I Received a Message from a Coward

I received a message via my contact form from an intellectual midget who obviously received his education in the public school system. I cleaned it up so that I could share with you what a coward writes. You can see that there is no name, no contact information, no anything except a coward who wrote an anonymous, vile message so that he could feel like a big man. The problem is that people like this are small minded cowards who would never, ever, have the courage to say that to someone’s face. If he gathered enough courage to say that directly to me, he would only say it once.

Hello Big Dog,

You are being contacted via Big Dog’s Weblog by f**kyou. f**kyou has provided the following information so you may contact them:

Email: f**kyouagain@f**kyouagain.com
Phone: 666-666-6666
Website: http://f**kyounazi.com
Reason: Other (explain below)

Die you rotten nazi c*nt.

Big Dogs with small pr*cks like yours always fall the hardest….

I feel sorry for putrid little people like this. However, the fun is over so this commenter needs to get back to flipping hamburgers.

BTW, I am not a member of the Nazi Party. I am a registered Republican. But I am willing to bet this fellow did not know that the Nazis were a political party in the first place.

Big Dog

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48 Responses to “I Received a Message from a Coward”

  1. Bosun says:

    Whoa Buddy, A serious case of potty mouth and Big Dog derangement syndrome.

    Big Dog, you have just joined the ranks of Sean Hannity, Rick Roberts, and Michael Savage.

    Have a great day.


  2. you're a d***** says:

    you’re one to talk about hilary clinton’s “smarter than you” attitude you self -righteous conceded f**k

    “i feel sorry for putrid little people like this”

    how nice of you to come down from your high horse to hand out pity.

    you’re not as smart as you think you are. Your beliefs were handed to you when you chose to title yourself “conservative” because idiots like you cant think for themselves and have to box themselves into one of two political ideologies. kill yourself

    I myself will go back to my gay lover and please him immensely.

  3. Big Dog says:

    You are pathetic and you lack intelligence. You are also a coward.

  4. Big Dog says:

    Hey Bosun,
    This is what happens when little men sit in their mommy’s basement acting tough. Folks like this lack courage and they certainly lack any form of intelligence. When the f bomb is all one can use it demonstrates a mind struggling to form a cogent thought.

  5. you're a d***** says:

    and feigning the fact the you’re well educated makes you courageuous. you,ve yet to prove to anyone your intelligent, or have the authority to deem people “cowards”. all i can tell you do is take the same ho-hum jabs at liberals that your “intellectual” colleagues Bill o’ Reily and Michael savage do. You mock people that “struggle to form a cogent thought” Are you mocking the mentally handicapped? or do you really fancy yourself that much better than the rest of the world?

  6. Big Dog says:

    I do not need to feign that I am well educated because I am well educated. Making attacks on people when you know there is no danger of reprisal makes you a coward. It is extremely doubtful you would say these things to my face, and as I indicated, if you did it would only be once.

    I do not take jabs at liberals. I point out the failures of liberalism as an ideology. I point out how liberalism is a cancer that will consume this country if not placed in check. You fail to recognize that I have the right to do that and deride me for it. I bet you cheer idiots like those at the Kos for their intelligent insight.

    The only mentally handicapped I am mocking is you and no, I do not fancy myself better than the rest of the world. Just better than you.

  7. Bosun says:

    Maybe he (or she) could room with Jack McClellan, if you know what I mean.

  8. you're a d*** says:

    stabs at my possible homosexuality eh? sounds pretty typical. intellects such as yours are above such childishness. I dont cheer anybody who regurgitates the same tired old “my party is the good party the other one is evil” b.s. again, you have no opinion. the country knows the GOPs opinion. just because you repeat ad nasuem doesnt make you smart.

    and if that was a challenge, name the time and the place, smarmy. we’ll see if you’ve got any courage. or you can continue to hide behind your “big dog” alais

  9. GM says:

    Big Doggy, this little piece of piss poor putrid protoplasm fancies himself a wit. Unfortunately, he lacks the depth of understanding. That he thinsk your saying he can’t form a cogent thought is making fun of the handicapped is absolutely hillarious.

    Well youngster, I’m well educated I have 66 graduate hours under my belt with a GPA of around 3.8, I have taught rehabilitation counseling and psychology in a university and we deal with the physically and mentally handicapped in our private and public practices all the time; but it seems that all of those that we deal with, are in much better shape than you are.

