I Apologize For World War II

I was not born then and could not have influenced what happened, but nonetheless, I apologize for World War II. My Friend GM Roper has a great post up about the apology that the State of Virginia issued. Virginia apologized and expressed “profound regret” for the state’s role in slavery. GM makes the point that the politicians in Virginia are apologizing for something they had no control over. They are apologizing for something that people who are alive today DID NOT DO!

There is no doubt that slavery was a terrible thing and the period of our history that allowed slavery (it was legal) to take place. The fact that our nation allowed other human beings to be owned, sold and traded is one of the lowest points in our short existence. GM is right though, those alive today can not apologize for the acts of the past. They can not do this any more than the people who are alive today can take credit for ending slavery. If we believe that Virginia is able to apologize as it has then I demand that they issue a Thank You to people for ending slavery. Virginia needs to issue a Thanks to the Republican Party and all the residents of the North for ending slavery. Hell, since it was a President who signed the proclamation, Virginia needs to thank George W. Bush, as President, for ending slavery.

I want to know what good the apology does, regardless of the logic of making it. There are no people in this country who are legally owned by others. Blacks (in this country) have not been held as slaves for longer than any of us have been alive. I understand the idea that the black population needs to remember the history of slavery but to dwell on the past is counter productive and allows people, who were unaffected by slavery, to harbor ill will towards others. Instead of dwelling on the slavery of the past, the black population in this country would do well to tackle the modern day slavery in which they are entangled.

Blacks in America are overwhelmingly enslaved to the Democratic Party. Democrats promise to take care of them so long as they provide votes. Never mind the fact that the Democratic policies of the last 40 years have been unsuccessful and have impoverished more and more minorities, just so long as the vote is given to the Master known as the Democratic Party.

Stop dwelling on the past and start weening off government dependence and things will be much better. The blacks in this country did not come this far to remain enslaved, even if there are no shackles. Virginia is not helping the situation by stirring up emotion over a situation which has long passed and over which they have no control.

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6 Responses to “I Apologize For World War II”

  1. Hell, since it was a President who signed the proclamation, Virginia needs to thank George W. Bush, as President, for ending slavery.


    I live in Virginia and see the Virginia Assembly’s “apology” as pandering for votes.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Hi AOW,
    Thanks for stopping by. I agree. Is there anything politicians don’t do for a vote. It seems that everything they do is pandering.

    I love the state if Virginia but they are getting as wacky as my home state, the People’s Republic of Maryland.

  3. Bosun says:

    The left is blaming GW Bush for starting slavery, aren’t they?

    The Left knows that everything else is George’s fault.

  4. TexasFred says:

    Ya know who never gets an apology?? The poor Chinese that run the laundries and built the transcontinental railroads way back when, I mean, all they really wanted to do was get us hooked on Egg Foo Yung, and look at the mess they got into…

    I’m sorry…

    Can I get an extra egg roll with that??

  5. Bosun says:

    You get an egg roll and a fortune cookie for that one.

  6. GM says:

    Uddle Bow Wow, well done and thanks for the link… Or, should I say I’m sorry you linked to me?