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Recently, I wrote a post about where the government can get the money to pay to rebuild New Orleans. It seems that the politicians in this country, especially the left, do not want to look at reality. First we had Bill Clinton talking about the tax cut he got and it was not fair to all the poor people. I have said it before and I will say it again, people who pay taxes get money back when taxes are refunded. It is beyond me how dense some people are. Joe Biden, using his own words, said:

“Where is he going to find roughly half a trillion dollars over the next several years for Iraq and for Katrina?” Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., asked on “Late Edition” on CNN. “I think we’re not leveling with the American people.” Associated Press

The funny thing is Joe Biden complaining about not leveling with the people. He has never done this so how can he complain about others? Besides, I already told you where we can get it. Citizens Against Government Waste showed where we can have $232 Billion in a year and $2 Trillion in 5 years. This will more than pay for everything without raising taxes. Now I know this will not sit well with the left because they believe that taxes should always go up no matter what. They think that people should not have a choice in where the money is spent.

As sad as the damage from Katrina is, the cold hard fact is that I, and most people in this country, did not live in New Orleans and there is no law requiring the federal government to pay for all these homes and stores and God knows what else. The fact is insurance and Louisiana should pay most of it. I have no problem with the feds paying for it so long as they cut pork and waste. If they decide to raise our taxes to pay for this then I will be vehemently opposed to any further money going to the Gulf and I will not give a red cent to any more charities or any political campaigns. I will offset a tax increase by cutting my charitable contributions.

The left in this country needs to learn what a budget is. They can not keep adding programs and expect to pay for them on the backs of the taxpayers. They need to learn that if you add something you have to cut something else. This idea that everybody deserves something for nothing is what got New Orleans in that mess in the first place. It is about time taxpayers said NO and made their elected representatives start cutting waste and pork and stop extorting money from the rest of us.

The idea that you can take from those who are successful and give it to others has failed every time it has been tried. You get more of what you subsidize and pretty soon people will decide it is easier to live off others than to work and pay taxes.

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