  10. Big Dog says:

    If I have to edit the vulgarity then I get to edit it how I want. If you don’t like it, try civil discourse.

    Once again, you seem to have a problem with comprehension. I never said anything about party and I happen to like quite a few Democrats and dislike a few Republicans. What I said was LIBERALISM, which is not a party but an ideology, which I clearly indicated. And yes, LIBERALISM is a dangerous ideology that will destroy this country.

    Washington DC September 15th, 1100 hours in front of the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial. Is that specific enough for you?

  11. Big Dog says:

    You are correct GM. This turd is upset because what he wrote was broadcast for everyone to see. He did not have the courage to do anything leave an identity. I did not change anything in his missive except to make it more presentable. Those were his words and though no one knows who he is, he is taking it personally because he was smacked across his nose.

    As for my name, GM, you know who it is when they say Big Dog, do you not? As do quite a few soldiers. A nickname son, not an alias.

  12. Patsy says:

    I really have to apologize for some Internet posters & commenters, Big Dog. The truth is, the anonymity afforded one on the Internet instills bravery in some who have never possessed that quality in their entire lives. As you can see from the writing of this pathetic waste of human flesh, he didn’t know what to do with his newly acquired courage, however false it is. You certainly deserve to be treated in a far better manner than this.

  13. Raven says:

    Is this Meat Brain perhaps? Hiding behind one of his many proxies he uses??

  14. Big Dog says:

    Thanks Patsy. I try to treat people with respect but that is something that is earned. He just did not earn it.

    It happens sometimes when you attack the collective, they swarm and get their panties in a wad.

  15. kender says:

    Wow BD….you caught an Ignorami Rectal-Syphoid, otherwise known as a Yellow Bellied Crack Sucker. It isn’t a rare specimen but it seems to be a particularly angry specimen you have here.

    Feed it crap, beat it often and give it a bath weekly and he should live a long, pissy life.

  16. Sonnabend says:

    You’re telling me that out of six million on that specific day..out of all those contenders, THAT won the race?

  17. Billy Joe says:


    are you a product of a superior, private school?

    Didn’t they teach you basic critical thinking and fact checking?

    You’re hardly a walking advertisement for intellectual rigor as evidenced by your poorly (or non-)sourced ‘arguments’, like the time when you pointed me to the website for the American Center for Voting Rights, a bogus front group dedicated to exposing Democratic voter fraud that disappeared off the face of the earth months after it was created:


    Remember, you couldn’t even point me to their non-existent website to back up your assertions?

    Or your recent post about Bush being ‘exonerated’ for his bungled Katrina response when Blanco declared a state of emergency in advance of Hurricane Dean. You decided to write a chest-thumping post saying she didn’t declare a state of emergency before Katrina, which in fact she did as I pointed out in the comments by posting her original State of Emergency declaration, and you never bothered to edit your original post to reflect the facts and instead buried your semi-admission of error & sloppiness in the comments.

    Your teachers must be very proud of your flimsy, cartoonish arguments that only occasionally bother to link to other cheesy, tinfoil hat-type websites that in turn link TO THEMSELVES in lame attempts to defend their assertions.

    Did you learn to become a robot that is impervious to facts at your fancy private school? Did they spoonfeed you talking points in the school cafeteria?

  18. Patsy says:

    BJ- For the love of God, give it a rest. Stop beating a dead horse. Nobody, but nobody agrees with your sorry ass about Katrina. Just shut up about it.

  19. Big Dog says:

    Here we go again with troll distorting the truth.

    I gave you a link that was no longer functional. The group involved had members of both political parties on its board. The subject in question was who committed more crimes or bad acts during the election. The conclusion was that while both parties did not so nice things the Democrats did more of them. The study refuted people like Michael Moore who claimed it was all Republicans. They are no longer there, I can’t do anything about that. Your blog will likely be gone in a year. Will that make you any less valid.

    Now, for Katrina. I wish you would quit lying about this. I did not say she did not declare the state of emergency, I said she did not issue it early enough. Go back and check it. I said she did not issue it early enough. I want to make that clear because you are obviously not bright enough to understand it.

    As for the rodeo clown. I provided you those links the first time we had the argument. I am not going to keep looking stuff up for you. There are a number of places where the guy is mentioned and his past is discussed. End of story.

    I do not have flimsy or cartoonish arguments. The fact is, you are a gnat who buzzes in here because I write things that run counter to your uninformed view of the world. You take liberties with my good will by writing very nasty things. You have no free speech here and your lying, misquoting and distortions are getting old. Remember Troll, just because you say it does not make it so. You have been banned at quite a few sites and I can see why.

