I Don’t Care What Offends CAIR


There is a little bit of flack going on right now because the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has complained to the FBI about some comments made at a few blogs. The blogs in question were Little Green Footballs and Gateway Pundit and evidently a commenter left something that suggested blowing up a minaret being built in St. Louis. The comment was removed when it was discovered but CAIR complained to the FBI and asked that they investigate. Of course, the FBI takes every case of threatened violence seriously, unless those threats are against people who are not Muslims.

I personally do not give a damn if CAIR gets upset. Sure, making a comment about blowing up a structure is over the top but this is America and the person, no matter how deranged, has a right to speak his mind and Charles Johnson had the right to remove the comment. If a person wants to write those things he should do it at his own blog so that others are not affected by it. BTW, the terrible thing Gateway Pundit did was comment on how the call to prayer would go over great in St. Louis. Oh my God, call the FBI. I think it was over the top and I probably would have removed it as well because it could be perceived as a threat. If someone were to say that he wished all Muslims would get struck by lightning and disappear or that he hated all Muslims, or that it would be nice if Iran’s nukes detonated and killed all of them then that would be OK because these cannot be perceived as a threat.

CAIR would object anyway but who gives a damn about them? They are a terrorist organization that supports terrorists. Ibrahim Hooper is an idiot who uses intimidation to stifle opposition to him and his group. He is the SS for the Nazi terrorists who carry out evil deeds in the name of Mohammad, the child molesting prophet. Well screw CAIR. I just don’t give a damn about what bothers them. I don’t care if their poor feelings got hurt because someone does not like them. They are upset because someone said something that might be an indication of violence. Where are these sand fleas when Ahmadinejad calls Jews a bacteria and says that Israel should be wiped off the map?

I will give a damn about what CAIR thinks and says when I am done giving a damn about all the Muslims who make threats to the US, to Israel and to the rest of our allies. I am still a bit busy giving a damn about Muslims blowing up retarded women and killing children, sawing off people’s heads and rioting over cartoons. I am busy giving a damn about Muslims who hijacked planes and flew them into buildings killing 3000 of my countrymen. So as far as CAIR goes my give a damn is a bit overwhelmed to really care what bothers them.

Mohammad child molester

Those low life, cry babies at CAIR should start worrying about why people have a bad impression of Muslims. It is not because the world is full of bigots (most of the bigots are the Muslims anyway) or that we all hate brown people. We have a bad impression because Muslims still act like they are in the stone ages. If they want to worship a child molester that is their business but all this blowing people up and rioting every time someone breaks wind makes a bad impression. Couple that with the realization that most major acts of terror committed in the last 20 years have been by Muslims and CAIR’s complaints ring hollow. They can be upset but screw them.

Start acting like human beings and maybe people will treat you like human beings. As for the FBI, perhaps they should get up off their sixes and investigate CAIR and its ties to terror. Perhaps the FBI should be working to get this group out of this country so we do not have to be subjected to harassment by our government in the name of a terrorist organization.

CAIR is no good and they should not be here. If they don’t like what I have to say, screw them because I just don’t give a damn.

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6 Responses to “I Don’t Care What Offends CAIR”

  1. I bet that CAIR has email alerts set up for every site mentioning the organization. They must have watchers working around the clock to keep track.

    We could give them plenty to watch. Maybe their server will burn out.

    Always On Watch’s last blog post..ALERT! BLOGGER TO BE ARRESTED! (Amended & Updated)

  2. GM Roper says:

    I’m stealing your pig/mohammad balloon. Too, too cool.

  3. TRM says:

    Well, should we all start flooding the blogosphere and see what happens? Kinda like shooting birdshot into a tree to see what falls out…
    I did my share here http://www.dequalss.com/wp/?p=135

  4. Schatzee says:

    When it comes to this ridiculous crap – my give a damn’s busted!

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  6. Jonn Lilyea says:

    When CAIR admits that Hezbollah and Hamas are terrorist organizations, I might consider their concerns. But there’s not much chance of that happening.

    Jonn Lilyea’s last blog post..Obama is a babe in the woods