Hussein Verdict Sparks Mixed Reactions

Saddam Hussein was responsible for a reign of terror on his people and neighboring countries for a very long time and that reign ended when US Forces dug him out of a hole in the ground. The second chapter in the end of the reign came yesterday when Hussein was sentenced to hang for crimes against humanity. Saddam Hussein thought nothing of executing people with whom he disagreed. He had family members killed and I have heard stories that the bones of infants were found in his tiger cages. Iraqis were experimented on and they were brutalized for having the nerve to disagree with their leader. The videos of people being shot in the head, having their arms broken, and fingers or hands cut off have circulated and only accentuate the horrors that this man perpetrated upon his people. One story tells of how one of Hussein’s staff answered in the affirmative when Saddam asked (rhetorically) “Should I step down?” For being honest the man was arrested and his wife begged Saddam to spare his life and send him home. Hussein agreed to send him home and that night she went outside and opened a bag that had his parts in it. Hussein had him cut into pieces and sent home. These are items that horrify most people and help us to agree that he deserved a death penalty and that he indeed needs to die.

However, Hussein has his supporters, in a manner of speaking. There are many who agree that Hussein was wrong and that he deserved to be found guilty but they do not agree that he should be executed. Tony Blair opposes the death penalty and stated that he does not think Hussein should be put to death. The European Union has chimed in to say that they do not agree with the death penalty under any circumstances.

“The EU opposes capital punishment in all cases and under all circumstances, and it should not be carried out in this case either,” Finland, current holder of the rotating EU presidency, said in a statement. al-Reuters

Additionally, Hussein found a familiar supporter here in the United States. The New York Times, a paper opposed to the death penalty, believes that Hussein’s execution should be delayed until he is tried for his other crimes against humanity. Several judges and lawyers connected to the recently concluded case were killed during the trial. I imagine the Times would be OK with more people being killed in another trial in order to spare the one person in all this that deserves to die.

The editorial called for deferring the death penalty “long enough to allow the completion of a second trial, in which Mr. Hussein is charged with ordering genocidal massacres against the Kurds.” Breitbart

What happens after this trial? Do they delay for the next trial, and the next? He has been found guilty and has been sentenced. He will go through whatever appeal process is available and then, if his appeal is not successful, he will be put to death. Why waste time and money and place more people at risk to hold more trials when he can only die once for his crimes? Interestingly the Times, a paper that opposes our intervention in Iraq, wants to intervene in the process that was carried out by the Iraqis themselves. This paper has been traitorous to the US and is now providing advice to a people that do not want or need it.

What exactly does a tyrant need to do to deserve the death penalty. The EU opposes the death penalty under any circumstance but I do not recall the countries of the EU (since this occurred before they were an EU) opposing the death penalty for Germans convicted of war crimes from WWII. I am sure there were those who opposed it, I have just not heard of them and if anyone has information on this I would welcome it.

The EU is full of American Allies (the Times is not) and though they seldom act like our friends, we still consider them allies. President Bush made no bones about the fact he agreed with the decision even though our friends do not like it. In a twist of irony, Iran agrees with the verdict. Who can blame them after the crimes Hussein committed by using chemical weapons on them in their eight year long war.

What a strange world it is indeed when a country that we are at odds with agrees with the same thing we do and our friends do not. Of course, many in the EU made a lot of money off Hussein so they are worried about losing their business partner (in crime).

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