    My education was a good one. I will not mock yours because I know nothing of it. You seem intelligent. Unfortunately you are belligerent, overbearing, and lack world experience. You see things through the prism of kool aid colored glasses. You believe that your arguments are the only ones that make sense and that everyone else is wrong. What you fail to see is that the ideas here are fairly diverse and though you use words like robot you will not find anywhere where I blindly follow any member or any party. I call all of them out and in case you’ve forgotten, I am the one calling for ALL of them to be replaced (those up for reelection). I am the one that points to the good and bad about Katrina and since I have a bit more experience than you in that area I have a right to believe I am correct.

    Perhaps, if I bother you so much, you should go back to your site and stay there.

  20. Patsy says:

    Really, Big Dog, you must have the patience of Job. Why don’t you ban this troll, pain-in-the-ass from your blog?

  21. Big Dog says:

    Patsy, my mother taught me to be kind to those less fortunate. The guy seems like he has some brains he just has trouble using them sometimes.

    I am losing a bit of patience. I don’t mind the disagreements but I think they can be done without the name calling. He does it to see how far he can go before he is smacked down so he can go back to his site and write that he was banned because he was too smart for me. It is not beyond him to lie as he did in his about section (which he changed when I called him on it).

    I also do not mind being corrected. I just do not care to be misquoted or taken out of context or to have a down right lie told (as in I said she did not issue it).

    Patsy, it is people like Billy Troll that remind me how fortunate I am. I could go through life like that. As it is I live in a big house and make good money, I have a great family and a really good job that actually requires intelligence to learn, get licensed for and to do. I am regarded as an expert in my field by many professionals so I must do something right despite BT’s attack on my education.

  22. Patsy says:

    I realize all of these wonderful qualities of yours, Big Dog. You can certainly afford the luxury of being magnanimous. He’s just such an annoying little …. I think he enjoys irritating the hell out of us! He won’t let anything go, you know, like just drop it! Arghhhhh!

  23. Many apologies for hiding behind anonymous posts “Big Dog”, i’m sure your above that. Why would I not disclose personal information? So that all of your above sheep could, in only the way a graduate can, call me a “crack sucker” make sperm jokes and, once again compare me to the mentally handicapped(very witty yourselves, by the way) on your blog, rather than flood my personal email with crap.But theres my email. You and you chums are free to send me condescending garbage all day, but anonymous internet name calling isnt very courageous is it?
    If you all are so educated and intelligent in the subject of politics, why aren’t you politicians? because

    Attacking the collective? you’re the one that seems to have gotten your swarm together. I seem to be on my own here, being childishly insulted by a group of middle-aged adults, who remain anonymous. thus making me the coward here.

    I don’t really think i could make it to washington, but i’d fight you in a heartbeat if the opportunity came along. So what is your name and where do you live?If anonymitity is cowardice, then your the coward.

  24. Patsy says:

    Well, aren’t you the big man with the big set of cajones, now? You can’t insult someone like a man until you’re shamed into it? And now you think that makes you superior to the rest of us?
    Maintaining anonymity on the Internet is common sense, Mr. Bruneau. Haven’t you heard of Identity Theft, a rampant crime wave on an epidemic scale?

  25. shamed into it? its rather difficult to do that on the interent patsy. i could close this window an not think about it anymore. your dimwitted insults didnt really coerce me into anything.i dont really think im superior to anybody.its your area of expertise to pity the poor stupid people. You’ve got “republican” and “conservative” splattered all over this page.you all cling to one of two ideology because its your only identity. you cant think for yourself. im really interested to see if Big dog has enough “courage” to reveal anything about himself. however im sure he’ll cop out and call me stupid for disclosing such information. but if i hadnt he wouldve continued calling me a coward.

  26. Patsy says:

    I already you’ve lied about your name, Mr. Bruneau. So cut the crap.

    As for thinking for myself, I do, absolutely. My identity as a Republican and conservative isn’t something I cling to, I don’t need to cling to anybody or anything. I am a strong, vibrant, successful woman. And it’s a helluva lot more than just an ideology, too.

    It’s my way of life, how I live my life. It’s the set of morals, principles, ethics, values and the patriotism which makes life meaningful & worthwhile. Conservatism has made me self-sufficient, self-reliant, competent, generous, compassionate, confident, capable, educated, happy …. I could go on & on & on.

