Howard Dean Talks Out of Both Sides

I was alerted to something at the DNC web site by Surfside. I went there to read about it and, since it was after the terrorist attacks in London, I saw Howard Dean’s remarks on the attacks. I am addressing these remarks and will, I hope, hit on the other topic at some time in the near future. Suffice it to say I will address something the donks have employed that is remarkably like their tax everybody policies; Nothing for your money…

Here are Dean’s remarks after the attacks:

“I join all Americans today in offering my condolences to the victims of today’s vicious terrorist attacks in London. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their friends and their families. We remain steadfast in our commitment to defeating those who threaten our freedom and values. At a time when world leaders were working together to help make our world a better place, these terrorists were plotting to disrupt that effort by killing and injuring innocent people. We will continue to stand with our allies around the world to defeat terrorism and protect our liberty and freedom.”

This starts off in a way you would expect from any caring human being. Though I think Dean is a loose cannon and fails to think before he speaks, I can appreciate his genuine thoughts expressed in the beginning of the paragraph. The ending is the part that gives me trouble. Dean was opposed to the war, he was opposed to spending the money to fund the war, he continually slams the President for every move that is made and he says we will continue to defeat terrorism and protect our freedom. If it were not for the current administration there would be no protection because people like Dean felt there was no threat until we “started” a war by invading poor little Iraq.

Michael Moore said there was no terrorist threat. The pundits on the left side of the blogosphere are blaming the terrorist attacks in London on the war. Howard Dean said:

“The president has created an enormous security problem for the United States where none existed before. But I hope the president is incredibly successful with his policy now that he’s there.”

I would like someone, anyone, to explain one thing. If there is no terrorist threat (Moore) and the terrorists attacked London because of the war and the President created a security problem where none existed (Dean) then what caused the attacks on 9/11? What caused the myriad of attacks against the US that have occurred over the last thirty years or so? If the war caused the terrorism why did it exist before the war? If there was no threat then what were all those pesky little attacks? If we were secure before but the President made us unsecure by his actions then how were we attacked then but have not been attacked since?

Of course anyone with half an ounce of brains (excludes a lot of people) knows that Moore is an idiot who is so self absorbed that he invents conspiracy theories and fabricates events to fit his version of the truth. I will not talk about him because he is not the main focus, Dean is.
The problem with Howard Dean is that he does not really know what he is talking about. I don’t know what kind of doctor he was but he should have stuck to medicine. Howard Dean is really out there and if we see an end to the democratic party in America its demise will rest on the shoulders of one Howard Dean. Notice how when he is trying to say the President made us unsecure he says now that HE is there. Placing the blame and focus squarely on Bush. He did this to show that it was the Bush and Bush alone who did this Iraq thing. But when Dean offers his condolences, he says WE will continue as if he and his donk buddies were there all the time. Well Howie, if you were not with the President (and the rest of us) then, why are you suddenly with us now? Perhaps you now realize that we need to defeat terrorism soundly so we can have a free and secure world? More likely, it was a politically expedient way to get some points out there. Dean knows that whenever there is some catastrophic event where terrorists take lives the focus goes back to the President and the War on Terror.

The donks can continue to say the world is less safe now that we went to war. They can make their claims that the war is the reason for terrorism and they can even claim that terrorist recruiting is up. They fail to realize that those terrorists were always there and always being molded by their religious leaders and now they have something to justify their flawed religious philosophies. The donks also have failed to explain why we were attacked so many times before the war ever started. The donks fail to address it because they do not want us to remember that it was their inaction that emboldened the terrorists and gave us 9/11. We are showing now that action keeps us from being attacked. If action had been taken on any of the previous occasions then there might not have been a 9/11 and now a 7/7. The donks do not want you to know that they are the party that failed to act. They do not want you to know that they gave us the conditions for 9/11 and they are ultimately, by inaction, responsible for the war going on today.

They can play on your emotions by announcing the number of military dead. Remember that those men and women are serving for our freedom and protection. Their job puts them in harm’s way by its very nature. Those folks killed on 9/11 and 7/7 were everyday civilians who did nothing more than go to work. The number of military dead is far from the number of civilians killed on 9/11 and if our military was not in Iraq taking the fight to the terrorists, the terrorists would be here bringing the fight to us.

So Howard, if you truly want to stand with out allies to defeat terrorism WE would appreciate it if YOU and your donk buddies would stay the hell out of our way and let us prosecute the war without your annoying tactics of deceit and defeatism.

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