Human Cost Of War No Longer Important

When George Bush was president there was a rule that the media were not allowed to photograph the caskets of our returning war dead. This caused a stir because the media claimed that Bush was hiding the human cost of the war. The claim was that he did not want the media to show caskets on TV, on the Internet, and in papers because then more people would oppose the war.

The thought never occurred to them that he wanted our war dead to come home in dignity without being exploited by the media and the America haters on the left.

Joe Biden said our heroes were brought in in a clandestine fashion:

“These young men and women are heroes,” Vice President Biden said in 2004, when he was senator from Delaware. “The idea that they are essentially snuck back into the country under the cover of night so no one can see that their casket has arrived, I just think is wrong.” Examiner

Note to Biden, the past tense of sneak is sneaked.

I have been to Dover on business a number of times and our heroes are not sneaked in. When an aircraft carrying remains lands it goes to a special place on the base and all other operations stop while they are off loaded and taken where ever they go before they are transported home. I have been there at all hours of the day and everyone on base knows what is going on so they are hardly sneaked in.

When Obama took office he lifted the ban on allowing caskets to be photographed as long as the family agreed. I really have no problem with that because the family has a say in the matter and about 60% of them allow it. As far as I know the photographers have been respectful.

The funny thing is, now that Obama is in charge and the ban has been lifted the press is not very interested in taking pictures. The AP has a photographer there for every arrival but that is about all now. After all the fuss they are not interested in being there.

I guess now that Obama is in charge of the wars and now that they both belong entirely to him (especially Afghanistan), the human cost of war is no longer an issue. The media cannot risk showing all the caskets coming home and demonstrating that Obama was full of E. coli when he said that he would bring our troops home right away and that he would put an end to things.

Hell, Obama has blown off his commander and has delayed taking a decision on increasing troop strength in Afghanistan. He is too busy to ensure the needs of our military are addressed but he had time to fly to Copenhagen to beg for Chicago to get the 2016 Olympics. Another payback to the thugs in Chicago and all being done while our troops are ignored.

Since Obama is ignoring the troops and since he is not sending any reinforcements there will likely be more casualties.

They human cost of war will rise under Obama but now we don’t need all those pesky pictures.

Big Dog

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13 Responses to “Human Cost Of War No Longer Important”

  1. Darrel says:

    [the human cost of war is no longer an issue.]

    No one associates these wars with Obama. They are Bush’s babies. He pooped the bed and Obama is doing clean up as best as can be expected under the circumstances. Iraq withdrawal is running ahead of schedule, Afghanistan, the quagmire by which all quagmires are judged, is probably going to have to be let go sooner or later.

    “I’m not the expert on how the Iraqi people think, because I live in America, where it’s nice and safe and secure.”
    —George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Sept. 23, 2004

    • victoria says:

      How soon you forget. The Democrats all said Afghanistan was the right war and that Iraq was the wrong war. You don’t get to suddently say Bush pooped anything here concerning Afghanistan.

      • Darrel says:

        [You don’t get to suddently say Bush pooped anything here concerning Afghanistan.]

        Of course I do. He let Bin Laden get away in Torra Borra, and then he took the emphasis off of Afghanistan (which was the right war) to waste time lives and treasure on a pet project attacking a country that didn’t threaten the US (the wrong war).


        • Blake says:

          You know so little of Tora Bora (correct spelling)- Bush did not “let” anyone get away.
          If Afghanistan is the right” war, how come Nobama the Inept cannot do squat there? Could it be that he has absolutely NO COMPETENCE in these matters, and is so arrogant that he actually believes his PR?
          What an arrogant A$$hole he is.

    • Blake says:

      I associate Afghanistan with Nobamma- he chose that war- called it the good war, and said Bush had “taken his eye off the ball” concerning this war- now it comes out that Barry has been too busy taking vacations to NYC, Copenhagen, et al to even talk to Gen. McCrystal more than once in 70 days.
      This is because he doesn’t understand the military, and probably, because he has an ego to match his ears, will not talk to the military, nor heed their advice, so he will get many more of our young people killed than is necessary.
      He is our Incompetent in Chief.

  2. Brian says:

    Just a note on the English usage point made about Biden’s use of “snuck.” Through usage, “snuck” has become an accepted, though grammatically incorrect past participle of the verb “to sneak.” Since the infinitive is a regular verb, its standard past tense is formed by adding “-ed”. However, the irregular past tense form of the verb has become so common through usage, that the idiomatic irregular past tense is generally accepted, in American English, in most forms of address and communication. This usage is just one more instance where the imprecision of language has resulted in making English very sloppy. Still, though Biden’s use of “snuck” may have been sloppy at best and incorrect to a purist’s sensibilities, it was not unacceptable within the strictest interpretations of idiomatic English.

    The rest of the content of your post is completely in keeping with my political sentiments, despite the fact that I am an academic who is “supposed” to be a non-critically thinking, lock-stepped follower of the holder of the office of President.

    • Big Dog says:

      Hi Brian, thanks for commenting. I am aware that the word snuck has been used enough to place it in the English language though it is viewed as used by the uneducated and as a jocular form (especially in the UK). This is why I did not indicate that it was unacceptable, only that the past tense of sneak is sneaked, which is correct.

      I know snuck was not unacceptable. How could it be in a society where we have words like bling-bling becomming part of the dictionary and where people use the word presently to mean now instead of in the near future?

      However, I point out that sneaked is the past tense of sneak because Biden is the self proclaimed smartest man in the Congress (when he was in the Senate) and he is part of the liberal elites who know so much.

      One would think that a man who is supposedly so well educated would use the correct, non-standard, past tense of a word.

      I also point it out because he is supposed to be so much smarter than Sarah Palin and anything she said was deemed to be uttered by a moron while he gets a pass on the stupidity.

      • Blake says:

        Biden gets a pass on stupidity from the equally uneducated stupid liberals- the rest of us just kind of step back and listening utter amazement as he utters “Yogi-isms” constantly.
        The only thing Joe has in common with Barry, is that both love the sound of their own voices, but then this is endemic throughout Washington, and is not limited to a single party.
        And it is my opinion that Sarah is much smarter than liberals would like us to believe- that scares them- a CONSERVATIVE feminist- their worst nightmare.

      • Darrel says:

        [Biden is the self proclaimed smartest man in the Congress]

        When did Biden self proclaim this or even anything resembling this?

        Can you provide the citation or are you not being honest?


        • Blake says:

          Whatever he proclaims himself is not important- we look at actions, not words- and by that measure, the entire administration is legally brain- dead.

  3. Bruce says:

    The press wanted to make an issue about Bush, so his respecting the dead and keeping the press away was protested. Now that they have complete access, they stay away. which means that the hypocrites did not care, they mearly wanted to attack Bush. As far as the war goes, Obama continues on the Bush withdrawal plan. In Afganistan he has done just what he criticized Bush for, putting more troops in harms way without a withrawal plan. It is much easier to complain than to do. By the way, why call it Bush’s war when the democrats voted for it and continued to fund it? It is as much their war as anyones.

    • Blake says:

      Four years from now, liberals will still be invoking Bush’s name in a kneejerk response to any negative news, because, like Pavlov’s dog they have been trained to drool responsively.