    Being a Republican and conservative is the right way to life one’s life. You should try it, maybe you’d learn how to be happy, too.

  27. Big Dog says:

    Danny, if that is your name. You were not a coward for not using your real name, you were a coward for using things like F you and dou**e and cu*t. These were not names they were insults. There are people who post here with nicknames and such. Anyone who really absolutely wanted to know who I am could find out. If you want to know about me, read the about part of the web page. As for the email, no one has it because they are not published and no one here flames people. They do the talking on this site and their own.

    You can’t expect to come into my house and call me names and then expect my friends not to respond, can you? They do not like when that happens. You would have been much more effective by writing either a contact or a comment telling me why you disagree. I am happy with that because, unlike the left, I believe that open dialog is good. There is no free speech here because the Constitution does not cover this site and I pay for it but I am usually very generous. The comment rules only say no porn, no vulgarity and such.

    People can disagree and do so civilly. As for being a conservative and Republican, yes I am and I am proud of that. It does not mean I do not have more center and left views on some things but for the most part I agree with a conservative ideology. I am happy for folks who hold similar beliefs on the left, their choice. But it is all moot when the vulgar stuff is posted.

    And we are not politicians for two reasons. We can not afford to get in and we are all too smart to do that job.

  28. patsy- look it up. thats me, stupid.

    again your not as smart as you think you are

  29. Patsy says:

    Well, perhaps you’re right, Daniel, one is not as smart as one would like to think. However, this ol’ gal was smart enough to have already run a check on your so called name, before she busted you on it. Let’s just drop it, shall we? I’d think you were pretty dumb if you had given a real name, truth be told.

    Why would you expect to be treated well and taken seriously when you wrote a letter like the one did to Big Dog? Son, you don’t address a man who fought for this country, put his life on the line to protect your freedom and mine, like that. He deserves better from you. He has earned your respect, even if you disagree with this man’s political views. He fought to preserve your country’s way of life. If you have an issue you disagree with, you can express that to the man, respectfully.

    Don’t expect to get away with talking trash to military man, especially one who had bullets whizzing by him. That’s not the right way to go about disagreeing with him.

    BTW- I have 2 such men of honor in my home, too. My husband in VietNam and my father-in-law in WWII. Show some respect, Daniel. You’ll find folks a lot more receptive to your viewpoint.

  30. Sonnabend says:

    Katrina:riddle me this

    Why is it that TWO YEARS after the events of Katrina, N.O, STILL, to this day, does not have an integrated ops plan for an evac should another incident occur?

    No emergency drills.No trial evacs. No integrated plan.No recruiting for emergency and disaster planners.

    No integrated air ops plan for aerial recon and management.(Oh please don’t tell me there are no aircraft and helicopters nearby because I know there are…)

    EXPLAIN to me why Nagin and the LOCAL commanders who have FIRST responsibility for disaster planning (and don’t argue with me on this because believe me, compared to you, I am an expert..)..have done NOTHING to prepare for future contingencies?

    What will you tell me..that it can’t happen AGAIN??

  31. Billy Joe says:

    Good grief, Patsy. Where do you get your canned indignation?

    You said to Daniel:

    “Son, you don’t address a man who fought for this country, put his life on the line to protect your freedom and mine, like that. He deserves better from you. He has earned your respect, even if you disagree with this man’s political views. He fought to preserve your country’s way of life. If you have an issue you disagree with, you can express that to the man, respectfully.”

    If I remember correctly, in the past, Big Dog has had a graphic on this website of a dog urinating on Jack Murtha, a Korea & Vietnam veteran. Is that respectful in the slightest? I think the only reason it’s not on his site now is because he has a poll up where the graphic was.

    I know hiding behind the troops is the oldest and most employed evasive maneuver in the Republican handbook – Bush and Cheney are masters – but surely you can do better than that.

  32. irtexas44 says:

    This might be the guy they call Liberty. He has been banned from every site he’s been to. The last one I know of is Star Parker’s at Townhall.com. I call people like this little widgets. They have to write in or call in and rant and cuss because they would never do it to your face. He better be careful if his mommy might wake up and find out what he’s doing.

    I have a mental picture of these people that I started doing years ago. When they would call in or I would receive an email to answer with their ranting and ravings. He is about 5’1″, bald, ill fitting clothes, sloppy little brief case that he carry’s for no reason. These little minded widgets love writing and calling it is their way of pumping themselves up to get out of the house to meet the day.

