I Am A Right Wing Extremist

In honor of the TEA parties and since this is tax day in America, I thought I would bear my soul and let you know about my life as a right wing extremist.

I recently wrote about the Department of Homeland Security and its report on right wing extremism in the US and the threat it poses to our country. The definition it uses encompasses about anyone on the right and it throws in a smattering of hatred and a mention of Tim McVeigh for good measure. The report is unflattering to veterans and uses a lot of speculation to come to its twisted conclusions. The American Legion wants an apology and many others are upset that the government appears to be targeting the right in this country. The fact that it came out just prior to the TEA parties is no coincidence. They do not like the backlash and they are trying to make us enemies of the state.

I have given this a lot of thought and I reread the report and I have to say that yes, I am a right wing extremist.

  • I served this country faithfully for 24 years with long separations from my family, long hours and low pay always putting country ahead of self so I must be a right wing extremist.
  • I spent major holidays in far away places guarding the freedoms we enjoy so that others could be with their families in comfort and safety so I must be a right wing extremist.
  • I pay my taxes in full and on time every year so I must be a right wing extremist.
  • I love my country and am not ashamed to admit that to anyone, anywhere, so I must be a right wing extremist.
  • I believe that evil must be confronted with overwhelming force and that any enemy whether foreign or domestic must be destroyed so I must be a right wing extremist.
  • I believe the unborn are the most vulnerable people in the world and that they must be protected from harm so I must be a right wing extremist.
  • I believe in God and pray to him but I don’t expect others to believe as I do so long as they worship peacefully so I must be a right wing extremist.
  • I believe that the Founders knew what they were doing when they wrote the Constitution and that it means what it says. I do not believe it is a document that is subject to change so I must be a right wing extremist.
  • I believe that we are a nation of laws and that people who enter this country ILLEGALLY should not be rewarded for their crimes so I must be a right wing extremist.
  • I believe that an unarmed nation is a nation of slaves who serve at the whim of government so I must be a right wing extremist.
  • I believe the Second Amendment affirms a preexisting right for individual possession and carrying of firearms and that without the Second Amendment none of the others would matter so I must be a right wing extremist.
  • I believe the Tenth Amendment is explicit and reaffirms the limited power of government so I must be a right wing extremist.
  • I believe that my rights were endowed by my creator and that government cannot take them away so I must be a right wing extremist.
  • I believe that American citizens have a duty to resist the government when it oversteps its bounds and that our Founders made it clear that it is our duty to get rid of an oppressive government so I must be a right wing extremist.
  • I believe that America is a great country and we never have to apologize for what we do so I must be a right wing extremist.
  • I believe that America has done more to advance humankind than any other country on this planet and that we are the most generous nation in existence so I must be a right wing extremist.
  • I believe that Janet Napolitano and the rest of the DHS who compiled the report can get in line behind all the other people in line to kiss my …so I must be a right wing extremist.
  • I believe that Barack Obama is a Socialist who will implement policies that are harmful to this country and that it is in America’s interests for his policies to fail. I also believe that his color is not an issue and that he is judged based solely on his merits and my values so I must be a right wing extremist.
  • I would give my life defending this country even though it means saving it for people who have no interest in ever making such a sacrifice so I must be a right wing extremist.

There is no doubt about it, according to the DHS I am a right wing extremist. I would argue that I am a normal American who is proud of his country and that those who are trying to radically change it are the extremists but then that would go against the report some moron took ten minutes to compile.

Be that as it may, if having my beliefs makes me a right wing extremist then it is a title I carry with honor and dignity.

In any event, right wing extremist or not, there is not a damn thing they can do about it.

Hey Janet, while you are out scaring up boogie men why don’t you go after the real enemies of this country and leave the ones who have protected it alone?

Washington Times
World Net Daily

Big Dog

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40 Responses to “I Am A Right Wing Extremist”

  1. Jolene says:

    I’m a Rightwing Extremist too!

