Howard Dean Panders To Homosexuals

Howard Dean is pandering to the homosexual community. He is trying to erase from their memories the fact that he fired a gay person because his lover said bad things about Dean. He is also trying to erase memories of his refusal to support gay marriage opting for civil unions instead. Dean today indicated that the decision by the New York Court of Appeals stating that the state Constitution does not allow gay marriage bigoted.

The fact is, the Court of Appeals said the state Constitution does not protect same sex marriage but that the legislature could change that. What the court said is the state has to follow the law as defined by its Constitution. Howard Dean finds the law bigoted because it is inconvenient to his desire to pander to gays. This is true of any law in this country with which liberals do not agree. ILLEGAL immigration, they do not like it so we are racists. Gay marriage, they do not like it so we are bigots.

Perhaps if Dean were truly interested in helping gays get married he could have issued a statement indicating that he respected the court’s decision and that they would work with the state legislature to craft laws that would favor their position. No, liberals would rather attack our legal system for upholding the laws that we have. The liberals are, of course, first to cite chapter and verse of the Roe v Wade decision whenever anyone talks about banning abortion.

In typical liberal fashion, Howard Dean selectively supports the laws of this nation in order to advance a sickness known as liberalism. But Howard, if you feel like fighting for people who feel laws are unfair, I think that the law allowing the government to extort 40% of my pay from me is unfair and demonstrates “workism” that being the discrimination against those who actually work.

Source 1: Breitbart
Source 2: BP News

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