HuffPo And Dean Emphasize Failure Of Liberalism

I wrote yesterday about Teddy the boozer Kennedy and his admission that liberalism is a failed ideology and today I have more confirmation from Howard Dean and the Huffington “Daily Brief” both via email.

Facing criticism that his administration has made little progress in rebuilding areas affected by the storm, Bush admitted that the recovery efforts have been slow, but insisted that “things have changed” since his visit a little less than a year ago. Standing in front of recent construction, cameras that recorded the President’s speech did not capture the rows of destroyed houses, the beach that is still empty, or the hotels and motels that remain deserted. (Huffington writer)


Meanwhile, the shameful foot-dragging since the storm on reconstruction and help to families shows the same lack of interest in solving real problems and saving lives. So far, the administration has gotten around to spending barely half of what Congress authorized. (Dean)

You see, both of the moonbats involved would have America believe that the Federal Government is supposed to rebuild New Orleans. Dean goes so far as to say that the Administration has spent barely half of the money authorized. The Bush administration and our Congress provided the money for the local government to spend. IT IS THE JOB OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT to rebuild New Orleans.

This is the problem with liberalism. It breeds a group of people who believe that big government is supposed to do everything for you. The fact is, this rebuilding is the responsibility of local government and ONCE AGAIN, they are failing miserably in their duties. Dean and the Huff piece demonstrate that those on the left believe that the federal government should do everything for you including wiping your runny nose. Hell, I would not be surprised if they found skeletons still holding on to bridges where people died waiting for the government to come save them because they lacked the motivation to fend for themselves.

The American public needs to wake up and see what is going on. The Federal Government did what it was supposed to do. It has provided resources and a lot of our money. The local government is supposed to be running things but they are too busy trying to figure out how to use all this “free” money for ill gotten gains.

America, if you want leaders who believe that you are not capable of taking care of yourselves and who will turn your children into dependant leaches, then vote for the left. They will be the reason for the demise of this country.

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5 Responses to “HuffPo And Dean Emphasize Failure Of Liberalism”

  1. Raven says:

    LOL— the liberals want the big government to take control of everything- so long as they get the money…local governments should be held accountable when they don’t perform well as in the NOLA situation.

    A lot of people think the feds are in charge of this…they are not and should not be!

  2. joe says:

    I am not sure I want to let those incompetent LA politicians have a blank check on my taxes. Bush was foolish to promise so much without some clear idea how it would be spent. Rebuilding 14 ft below sea level seem like a really bad idea.

  3. Big dog is barking up the right tree and has trapped the heart of the matter except for one tiny detail…It is up to the local government and the citizens of N.O. to rebuild that city (even though building below sea level on the hurricanne gulf coast is an insanity I just cannot fathom).

    Government should provide the infra-structure and emergency funds to enable private citizens and private business to get to work and do what people have done for centuries – provide for their own best interest.

  4. Juan Yearlater says:

    Senor’ y Senora’ we have three choices: a.) Drain the Gulf of Mexico; b.) Move New Orleans way up river and way up a mucho big hill; or, c.) Cut bait and let it go. Politicos just love to talk about “a.”, and naming it after themselves. College professors love to talk about “b.”, and naming it after themselves. Jose Average loves “c.”, and doesn’t care about taking any credit for the idea, he thinks anyone with a jumping bean’s worth of sense has the same opinion, so why bother. There is one other option, an option so beautiful that it defies the bounds of physics. It takes “c.” and amplifies it to the 99th level of credulity. What is it? Leave Crazy Ray Nagin in the “Old” New Orleans (Please? Oh pretty please?) and fly everyone else to a beautiful new resort on the Mexican Gulf Coast. The people don’t have to learn Spanish (but it would be nice). Remember, there are no borders between friends. And think of all the money you save. Isn’t it time to make the US of A a little bigger? Go SOUTH young man!!!!!


    Think Mexico!!!! Think MEXICO!!! THINK MEXICO!!!

    (etc., etc., etc., 99 times)

    Move NOW before the next Ice Age begins!!!

    Year round “FUN” in the Sun!!!!

    Lots of “Real” Fruits and Vegetables!!!

    Bigger Bang for your Buck!!!!

    Bottled Drinking Water For All.

    Your Dollar Goes Further!!!

    Visit “NEW” New Orleans Today!!!

    Why get flooded every 5 years???

    Think Mariachi Gringo!!! NOT Cajun!!!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Only thing that’s going to bring the Dem Party back is if several million “Americans” (note capital “A”) decide that it’s a worthwhile life calling to “retake”, “refurbish”, and “reinvigorate” said party. Don’t think it will happen, but it might be worth your time and effort to suggest such an idea to your friends sometime in the future. Imagine, two “American” parties! Make’s you kind’a teary-eye’d doesn’t it? Anyway, it’s long past time, in my opinion, for the American public to get off their dead rear-ends and start re-taking the DNC (AND>> Hollywood, the Ivy League, the AFL-CIO, the NAACP, New England, the Left Coast, the public schools, etc., etc., etc.) back from the Karl Marx-UN Hugging-Anarchist-French crowd and George Soros. Right? I mean Left? “American” Left that is.

    Let’s roll, “AMERICANS”!!! Kick the Kommies back to Europe, and China, and Mexico, and.. you name it!!! Please?