I Hope She Was Not Lying

I know that a young woman who performed as a stripper at a party where members of the Duke Lacrosse team were in attendance claims that she was raped by several of them but the evidence says otherwise. The young lady claimed that three players dragged her into a room and raped and sodomized her. The police took DNA from everyone but the sole black player on the team which is a story in and of itself. If the team were mostly black and she said a black guy did it they would have taken DNA from the white guys so they would not be accused of racial profiling. But I digress.

Seems that the DNA came back with no matches what so ever. The report indicates the young lady had not recently had sex. So the question is, why did she say it? Since the Duke lacrosse team has had its season cancelled over this, maybe that was the motivation. Perhaps the woman was paid to hurt the team. Maybe she was rejected for admission to Duke and wanted revenge. Maybe she was really raped and they were really careful (it would have been nearly impossible for three guys to leave NO evidence).

I think this will be interesting when it plays out. I hope if she was sexually assaulted, they get the guys and lock them up for a long time. I also hope that if she was lying they lock her up and make her pay for any expenses incurred as well as damages to Duke and the lacrosse players.

Source: Yahoo News

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One Response to “I Hope She Was Not Lying”

  1. Bos'un says:

    This has certainly caused a dilemma…..One has to wonder about motivation. I would like to wait and see if anything more develops. Was the chain of custody of the evidence intact? What lab(s) did they use and what is/are the reputation of the lab(s). It would not be the first time that labs have not done a good job. Hope that law enforcement does a good investigation and if the young lady is proved to have filed a false police report, will charges be filed. I’ll take a wait and see attitude for the present. Good find and good post.