Huffington Attracts A Lot of Kool Aid Drinkers (and Idiots)

This is from the Huffington Post:

Comedy writers all across America have been buoyed by news that President Bush is looking to raise half-a-billion dollars to build his legacy-burnishing presidential library. The punchlines write themselves: What’s it going to house, 100,000 copies of The Pet Goat? Will there be exhibits on waterboarding and the quaintness of the Geneva Conventions? A room devoted to the nobility of the Hanging Chad? The Abu Ghraib Game Room? But it’s no joke that the names of donors to the library don’t have to be made public. Bush 43 may be a lame duck, but he still has two years left in which he can throw open the doors of the White House favor bank. Whatever happened to the concept of government transparency?

I do not know what idiot wrote this but it is evident that it was some left wing jackass who conveniently forgot how Bill Clinton sold the Lincoln bedroom and accepted large sums of cash for his Presidential trailer library from various entities around the world like Muslims who want to kill us.

We should wait and see if this White house favor bank pans out before making accusations. As for that aspect, perhaps this writer is unaware of all the pardons issued by Clinton in the final days of his tenure to many well connected people for large sums of money. When it comes to selling political favors no one is better than the gangsters Clinton [Bill and Hillary].

This is typical of Bush Derangement Syndrome and of the left’s blind obedience to stupidity. They are just not capable of looking at anything objectively and they always dismiss what they have done as for the good of the people, or better yet, the chirren…

The items mentioned by the idiot who wrote this are childish attempts to belittle the President. I don’t know so I need a little help here. Are there sections of the Clinton Library dedicated to cigars, blue dresses, Monica, the missile technology given to China, the nuclear technology given to North Korea and the cowardice in Somalia which gave us 9/11? Maybe there is a wing dedicated to the USS Cole and the President’s inaction, or to the aspirin factory he had bombed? How about any area dedicated to his dodging of the draft and abuse of the ROTC system to avoid service to this country?

Just thought I’d ask.

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