I Killed the Mahdi, No Redemption for Islam

The Mahdi (Muhammad ibn Hasan ibn Ali), or twelfth Imam, is the reported savior of the Islamic world and will bring redemption to all Muslims. Some Muslims believe that Muhammad was born in 868 and hidden by God until the day when all Muslims are in suffering and the world is filled with injustice and distress the Mahdi will reappear along with the “prophet” Jesus (who will pray behind the Mahdi) and the world will be made a better place. The Mahdi is supposed to appear and establish peace on Earth. I figure that this means all Muslims will be dead because they are not peaceful people despite their claims to the contrary. The Muslims contend that This will be a time when Islam will rule the world and infidels will be converted or killed. Looks like they were all wrong.

There I was, cutting the grass using my global warming friendly gasoline lawnmower when a bearded man appeared. He was wearing a bed sheet and had a smaller sheet wrapped around his head. He started speaking to me and he was screaming about me being and infidel who must be converted or killed. I asked him who the hell he was and he said that he was Muhammad ibn Hasan ibn Ali but told me I could call him the Mahdi. He then ordered me to kneel before him and submit to Islam. I said to him “Before we go any further, what are you doing here? You are supposed to appear when the Muzzies are in distress and filled with injustice.”

Mahdi: They are filled with injustice and distress.

Big Dog: Yeah sure, but they have been that way for centuries. They are always killing either each other or infidels. They live like it is still 868 or so.

Mahdi: INFIDEL! I will kill you. Death to all Americans. How dare you talk about my people. Brother Ahmadinejad, Allah be praised, has summoned me because you Americans are causing this distress and injustice now kneel before me you infidel ape.

Big Dog: Listen Mahdi Gras, I kneel before no Muslim, prophet or otherwise. I kneel before my Lord Jesus. I am sure you know him. He has all the followers who try to live in peace but your clan keeps screwing that up. Threatening to kill me is a pretty peaceful thing. No wonder your people are so screwed up, their so called prophets are lunatics.

Mahdi: Infidel Pig. I will cut your head off with my sword.

Big Dog: Dude, you don’t have a sword and a lot has changed since 868. By the time you get back with a sword I will be locked and cocked. I will make a hole in you large enough for a couple of hogs to walk through.

Mahdi: Infidel ape. I will beat you to death for your insult to Islam and then I will make that woman pay for not being covered. She is a whore and I will kill her.

Ms. Dog: Who is this jackass wrapped in a sheet and who is he calling a whore? Dog, take care of him. It might cause and international incident if I, a woman, come over there and kick his rear back into hiding.

Mahdi: Let’s go infidel swine. I will kill you and then I will show the woman how to be respectful.

The Mahdi and I took to it. I have to admit he was pretty good with his hands but I expected that from a guy named Muhammad Ali. However, I opened a can of Big Dog brand whoop ass and stomped a mud puddle into his ass and then I walked it dry. I then dismembered the Mahdi and hung his pieces at the boundaries of my town for all to see that the Mahdi is dead.

When I returned Jesus told me I had done a good job. He told me that the Mahdi was no real prophet. He was playing hide and seek hundreds of years ago and hid in a well. A Christian put a lid on the well and all was fine until Ahmadinejad opened it up.

So to all the Muslims who think it is OK to impose Sharia Law and to kill or convert the infidels, your quest is over. No matter what you do the Mahdi will not be coming because the Big Dog killed him in battle.

There will be no redemption for the Muzzies, the Mahdi has left the building. Ah thank you, Ah, thank you very much.

Big Dog

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10 Responses to “I Killed the Mahdi, No Redemption for Islam”

  1. TexasFred says:

    If it were only that easy…

    I’m waiting for the time I’m in my local neighborhood Wally-World buying some Jimmy Dean pork sausage, a couple of packs of that good cubed ham I use to make my omelettes with and a 12 pack of Coors Light, and have on of those Muzzie checkout idiots tell me I gotta scan it myself, we’ll have an incident right there in the checkout line…

    Damn good story Dog… I like it…

  2. Big Dog says:

    Thanks Fred!!

    If I have to scan my own items I want that person’s pay for the time I had to do that person’s work. I would rub my money all over the pork products first…..

  3. Robert says:

    Damn it!!! I wanted his ass!
    That worthless bastard, stirring up the weak minded followers of Islam.
    One problem though, if the Mahdi is like any the rest of the slugs following Islam, he would never have confronted you in person, maybe hiding behind a crippled 10 year old girl in a wheel chair would be more believable.

  4. The Mahdi must have been thrilled to pieces to be killed by a Dog. Hehehe.

  5. That was funny stuff, big dog. should have smeared his remains in pig’s blood.

  6. Bosun says:

    gwrap him in pigskins and bury him facing San Francisco.

  7. bj1boo says:

    Love it ! bj1

  8. cao says:

    ..bury him facing San Francisco..lol

    Great post, Big Dog. I fantasize about this kind of thing happening to Islamists like Imadinnerjacket all the time. Weird thing for a woman to fantasize about, heh?

  9. Virginia says:

    Damn, I am never around to see the fun good stuff, like we say in Texas, way to go my friend. Love ya BD

  10. A J Parmalee says:

    Funny, Dog. Like you, I am fed up with the “peaceful” religion routine, all the while they are severing heads, blowing up women and children, shooting and drowning old men in wheel chairs, etc. I personaly think we should play “the Deguello” in any confrontation with them. The only thing they understand is greater force. God Bless America.

    AJ Parmalee