    They would never said any of this stuff out loud in public. If he can’t meet you in DC on the 15th maybe he would like to meet with me or Patsy we might be closer. I’m in FL, for the widget that is Florida.

    I hope he is the same person as Liberty. I would hate to have 2 of the little widgets running around loose.

    Your being real patience with him. Congrats on that. But unfortunatly little widgets are out there. To bad he probably didn’t even make the cub or boy scouts either.

    BD, Patsy an all have a great day.

  33. irtexas44 says:

    I’m with Patsy an everyone else on this give the Katrina thing a rest. We got hit 2 years in a row with the hurricanes. First stared with Charley and every two weeks after that. The next year another 3. We also had a great governor that had planned ahead and knew what he was doing. When Texas got hit they had a plan too. Even though it didn’t hit where they thought and had to move things around but they did it.

    Well guess what we got through it all. Yes we had a lot of damage. But we dealt with it and everyone helped each other. Just like MS & AL with Katrina and Rita. Their governors acted asap they didn’t wait and expect the president to come down and take over and fix it. Towns in those states were wiped off the map. All any one talks about is NO. I for one am tired of hearing it. The idiot Blanco waited until the 4th day after the storm to call for help. The Red Cross and National Guard were ready and waiting to come in they were outside of the city and they were not allowed to. Ray Shady didn’t appear for 5 days. Then came out and started his BS. He was supposed to be in the hotel all that time. Well how about he had bought a house in Dallas and was relocating his family there for their safety. I don’t see the money going anywhere but the down town area. There is 1.2 billion dollars missing of the money that was sent by the federal government. Ok Ray Shady where is the money? The idiot Blanco where is the money.

    Ray Shady told his people not to let the NG and Red Cross in because he wanted the people left out there and maybe when they left they wouldn’t come back. It is the governor that has to call the state NG not the president. With her saying everyday when asked she said she needed another 24 hours? Why? Ray Shady would not let the buses in to take the people out. For God sake’s they had 5 days to get out, what part of that didn’t they understand. Don’t say they had no place to go, the other states had shelters set up and ready to go for them. The cruise lines had the cruise ships out there for them to go to. What did they do they trashed them and didn’t want to leave. The same thing in the other states. They took advantage of the money they were given. They didn’t want to leave the hotels either. Why? Why didn’t they want to go home and get started cleaning up and give up the perks of living off of everyone else.

    Then the ultimate stupid remarks by the racebaiters and Ray Shady and others that Bush had the storm turned so that it would get NO in a direct hit? Damn the man can do just everything.

    I don’t know when it became the president’s job to run around everyday and change everyone’s diapers. The D/A governor of the KS town that got hit with a tornado a few months ago ran right out and started her yelling that the whole thing was Bush’s fault. That all of the KS guard was deployed with all of their equipment and she didn’t have the resorces to start a clean up. The senators standing behind her excused them selves and her for 10 minutes and said they would be back. Then she comes back and says she does have the troops and equipment available to start the clean up. That 12% of the KS guard was deployed. I didn’t hear an apology though.

    I am sick and tired of the dimwits and their Bush bashing. Not when their last entry was a playboy, sex driven nut that his good times superseeded his job. He had OSB and didn’t want him? It probably interferred with his rug crawlers time. Between him and Carter I will say there are your worst presidents in history.

    Why don’t all of you people give it a rest. It really is getting old. You all sound like a bunch of mental widgets running around yelling “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”. It’s not falling you idiots. In case you have never had to do for yourself now would be a good time to start. No one is coming to powder your butt’s. Unless you still live with mommy. Get over yourselves.

  34. Patsy says:

    Jack Murtha? The Congressman who betrayed our troops, pronouncing guilty — proclaiming them murderers of Iraqi women & children, before an investigation had been done. He took the word of Iraqi terrorists & insurgents over our troops. NO RESPECT IS DUE TO HIM. A JAIL CELL FOR TREASON IS WHAT JACK MURTHA DESERVES.

    “your canned indignation” You wouldn’t recognize sincere, heartfelt conviction if you were slapped up side the head with them, BJ. Just shut the hell up. I don’t care what you have to say about anything.

    Nobody who have served this country or whose loved ones did has to hide behind them, BJ. That dishonor is for cowards like you and yours, who have served anything but your own selfish self interests.

