons of virtue and restraint.

The Diplomats are in agreement on “expressing concern” over the launch.

What kind of crap is that? I imagine this is what it sounded like behind those closed doors:

Japan and the US: We want action against North Korea. They violated the resolution.

Diplomats: We are going to express concern.

Japan and the US: Expressing concern is ineffective. We expressed concern before the launch.

Diplomats: If they do not respond to concern we will resort to scorn.

Japan and the US: The North Koreans are laughing at you.

Diplomats: If they laugh we will express grave concern.

Japan and the US: Are you people out of your minds? The NORKS will thumb their noses at you.

Diplomats: Then they will force us to become indignant. That will show them and if that does not stop them we will escalate to anxiety, agitation, anxiousness, apprehension, strain, stress, tension; alarm, anguish, consternation, discomfort, discomposure, dismay, distress, disturbance, edginess, and uneasiness in that order until they submit.

Japan and the US: You people are worthless and we should strap you to the next missile.

Diplomats: OK, now you have made us mad. We wish to express concern at your attitude.

Japan and the US: We should have shot the missile down.

Diplomats: Then we would have sanctioned you.

And on and on it goes. What a worthless bunch of do nothings. I have stated that sanctions are not likely to mean much but one would think that these people could at least have a united front. Instead, they are playing games and allowing five nations that have their own poor records to dictate the direction of the proceedings.

The US and Japan should tell them to come up with some kind of sanction and real fast or there will be a test of another missile to see if a Tomahawk can be guided into Kim Jong-il’s bedroom.

That would be a missile test I would pay to see.


Big Dog

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7 Responses to “I Told You The UN Is Worthless”

  1. Why anyone would ever believe that the UN Security Council is useful is beyond me. Has that idiotic group ever solved a single “world problem”?

  2. Angi says:

    That whole conversation made me crack up because you KNOW that’s exactly how it was…

  3. Adam says:

    The UN must find innovative ways of meeting it’s goals and reaching peace agreements because it doesn’t have an army or a defense system like we do as a nation. It doesn’t always work out.

    But for all it’s faults the UN still does some things well. Take for instance UNICEF. This is the most far reaching and successful program in UN history and it has been a life saver for millions of children and families in the developing world.

    You don’t have to ignore the things about the UN you disagree with and the obvious flaws but give credit where credit is due. The United States wasn’t instrumental in creating the UN on a whim. It is a significant world body that we should be working to make better and not wishing it be torn down.

  4. Big Dog says:

    I have no use for the UN. UNICEF, sure I remember Trick or Treat for UNICEF. I also know that we could have spent many times that amount of money on children if we did not have the cost of the UN.

    They have no Army but they get to decide how everyone uses theirs. Does not make sense. They are run and influenced by a bunch of rogue nations that have no desire for anything good.

    The people working there become rich while exploiting our country and the so called help they send around the world ends in rape and the spread of AIDS. They are useless and are led by a bunch of people who are a disgrace.

    We got along fine without them and we could do so again.

    If they have to be around then they should be in some other country. Why should they be here?

    Hell, all they want now is to tell nations how they should be run and to decide for us what crimes we as citizens have committed.

    We do not need them. If UNICEF is the best you can do, we could beat that by using our dues to the UN to help kids.

    They should tear down the UN and use the bricks to build a wall on our southern border.

  5. Adam says:

    UNICEF is certainly not the only thing the UN does well but it’s the one I always reserve for those bold enough to say “Name one thing the UN does well.” But for instance the UN is the strongest force against HIV/AIDS in the world.

    If you want an organization that can drop bombs and enforce treaties by strength then look outside the UN.

    If you want a world body that pools the funds and support of nations like the US into resources to provide humanitarian relief, medical care, support for HIV/AIDS, election oversight in unstable governments, etc., then you can look to the UN.

    If you’re looking for an organization that is 100% corruption free, un-flawed, that has been mismanaged or used incorrectly, and has never had things go terribly wrong then I’m not sure where you should look…

    • Blake says:

      Yeah Adam, the U.N. really made a strong impression when the african part of the U.N. security force raped those women in West Africa, and they have really done a bang up job in Darfur, where three out of five shipments of food and medicine is stolen by the Islamic force there. It’s genocide on a large scale, and we can’t even get the U.N. to strongly condemn this. Rawanda was just as bad, andnothing is done until literally millions are dead, and yet the U.S. gets the blame because WE did not do anything sooner? George Bush did more for HI/Aids than the U.N., and yet he gets no credit for this.
      Bill Gates and Warren Buffet send millions to African relief, and still the U.N. isn’t shamed into action.
      Adam, you have to really go a long way around the barn to find something the U.N. does right, that the U.S. and private agencies do not do better and more efficiently, with less corruption.
      It’s not that the U.N. has corruption- there is some of that wherever you look- it is that we the U.S., pay about one fifth of the dues for this, and yet we are supposed to sit still while every other nation hates on us?
      The joke goes, if you want the U.N. to agree on an action, have the U.S. propose the opposite action.
      Every nation has its own self interests- why anyone would think that they could look past narrow, selfish, greedy interests and do something for the greater good is beyond me- heck we have a hard enough time of it here- we are supposed to believe that some of these people, who came from goat herding straight to the U.N. , would have a world view that is greater than their immediate horizon? That’s just crazy. And then you put religion into the mix? Hooo boy- what you got is crazy gumbo that suits no one’s taste.
      It took a liberal populace to create the U.N., because you need to be idealistic to try this.
      Realism tells us a different tale, one that has been ongoing since the inception of the U.N., where this body has been used to frustrate these ideals (see: Darfur, Bosnia, Uganda, Liberia, et al),not to mention the nations that oppose us just on general terms, like Russia, China, Iran.
      Winston Churchill once said, “If you are twenty, and not a liberal, you have no heart- if you are forty and are not a conservative, you have no brain.”
      The U.N. is a typical world body with Bi- Polar disorder AND ADD. A bad combination.