Hussein Will Be Hanging Around for New Year’s

Looks like Saddam Hussein will be swinging by the weekend when his execution is expected to be carried out. Hussein was sentenced to death after being found guilty of killing 148 people 14 years ago. Hussein has killed many more and is on trial for some of those but it looks like he will be put to death before the other crimes can be resolved.

You have to admire the Iraqi judicial system for this aspect; they do not take forever with appeals for those sentenced to death. Hussein would have been better off if he had been sentenced in America because he would have died of old age before the appeal process was over. We need to adopt this fast track to the gallows here in the US. Perhaps it would curb the murder rate. One thing is certain, it would clear out death row.

Hang down your head ole Saddam
Hang down your head and cry
Hang down your head ole Saddam
For boy you’re bout to die

By this time tomorrow
Reckon where you’ll be
Down near your biggest palace
Hanging from a big Palm tree

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One Response to “Hussein Will Be Hanging Around for New Year’s”

  1. chrys says:

    Hmmm – Have to check PC – This may be an afront to “Tom Dooley!” lol