    Before you insult my lack of service, again… I risked losing my husband for this country, and I did without him for 37 months, plus many other missions of several months at a time. Took care of kids, house, and worked without his loving support, scared to death that he was not coming home to us, ever again. So just shut up, a**hole.

  35. Billy Joe says:


    I appreciate your lady-like demeanor. Once again, you provide an incredibly compelling argument in defense of conservative virtue. I’m sure Big Dog’s pre-pubescent readers will relate to your powerful command of the English language, also.

    Big Dog seems to be selectively not posting some of my comments because, presumably, I was lampooning his hoity-toity private school education. I’d love to respond to everyone, but if I spend 15 minutes typing something that may not get posted anyway, it’s a bit of a waste of time.

    I’ll try to shorten my comments instead and hope that Big Dog will bless my comments. I will give him credit – perhaps because of his fancy-pants private school education, he (at least until yesterday) at least tries to debate. That is more than I can say for most right-wing bloggers, who either:

    1. cut and run at the drop of a hat or
    2. Clamor to have me banned because they would rather barricade themselves in a virtual gated community, as though they are seeking a more therapeutic, supportive authoritaian environment.

  36. Big Dog says:

    I have approved every comment you sent. Now, if something you wrote got deleted by my spam catcher before it made it through then that is another issue.

    I do not care if you lampoon my education. I am proud of my education. I have a good career and a degree (that was not from a private school). I look at it as jealousy.

    As for deleting comments, did you ever explain why you deleted the comment at your site? I am interested in why you have a double standard.

    As for debating, there are just some things we will agree to disagree on. I am not going to change your mind and you are not going to change mine. That makes neither of us dim bulbs or anything else.

    How is that site of yours doing? I noticed your last post was July 22nd. Run out of things to say?

    You did write an excellent post about Thompson and his much younger wife. I was hoping you would do a similar piece on Kucinnich and his much younger wife.

  37. Patsy says:

    And maybe you just too darn irritating and obnoxious, BJ. You arguments are infantile and lack commonsense and real world experience. You spit on anyone who cites real success, honest emotion or actual experience. If it isn’t in a book somewhere, your precious “data” then it isn’t real to you and therefore you feel totally justified in dismissing it. I feel sorry for you, because you obviously don’t understand the world around you nor cope with it on its own terms. I have tried in the past to have civilized discussions with you, but you aren’t worth it. You’re a nuisance and an irritant and I really don’t want to bother with your boring BS anymore. Just leave me alone.

  38. Joseph (Rigger Joe) says:

    Big Dog and Patsy Kudos to the both of you.

    And Patsy, My mother was marry to my father for over 50 year before she past away this past May, And My Father, Myself, and friends decide to Lay her to Rest with Military Honors, Why you ask, she risked losing are father, her Husband, thought three(3) War’s not one, WWII, Korea, Vietnam(2 tours)and we believe all the wife’s who stand by they Husband in time of War Should be given the same Respect and Honor.

    So Patsy, Big Dog Kudo again. Big Dog be patient with BJ with on the highway call guys like him all talk, no walk! Before you call me any Name’s BJ, I got 14 years of Service to this Country with the Army Of One. So step back and think before you act.

  39. Joseph (Rigger Joe) says:

    They called CB Commando’s, All Talk and No Walk.

  40. Schatz says:

    I can’t believe I am going here – but I just have to join in this “lovefest.” First of all, to DANIEL, your writings (and I use that term loosely) are so filled with grammatical and vocabulary inaccuracies that it would truly amaze me if you are in fact a pubered adult. Vile rantings serve no purpose but to show your ignorance and stupidity. If you can truly walk away and never think about this again, then by all means please stop writing and move on to something more in line with your level — perhaps a good game of “Go Fish” is available for you.

    As for BJ – I cannot believe this man actually still comments here. He has never been able to prove his “facts” using only reasonable and unedited sources (that I could locate – but I really don’t waste much time of this as I read my own reliable sources and make my own determinations as he should rather than bothering BD for his sources).

    I am a scientist and am all too aware that data and information can be manipulated in many ways to prove just about anything you want. Raw figures and close inspection by educated people is what is needed for accurate decision making. Maybe one day you can give that a try.

