Howard Dean Is Still An Idiot

David T Cook at the Christian Science Monitor posted an excerpt of remarks made by DNC Chair Howard Dean. Let us take a look at them:

On prospects for a Democratic wave sweeping over Congress in 2006:

“The first of two ingredients for a wave is here … people really want a change…. The second piece is that the Democratic Party has to be seen as the vehicle for change. That is my job, Harry Reid’s job, Nancy Pelosi’s job….”
Assuming people want this change, why would they choose a party that did not fix anything after 40 years at the top? If the three mentioned are charged with this task, the donks are in trouble.

On the biggest issues in the 2006 election:

“The biggest issues of the election are character issues…. They are going to go to the president’s and the Republicans’ trustworthiness and honesty and their competence. And they are going to lose big on both those issues. After that we get to Iraq, we get to the economy, we get to healthcare.”
Howard, one would assume a Doctor can count. Those are THREE items (both means two you twit). This is what happens when you pander to people raised on a public school system built by Democrats. I want to hear you dingbats discuss the economy. We now have more millionaires than any time in history. Blacks are starting their own business in greater numbers than before and the economy is doing very well.

On the Democrats’ policy on Iraq:

“There is a consensus that we cannot continue to have a permanent commitment to a failed strategy…. One, we are going to support our troops and two, you are going to see a … desire to resolve the situation … by turning this over to the Iraqis and bringing our folks home. The only thing that is left up to some modest differences is what the timetable is.”
The only people calling Iraq a failed strategy is the Democratic party and their drones. The people on the ground have a different perspective. The folks at home only get stories the drive by media presents and those are never positive and rarely true.

On religion and politics:

“The religious community has to decide whether they want to be tax exempt or involved in politics.”
Careful what you ask for Howie. The number of donks who get religious around election time is staggering. They all go to predominantly black churches and the preachers campaign for them from the pulpit. I agree that politics and religion should remain separate and if this actually happens your party, who uses the pulpit shamelessly, will lose one of its valuable tools.

On Democrats’ slogan in the 2008 election:

“One of our slogans is probably going to end up being ‘tough and smart.’ Because what the Republicans have done is tough and not very smart.”
Tough, come on Howie. Cut and Run would be better for you guys. You don’t know what tough is. To you, tough is preventing an Arab company from doing business here because of “national security” and then working on plans to allow millions of people to cross over here ILLEGALLY and reward them for it. Smart? See the response to the second item above.

Source: CSM

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