Hypocrisy, Howard Be Thy Name

Howard Dean defended his imitation of Rush Limbaugh snorting a drug by stating:

“It is galling to be lectured to about moral values by folks who have their own problems.
“Hypocrisy is a value that I think has been embraced by the Republican Party,” Mr. Dean told NBC’s “Meet the Press” yesterday. “We get lectured by people all day long about moral values by people who have their own moral shortcomings.”

Howard Dean is stretching it again. First of all his imitation was of a person snorting a drug. Rush Limbaugh became addicted to prescription medications. Dean is a so called doctor so one would think he might actually know the difference between a drug addict who snorts the drug and a patient who became dependant on prescribed drugs. I am surprised that Dean did not know it since it happens quite often. Perhaps he is a quack and it might actually be good for sick people that he no longer practices medicine. By the way Dr. Ding-a-Ling, being addicted to a prescribed pain medication is not a moral shortcoming. A moral shortcoming is getting drunk, killing someone in a car accident, and covering it up. A moral shortcoming is having a sexual affair with someone who is not your spouse and lying about it under oath. A moral shortcoming is a physician using the medical problem of another person to gain political advantage. A moral shortcoming is:

Mr. Dean also stuck by his statement that the Democrats would “use” the effort to save the life of the brain-damaged Terri Schiavo against Republicans in the next election. “The Schiavo case will probably be the turning point about our ability to make our case to Americans about the incredible invasiveness of Republicans when it comes to making personal, private decisions,” Mr. Dean said.

Well, Dr. Daffy, perhaps you would like to explain how how republicans were invasive in a personal and private decision that was neither personal nor private. It is amazing that in the interview Dr. Dipstick said he was deeply religious. Perhaps this deeply religious man could explain his stance on abortion (and association with Planned Parenthood) and killing Schiavo. He is entitled to an opinion but to state that Rush Limbaugh’s opinions offend him and his strong moral values smacks of hypocrisy given that he advocates murder.

How is it that Dr. Dim Wit can say republicans are intrusive and then in the same breath discuss Limbaugh’s medical problem. How can he make such a claim when it is his party that is hell bent on taking away our Constitutional rights. They want our guns, they want our money, they want to dictate every little aspect of our lives down to the food served in school. They want the village to raise our children and they think that they know better than we do as to how to run our lives. Dean has a lot of nerve to call republicans intrusive.

I think that Dr. Dean broke a blood vessel when he was out screaming his jihad terrorist primal mating call and has been living with greater brain damage than before. Perhaps it was Dean’s alcohol problem in College. Oh yeah, did I mention that Dean allegedly had his own substance abuse problems? Not only that, his inability to control his consumption of mind altering substances lead him to believe that no one else could either. This is from an article entitled Howard Dean: the Progressive Anti-War Candidate? Perspectives from Vermont

Howard Dean does not like drugs. He had a bout with alcohol during his college years that seems to have left him with the impression that since he couldn’t control his consumption of mood-modifying substances, then neither could anyone else.

It would seem that Dean is not only an idiot, he is also a hypocrite. Perhaps we should start making an issue of his past alcohol abuse. Nah, that would be too intrusive.

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