    I can assure both of you I am VERY well educated and I did not gain my exceptional GPA and knowledge from a private school but the good old public sector and some very good genes that I was fortunate enough to inherit. My IQ is probably higher than both Daniel and Trollboy (and probably the gay lover as well). But even intellectual inferiority is no excuse for your poor behavior and general ignorance. You come into a man’s space, knowing full well that it is supported and followed by conservatives, and spew forth a litany of profanity and expect to just “cut and run” and be tolerated? I don’t know about cowardice – but it certainly should be listed under “STUPID” in the dictionary (that’s the big book with definitions in it).

  41. Patsy says:

    My compliments Mr. Schatz. You have restored some of the dignity to this site with your eloquence. You make me ashamed of my ill temper at BJ. Thank you for your classy comportment and comments.

  42. Billy Joe says:


    You said:

    “I can assure both of you I am VERY well educated and I did not gain my exceptional GPA and knowledge from a private school but the good old public sector…”

    I’m glad you’re happy with your ‘socialized’ education. It’s nice to know that someone around here is willing to acknowledge that the public sector can actually deliver services.

    FWIW, the ‘socialized’ military seems popular here, too. I can’t wait until someone tells us how superior the private, for-profit military is compared to the government run, ‘socialized’ military.

  43. Ray says:

    Hey Big Dig , Insults are like gifts and they belong to the one that brought thgem, if you refused to take them, then they still belong to the originator.

    If that the best they can do , he,he
    I’ve called worst!!

  44. Big Dog says:

    I would like to know what socialized military you are referring to.

    The military we have is authorized by the Constitution and runs quite well. However, like other entities we discussed, it is neither fiscally efficient nor is it subject to gross overhaul at a moment’s notice.

    The private sector, in case you had not noticed, does not have anything to compare or compete for the duties. I doubt there would be a market for such an undertaking.

    Schatz got a great education by applying herself despite some of the attempts at socialized indoctrination. She is able to pass most classes without teacher intervention, just by reading the book.

    As for your assertion about public sector delivering services, as is usual, you twist words. I said that the government does not deliver anything efficiently and are less effective than the private sector.

    Let me know if you find a military start up company.

  45. Joseph (Rigger Joe) says:

    Stop taking is bet, Don’t Bite Big Dog And Patsy. It’s a waste of you time. Your just making him feel good. Let it go a it will DIE.

  46. Schatz says:

    Thank you so much Patsy – I did want to let you know how much I enjoy your comments and agree with you and share your indignation with some of the less than honorable people who comment here on BD’s site.

    And I did want to mention that I think you are quite lady like despite what Mr. Troll has to say – my thoughts were far more vulgar as I’m sure yours were and I thought you expressed yourself like a lady should – LOUD AND PROUD.

    Besides, who is someone like that to even determine lady like behavior when they have no idea what it means to be a man.

    Also, thanks to BD for your compliments. I did want to mention that the only thing that kept me going through my public education was ignoring the Liberal prattle and learning sometimes despite the atmosphere.

    Hope I can join some of you on 9-15. It would indeed be an honor…

  47. Patsy says:

    Thank you so much Schatz. You are very gracious, indeed. I really wish I could attend the event on the 15th, too. I’m not even that far away, just 4 hours due west in WV. But, alas, with the new business we opened less than a year ago, and my very ill, 84 year old WWII veteran father-in-law to take care of, leaving town is out of the question. Daddy lives with us and goes to dialysis 3 times per week. He needs a wheelchair most days, now and we only have nurses for him during the day and up to 10 PM, after that, we care for him ourselves. He’s such a good man and never complains, stoic as they come, must be the Marine in him.

    Thank you again for the kind words. We all do what we can to support our nation, despite those who would tear it apart.

  48. irtexas44 says:

    Well Schatz beat me to it. I was going to bet you guys $5 bucks that the troll never completed a grammer or English class. Well there goes that one.

    I wonder what the real reason these two have to keep hammering on public education? Bad memories? Might be one of those “I was thrown in a locker” things.

    BJ, Murtha is not a decorated hero. He is a lying coward. He never left the US in Korea and a year in Vietnam behind a desk so far back from the front he could have stayed in Jersey. He begged his friends to get him medals. Like Patsy says and she is generous he should be in a jail cell. I opt for the firing squad. You can check out his pathatic story at Censure Murtha.com. Enjoy the read. I agree with BD, I hope you can enlighten us with what a socialized military is? Also I think you have your left and right mixed up. Put a red x on the left hand and a blue x on the right one.

    If you do have mental problems, are you taking your medicine? It’s not good to skip it.

    Enough time on these two widgets. As to everyone else have a great holiday and stay safe.