  2. Schatzee says:

    I confess – I must be a Rightwing Extremist as well. Although they don’t all fit me, I fear far too many do so I am no doubt on some watch list somewhere under the title of “armed and dangerous.”

  3. Jo's Cafe says:

    Government Gone To Far (DHS Warning)…

    I am a rightwing extremist. #tcot

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  5. Blake says:

    I must be a right wing extremist also, although some of my “Republicrat” friends say I must be a whacko, because I do not toe the party line.
    I make my own decisions on issues, but I feel that Thomas Jefferson was right- “Government works best when it works least.” I feel that we the people should be free to wear a helmet when we go motor cycle riding, or not, as we see fit.
    We should be free to drink alcohol, or not, as we see fit, or smoke cigarettes, or not, as we see fit, without being persecuted for it.
    These are personal decisions, and while you and I might hope people make wise decisions, they might not always do so. They should, however, always be free to do so, without the government micro- managing their lives.
    That is the allure of freedom, and why so many people of all faiths and races come over here- they are held down and oppressed by excessive and corrupt government where they came from. A Government begins the slide into corruption when it truly believes that it knows what is best for it’s citizens, instead of allowing them the freedom to find that out for themselves. I guess that this belief makes me a right wing extremist also.
    If a yearning for freedom from oppressive government interference makes me a right wing extremist, well then, here I am- but I gotta tell you, if you pick me up, you might as well pick up 75% of the people in the U.S.,because even the Democrats will chafe under micro- management, and Americans are stubborn people.
    You want to come and get me? My answer is the same as that uttered at the Battle of the Bulge-“Nuts!”

  6. Barbara says:

    To your blog, Big Dog, I say AMEN!

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  8. It was an inordinately stupid report for DHS to issue. Boneheaded on so many levels. The upside? The democrats in charge of the executive can be malevolent because they are stupid, but lack the chutzpah to be truly sinister.

  9. Adam says:

    You aren’t being targeted at all, let alone simply because you are anti-abortion, a veteran, believe in God, or love your country. Why don’t you folks get over yourselves? The things you outline here don’t make you right-wing extremists and the report in no way says they do.

    What you are instead is a bunch of conservative blowhards distorting the views of the DHS report to mock an actual problem in the United States.

    While you are apparently the last to admit actual right-wing extremism is a problem I know you will be first in line to blame Obama if DHS or the FBI fails to stop any extremist plots in time.

    I know it hurts to be in the minority all of the sudden but can you just for a little bit stop pretending to be victimized, throw down all this conspiracy, and come to grips with reality?

    • Blake says:

      Adam, the reality is that our way of life in the U.S. is beginning to change, and not for the better. There are more deadbeats who want to live off of the government money, but that’s OK with you libs. This problem has been growing for a long time, but you think conservatives are distorting a cobbled together, hurried up report, using data that is questionable at best, outright lies and innuendo at worst, and you really believe that this is an actual problem?
      When’s the last time you really heard from the KKK,or white supremacists with regard to a “foiled plot” or anything else?
      That report just slurred the veterans who have served in our Armed Forces with a broad brush.
      What about the Mexican gang members who enter our armed forces, so they can learn the maneuvers they want to know, for their gangs. Is that a concern? I didn’t hear that part addressed in the report, I guess that LULAC probably had that suppressed, huh?
      I am guessing that when you refer to an “actual problem”, you must be referring to a problem for liberals, because I haven’t heard anything, but then I don’t spend my days thinking up paranoid fantasies regarding My Armed Forces.
      The report does “suggest” broad outlines of who “might be” a RWE, and many of those would fit me, but also my friends, many of whom are liberal, and would resent being pigeonholed as a RWE.
      The overly broad language, the generalized wordage, and the generic stupidity regarding this report would make a good SNL sketch, but it was done by our GOVERNMENT, which just deepens the utter idiocy of it.
      If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would say that they wrote this report to lay the groundwork for gun confiscations, and the curtailments of various liberties, all in the name of thwarting “unnamed and various Right Wing Cabals”.
      Next would be the repeal of the Tenth Amendment, taking away any rights the various states have, so that the Federal government would be the sole arbiter of all of our lives. I shudder when I think of this.
      It is partly because of the Tenth Amendment that Texas has been able to stay solvent, when other states are going bankrupt and crying for mommy Obama for a bailout- and we don’t even have a state income tax.
      Oh- the onlt way we are in the minority is we have to compete with the 75 “voters” per person that ACORN registered. Democrats have a loooooong history of this. I remember when LBJ had a whole graveyard registered, so he could win his Senate seat.

