Huffington Has Lieberman In Black Face

You won’t see it there now but it was there, I saw it. I know other people saw it and this being the web, someone will have it saved. What is IT? It was a picture of Joe Lieberman and Bill Clinton standing next to each other. Nothing unusual about that except that Lieberman’s photo was altered and he was in BLACK FACE.

Some time ago a blogger, some idiot who I can not remember, put up a picture of Michael Steele and it was similarly altered (which is weird because Steele is black). The blogger referred to him as Sambo. What a sick attempt to portray Steele as a white man in a black man’s skin. That is the party of tolerance that the black population overwhelmingly votes for, go figure.

The left is upset with any of their politicians who do not toe the far left liberal line. They have expressed dissatisfaction with Hillary’s turn to the center and “support” for the war. They know she is a far left moonbat and are upset at her comments but she knows that she needs to pretend to be middle to have a chance at the White House. In any event, the folks at Huffington sure went all out in the Lieberman photo.

Of course, they are not very courageous over at the Huffington Post. If they really had a pair they would have left it up. After all, they thought it was a good idea to begin with. Instead, they took it down and demonstrated that they exercised poor judgment in the first place. Perhaps there were complaints but how could they not see those coming? I think it is because the left in America has taken the black vote for granted and they think they can do anything and will still get that vote. The sad thing is, they are probably correct.

I hope one day that people will wake up and see that the left does not care about anything but their own self interests.

You can see the post here but you will not see the picture!

UPDATE: You can see the picture at Radio Blogger.

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2 Responses to “Huffington Has Lieberman In Black Face”

  1. ric ottaiano says:

    i posted the pic at my site and will link to your post…libs are self-centered, immature idiots who wouldn’t recognize their double standards if they were inserted directly into their…nevermind.

  2. The Liberal Idea Of Effective and Mature Political…

    Joe Lieberman in blackface…more intelligent debate from the left….