I Guess It’s Not a Secret Anymore

The thing that makes us a great country are the freedoms we enjoy. Whether it is freedom of speech, religion, or press. Well, to most of us they are included. To the left there is freedom of religion for everyone except Christians.

Anyway, a report was just released by Seymour Hersh who is the guy responsible for exposing the extent of the abuses of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib. His report is “US Conducting Secret Missions inside Iran”. Perhaps he should have added the line”…Not Anymore!” Now that Hersh reported the information it is no longer a secret. The whole world knows now and if this is true, a whole lot of people’s lives just got placed in danger. I am sure this Hersh character doesn’t care because he will be in the relative safety of his home. The guys out there conducting secret mission to keep us safe will be in danger.

What value does this add? Is anyone any better off now that we know it? With the prisoner abuse you can see that some problems were exposed and taken care of. Some good came of the story. What good will this new revelation serve? It seems to me this guy got his award for writing about Abu Ghraib and decided he needed a few more awards.

I would never suggest that we should not exercise our freedoms. That would be counter to what makes us great. What most people don’t understand though is that with these freedoms come responsibility. We can not let out information that might damage national security under the freedom banner. This is one thing that drives me nuts.

I wonder, suppose this Hersh guy pulled a Rushdie and ticked off the Arab world and they put out a death threat on him. He decides to go into hiding to keep from getting beheaded by some radical (not that they really exist). The postal carrier knows where he is living and knows he is living there secretly. Would it be right for the postal worker to publish an article in the paper entitled, “Writer Hersh Living in Secret at 123 Main Street, Fears for Life.” It is well within the postal carrier’s right to free speech, but should he do it? I would think most people would think it only right to just keep quiet about it.

Hersh couldn’t do that. He had to let the cat out of the bag though it served no useful purpose. Read it here.

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