      • Adam says:

        You keep saying these examples of right-wing extremism don’t exist but you obviously aren’t paying attention.

        Aside from the report I linked detailing 60 plots broken up between 1995 and 2005? How about Oct . 27, 2008.

        The idea that ACORN caused your side to become a minority power is so laughable that it mortally wounds your credibility.

        • Blake says:

          Adam- Really? MSNBC? Two kids that were probably terminally stoned, and you call that a plot? Please- my ACORN scenario has more credibility than that. That’s like saying the kids at Columbine were right wing terrorists.
          MSNBC would say that, I bet- quoting an unnamed source- which would probably be this entry, after all is said and done.
          Just the fact you got anything off of MSNBC hurts your credibility.

        • Adam says:

          So because the AP report is hosted on an MSNBC site, the whole thing never happened? Tell that to the ATF. These kids’ plans were half baked and the Obama threat not feasible but it is against the law to plot murder.

          Your ACORN scenario has zero credibility. I don’t think you can go less than that.

  10. Adam says:

    Here for instance is the report in the same format just weeks before dealing with left-wing extremism. Should I outline all my feelings about the environment and animals and rejoice in how I must be a left-wing extremist? No, that’s pretty lame…

    • Blake says:

      No, go ahead and tell me about your feelings for animals, Adam- I have been a Wildlife Rehabber for the last ten years, specializing in small songbirds. I am a carpenter and woodworker who uses reclaimed wood, because I feel that trees are the lungs of the world, and hence our problems with CO2. have composted and recycled for about twenty years or so, and I grow my own veggies, so I am interested in how your feelings might be lame. I guess that my feelings would be too, except I am too busy now, being both a RWE AND a LWE also. My plate is full, as you can see.
      I am someone who believes that government is taking away freedoms, and believe me, no one willingly shackles themselves, yet this is exactly what is being asked of us, that we willingly indenture ourselves to the Federal Government, so that others can live off of the money we make. Government is trying to take more power from the states, in violation of the Tenth Amendment, and this is happening because people are letting the government do this. And that is because, in high school, history was a boring course, if it was taught at all, and far too many people ignored it.
      Now, many are getting a crash course, in living breathing socialism, and it is socialism, Adam- call something what it truly is, and don’t play politically correct semantics with words.
      When you take money, or land from someone who earned it, and give it to someone who did not earn that money, the term would be socialism. Oh, you can call it redistribution of wealth”, but it is still government sanctioned robbery.
      The report on LWEs reads like a CYA when it comes to the other report. I do notice that the “returning veterans” don’t play a part in this scenario.
      That means they either don’t know how to use computers, or they recognize that left- wing causes are bogus.

    • Adam says:

      My thoughts in general would not be lame, but my attempt to depict myself as an extremist in order to distort the message of the report would be very lame.

      • Blake says:

        Adam, you have already been depicted as an extremist, if you believe that report. You would not have to say a thing- it has been said for you, or might that report have been distorted?
        The point is that this report(and its sister report) are far too general, and end up encompassing virtually everyone.
        Paranoia rules- “You might be an extremist if….”

