Hoyer Says His Vote Was A Mistake As Well

If there are any doubts that Democrats do not care about the country, this should dispel them. Steny Hoyer has joined his messiah, Barack Obama, in stating that his past vote against raising the debt limit was a mistake. But was it? Obama indicated that his vote was a protest vote against the policies of George Bush. One would think that there are better ways to protest policies and one would think that a vote against raising the debt limit would be made on the principle of not incurring more debt.

Hoyer is saying the same thing. It was a mistake but he was voting against the policies of George Bush. To be clear, I do not think it is wise to vote to raise the debt limit (unless serious cuts take place) but my opposition is based on the realization that debt needs to be controlled. Obama and Hoyer voted based on spite and political posturing. They do not mind raising the debt limit, they just did not want to do so when Bush wanted them to.

Big Dog, how could you possibly know what they mind and don’t mind? Because they told me. They are both now advocating for raising the debt limit and claim it would hurt America if we do not do so. If not raising the debt limit will hurt America now then one must conclude the same thing was true when they opposed raising it. They don’t mind more debt as evidenced by their out of control spending. What they do mind is working with the other party to get something accomplished. Make no mistake, if they truly opposed it then I would be applauding them but they did not. They have situational opposition based upon who is in the White House. This demonstrates, as Obama put it, a failure of leadership.

These politicians are trying to quash any backlash they might get by Republicans (who voted for it then but oppose it now thus further showing the parties are not that different) who would use their votes and their words against them. But that ship has sailed. These two made it very clear that they opposed raising the debt limit and how bad Bush and Republicans were for even suggesting that that it be raised.

Now they must live by their words and all the claims of “mistakes” have no significance except among the unwashed Obama followers who long for the chance to touch his robe.

We all know what game is being played and we know both sides are playing it. The difference now is that America has awakened and is paying much closer attention to the financial situation in this country. Americans know we are on a path to ruin and they know that more spending is not the answer.

There are many older Republicans who were in Congress at that time who voted to raise the debt limit and now have a change of heart no different that the one Obama and Hoyer had. However, there are a whole lot of new, young, fresh faces in the Republican Party who were elected to stop Obamacare and to end the run away spending and get control of our debt. That is why they were put in office and that is what America expects them to do.

It looks to me like the Republicans (most of them, anyway) learned from the 2010 election and know they could easily be replaced if they do not do what America wants.

The Democrats, on the other hand, are slow learners and those who are running their sideshow are ignoring the results of the last election at their own peril. They were warned prior to November and they did not listen. Looks like they still have earplugs in.

The debt limit cannot be raised until we get substantive cuts. Republicans should push the Ryan Plan (though I think it could be better) as an absolute must before the limit is raised. They should require that it pass before allowing any vote on raising the debt limit. Republicans should also demand the repeal of Obamacare as part of the deal.

There are plenty of other things we could push and tie into the debt limit increase. Though Obama wants a clean bill with nothing else in it he will have to take a taste of his own medicine. He and his cohorts crammed things in Obamacare and used backroom deals and bribes to get it passed so now he will have to deal with a bill that has absolute cuts in it.

If he and the Democrats are unwilling to accept that then we can shut the place down and default on our obligations.

That would be a true demonstration of the failure of leadership.

Time to play hardball and if they don’t like it, too bad.

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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3 Responses to “Hoyer Says His Vote Was A Mistake As Well”

  1. Eoj Trahneir says:

    Democrats ALWAYS play obstruction politics. It doesn’t matter what the results are, good or bad for the country, humanity or society or economics; if the republicans are for it, like knee-jerks, they are against.
    How many times do we have to see it? It just goes to prove, ad nauseoum, that liberals are unfit to govern. They behave like Adam…ooops, I mean like baby children.

  2. Blake says:

    The Dems really should have some sharp looking uniforms aka the Waffen SS- because they are so in lockstep that if you’ve heard one moronic comment by a Lib, then you can tune the rest of them out, since they all say the same thing- “extremist Tea Party members, they have Boehner in a box, I was against it before I was for it- …” the list is endless- all sound and fury signifying nothing.
    You see- the positions they take are very malleable, depending on what they believe the voter will believe.
    They sway like a willow tree in the winds of voter polls, never taking a position or drawing a line in the sand.
    in short, they are political cowards.

  3. Ogre says:

    I wonder how the media would take it if some Republicans started saying, “I’m voting against raising the limit because it’s a vote against Obama’s policies?”


    Oh the other hand, liberty-minded folks like the tea party have a BIG opportunity here, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out. There’s three Senators that could filibuster. If they don’t filibuster, and just vote against it, the ceiling is raised, and just Democrats will vote for the increase, all Republicans will vote against it. However, if any of the three (tea party folks) call a filibuster, then the debt limit will be increased, but in that case Republicans will vote for it, too.

    If they don’t filibuster, it will be just more business as usual in DC. If they DO filibuster, it will point out that Republicans and Democrats ARE the same, and the tea party people are different.

    Should be interesting to watch (but not fun because either way, I LOSE).