Howie Dean Is At It Again

Howard the Scream Dean was at a fund raising dinner in Maine and he said it was time to end the culture of corruption. As I stated before, people are being investigated but no guilty verdict has been handed down yet Dean and the rest of the Screamers have people convicted and in jail. Dean is entitled to say these things because this is American politics and that is what politicians do. Dean will pander to the world in order to get more moonbats elected.

I seem to remember that when Clinton ran he was going to bring honesty and integrity to Washington. We all know how that worked out. His administration was rife with scandal and corruption. Most of the supporters will dismiss this because they figure the ends justify the means. I think it is just a matter of ethics and the Clintonistas lacked any ethical principle.

One thing Dean said that was uncalled for, which is not unusual for that idiot, was:

“I’m tired of the ayatollahs of the right wing,” Dean said. “We’re fighting for freedom in Iraq. We’re going to fight for freedom in America.”

This was uncalled for and it was designed to stir up negative connotations like the numerous Nazi references. I get emails from people who say I seem to equate liberal with unpatriotic. Well look no further than Dean and his comments. How many remember the comment about Republicans not working an honest day in their lives? How many times has the left referred to the right as Nazis? They have a right to disagree but comments like these are hateful and do not reflect American values. They are unpatriotic. How else can you describe comments that equate Americans to a group of people who exterminated ten million Jews?

Dean is rather funny though. I am willing to bet that I have worked harder every day of my life than that man ever has. He is a doctor yet he is sponging money off unsuspecting Democrats by hawking their supposed values (tell them what they want to hear, not how we really feel). Dean is a disgrace and if I were dying and he was the only doctor who could cure me I would die before I would go to that idiot. I will say this; the Democrats wanted to improve health care in this country. By taking Dean out of medicine they have accomplished that.

The story is here.

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