  11. hdrk05 says:

    most apply to me as well
    as for Adam someone needs to slap the horse blinders off him so he can get the big picture

  12. “I am a right wing extremist”…

    Big Dog (not Bird Dog) is a danger to our country: I am a right wing extremist….

  13. Bill Jones says:

    Adam, you’re just lame…go f*** yourself…

    a simple comment, yes…but considering who it was meant for, I had to keep it as simple as possible.

    At 4pm…The CNN lead story? Pirates! MSNBC’s lead? Obama said…something. By quarter past…still no mention on either “news” network of the Tea Party Rallies.

  14. Ogre says:

    I think you should go and turn yourself in. In fact, I wonder if everyone should immediately go to various departments of homeland security and turn themselves in as terrorists.

    No, wait, never mind, that would take some sacrifice and time out of the day. People are too busy to do that.

    We’ll all just sit back and wait to be arrested since the government has now made it clear that we’re all criminals, we just haven’t been arrested yet. Gee, does that sound like any country you know from the 1960s?

  15. Rick says:

    Remember, this report was commissioned by Bush. Now, I’d contend that Bush was pretty left wing based on his spending patterns – so it’s no surprise that he’d be willing to “eat his young”.
    But it is interesting that a report of ANY nature about ANY extremism in a land of liberty should be published. Liberty implies that we can and should accept some level of extremism in our society. But be willing to PUNISH THEM when they commit a crime. The crime CANNOT be mere thought.

    Action (such as printing billions of dollars to debase the currency in the name of “saving it”, for example) should be punishable. Lefties love to cry “economic crime” whenever a business protects its interests – should we let the government debase the economy and say it’s not economic crime?

  16. Big Dog says:

    The basic problem is that the left attributes these fringe groups to the right wing. The KKK is an offshoot of the Democratic party and the only members of the KKK serving in politics are Democrats.

    NAZI stands for the National Socialist party. Socialists are lefties.

    The fact that a few people from these groups stated they wanted to kill Obama and blacks reinforces the racism that exists on the left.

    These groups are not right wing, they are nut fringe groups, but maybe to be fair we should start calling terrorists the radical left. They hold the same values.

    As for the report on left wing radicals, give me a break. They discuss cyber attacks and those are the only examples used. They ignore the ecoterrorists who have burned houses and vehicles, and have driven spikes into trees to hurt lumberjacks. It is a bogus report that does not have the viciousness of the report on the right.

    Though I think the left should be just as upset.

    I only agree with one thing in the left report and that is the part about leaderless actions because there are no leaders on the left.

    Why did they not mention the Weather Underground and Bill Ayers in the left report? McVeigh was in the right and the Ayers was just as bad. Actually his case is worse because he is still alive.

    Ogre, I tried to turn me in but they said they needed the taxes I pay…

  17. Elizabeth says:

    I, too, am a right wing extremist!

    I think the best president we have had in my lifetime is Ronald Reagan.

    I regret not being politically active when I was younger so that this would not be happening to my children and grandchildren.

    I tell them to be very active on the local level, and the chances are good that the attitudes and policies will “trickle up” through state and federal government.

    I just hope they will be able to “take back” our country from the bone-headed liberal bureaucrats.

    In the meantime, we will work with our local govt and representatives to improve things here. And support the conservative parties (none of which express all our values) and hope they will provide a buffer between us, our family and the extremes.

    God help us all!

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  19. Carla says:

    I am a right wing extremist, and confess that most of friends are also

    • Bunny Colvin says:

      Aren’t you glad you left that rotten California? Sometimes it seems like there’s nothing but Pinkos and Illegals out there.

  20. Bunny Colvin says:

    Congrats Dog! They are lining up to declare themselves “right wing extremists”. Potsy, Victor, hdork, Babs and your newest friend, Flake the ACORN expert. They are all in! What I gots to know is- where the hell is Sgt. Harry? He’s not a RWE? What’s he, getting soft?

