I Spoke Too Soon About Momma Moonbat

I guess I spoke too soon when I said that I had not heard anything from Momma Moonbat Cindy Sheehan. Sheehan is in Canada giving hope to the members of the military who deserted. She was all hugs and smiles as she told everyone that she begged her son not to go and wished he were in Canada with them. She was responsible for his death and she knows it. Momma Moonbat wishes her son had dishonored his service. These guys look at their service differently than honorable men:

“They say we’re traitors, we’re deserters,” said former Marine Chris Magaoay, 20, of the Hawaiian island of Maui. “No, I’m a Marine and I stand up for what I believe in, and I believe the Constitution of the United States of America is being pushed aside as a scrap piece of paper.”

Sheehan in Canada

No Chris, you are not a Marine, you are a coward and Marines are not cowards. You ran away from the war because you lack the courage to honor the contract you signed. You see Chris, none of you guys were drafted. You all signed up of your own free will. I guess life was grand when you got a paycheck to train but when it came time to really earn the money you took the coward’s way out. You swore to protect and defend the Constitution that you claim is being pushed aside. You, as a member of the armed forces, do not have the luxury of deciding when and where you will go. You are obligated to honor your contract and serve where the country sends you. If you really believed in the Constitution you would know that.

Instead, you and the others, are hiding away in a foreign country to avoid being picked up by the US military. In my book, that makes you no different than Saddam Hussein who hid in a hole to avoid capture. These guys are fighting extradition because they are not courageous enough to stand up for their convictions. The real question is, who would want these guys on their team? When the going gets tough they turn tail and run like scared rabbits.

If a Democrat gets in the White House you can bet that these guys will all receive pardons ala Jimmy Carter. John Kerry received such a pardon to remove the dishonorable discharge from his record, a record he has yet to share with the public, despite his promise to do so. I, of course, can only speculate about that but until Kerry releases those records and proves me wrong, it is the best explanation out there.

These “men” should be ashamed and any woman who married one of them should file for a divorce. They believed they were marrying men and these cowards have shown that they are anything but men.

Source: Breitbart

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2 Responses to “I Spoke Too Soon About Momma Moonbat”

  1. Texas Truth says:

    Cindy Sheehan has only one objective…promoting Cindy Sheehan!!!

    Someone should look into where she gets all the money to make these trips, attend these protests, and further the “promotion of Cindy Sheehan.”

    She will be a sad, bitter, and very lonely woman when this is all over, sitting around her house remembering when she was the “media darling” and garnered the attention of the world.

    What a sad way to honor the memory of her son.

    Please feel free to stop by and read my perspective on this and other issues. We welcome all views, no matter how ridiculous they are.


  2. Jo's Cafe says:

    Monday Specials…