    “I believe that American citizens have a duty to resist the government when it oversteps its bounds and that our Founders made it clear that it is our duty to get rid of an oppressive government so I must be a right wing extremist.

    I believe that America is a great country and we never have to apologize for what we do so I must be a right wing extremist.”

    (a) So do most of us lefties. So does most of the American voting public. See elections 2006, 2008.

    (b) I love the “never apologize” crowd. In politics and especially in life, I get a real laugh at folks like Doggie who can never admit to a mistake. Whether as an individual or as a gubment, this has proven to be a serious character flaw. And Dog and Co. think that this mindset should be prevalent amongst those ruling the modern world. Ridiculous.

    • Blake says:

      I know I can admit to a mistake, Buns,- I once thought I was a liberal, but I was wrong.
      A liberal is a conservative who hasn’t been mugged.

  21. Samantha says:

    I’m a Right Wing Extremist! Whoo!

  22. Lindy says:

    I confess, I am a Right Wing RADICAL extremist, as well.

    Uh oh, I could be in trouble according to the government definition…but I’m not worried about being a right wing radical extremist.

    The bad news is, one day, some of us may receive a visit to our homes by a couple of polite, nice, young men, wearing suits from the Men’s Wearhouse, and who are not only embarrassed but mortified and offended to have to sit uncomfortably on our sofas and have to listen to us demand they accept a cup of coffee or glass of lemonade and complain about the economy, taxes, socialistic programs, the poor choices our elected leaders have made and how we feel the fashion police should cite Michelle Obama and the SPCA should conduct a DNA test on the family dog to see if he “REALLY was RESCUED” or is a distant cousin to the Kennedy canine.

    The good news is all that will only take a few mere hours, will annoy the hell out of our federal agents and none of us will go to jail for exercising our First Amendment Rights unless we abuse our Second Amendment Rights (or our First Amendment rights by acting rudely and flunking the attitude test) because they don’t even have enough beds to keep the illegal Iranians in custody, after they have been apprehended sneaking across the Mexican border.

    Yep…newsflash: The Department of Homeland Security, while pursuing us right wing radical terrorists have been letting the Middle Easterners, crossing into this country illegally, out of the pokey, especially those from Iran because Iran refuses to take them back. (Kind of like what they are planning to do with the Gitmo terrorists whose countries won’t take them back.)

    Their solution is to put them all on welfare and within our communities, exactly the same as they have discussed as a plan for the Gitmo terrorists.

    So, we have nothing to worry about except for terrorists being released into our country, resettled in our neighbors, adding them to our welfare rolls and making us pay for it…and being threatened with being called terrorists for not liking it…

    My question is, what happened to the intelligence which was supposed to have been enhanced with the Department of Homeland Security?

  23. blouk says:

    I too, am a right wing extremist. Man this country is becoming something else isn’t it?

  24. John says:

    When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

    – Thomas Jefferson

  25. James Richardson says:

    I AM A RIGHT-WING EXTREMIST!!!! I also own weapons to protect myself and family. I am also a veteran. Adam, how about you, sir?
    Guess you had to go pick up your welfare check. God Bless America and God Bless Texas.

    • Blake says:

      God Bless Texas, indeed, Mr. Richardson, Remember the Alamo, and San Jacinto also. Today is San Jacinto Day, and there should be celebrations, but I can’t even find one single mention of it in any of the newspapers I bought.
      I guess we have to consider the sensibilities of those poor, poor Mexicans who tyrannized the Texans in 1836, and caused this to happen. Give me a break!
      The sad thing is that San Jacinto Day will be celebrated in its omission, while all the liberals will come out for Cinco de Mayo day. What blatant hypocrisy they exhibit.

  26. Isabelle says:

    Did Gm deserve the bailout? You Ask me I would say NO.. why? When Honda and Toyota were out inventing new cars, GM was busy boasting about its pride and Showing off its hungry hungry Daughter the Hummer