Howard Dean Injects Race Once Again

Barack Obama and his party would have people believe that the Republican party is full of racists and that the Democrats are as pure as the driven snow and as diverse as the United Nations. The reality is that the Democrats have injected race into the quest for the presidency. The Democratic primaries involved only Democrats and race was an issue the entire way. Hillary could not make a statement without the Obama camp shouting racism and every time we turned around people were either not voting for Obama or being accused of not voting for him because he is black.

When Obama became the presumptive nominee the race card was played and it has been ongoing ever since. At first Obama told us that Republicans would try to scare people because he is black and then we had him discussing the fact that he does not look like the other guys on dollar bills. The word has already been put out that anyone who does not vote for the sainted one is a racist.

It is pretty obvious that playing the race card is going to be the tactic used by the Democrats and Howard Dean is following suit. Some time ago Dean remarked how the Republican party was the party of white people while the Democrats were diverse. He has done that again during an interview when he stated:

“If you look at folks of color, even women, they’re more successful in the Democratic party than they are in the white, uh, excuse me, in the [laughs] Republican party.” Breitbart

I have gone over this before. The majority of blacks in this country are registered as Democrats and 90% of the black voters vote for Democrats. Anyone capable of doing the math can see that there are very few blacks available to run for office as Republicans and those who admit to being Republicans are chastised as Uncle Toms and sell outs. The National Black Republican Association is full of intelligent Conservative Republicans who happen to be black. They are attacked in the media and by the left all the time. Their sole crime is that they are black and Republican. The Democrats don’t like to let the blacks off their plantation (to use their words) and those who choose not to follow the left are attacked for their beliefs.

There are some promising black candidates who are running for office as Republicans and they will certainly do a fine job. Watch and see who attacks them and who injects race into the issue. Here is a hint, it won’t be Republicans. Frances Rice of the NBRA has recounted a nice history to show who will be the attackers. Ms. Rice is brilliant. She is a veteran and we owe her a debt of gratitude for her service to our country.

As for other minorities and women, I think Dean has it wrong. Of course the majority of Mexicans will be looking to the Democrats because the Democrats want to open the borders and allow all the illegals to invade our country. However, there are many who are here legally who do not buy into the open borders philosophy of the left. Women have made great strides in this country and some of them have done well as Republicans. How about our Secretary of State Condi Rice. She happens to be a woman and black. Of course, she was attacked as an Aunt Jemima.

If Dean wants to discuss women perhaps he can discuss how Hillary Clinton was treated by her party. Perhaps he can explain how she was relegated to second class citizen in favor of a new comer who happens to be black. I am no Hillary fan but I can see she and her supporters were treated poorly. She was left out in the cold in favor of Obama, a man who was selected not elected (funny how this is different when it is one of their own).

I believe that minorities would do much better if they embraced the Republican party and espoused conservative values like they did prior to the middle of the last century. They would be welcomed with open arms and given every opportunity to succeed without the chains of government wrapped around their necks. My friends at the NBRA have done quite well and they are not shunned by Republicans because we don’t care about the color of their skin, only the content of their character.

That was the dream of a famous black man, Martin Luther King Jr.

By the way, he was a Republican

Big Dog

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6 Responses to “Howard Dean Injects Race Once Again”

  1. Hillman says:

    Howard Dean is a first class moron. How in the hell did he ever get through medical school? The Democrat Party has done more to impair the Blacks in this country than anything or anyone. It’s incredible how the Democrats can be such bald faced liars and how they continually attempt to re-write history in their favor.

    A good example how the Democrats smeared a Black Republican would be Michael Steele of Maryland. What they did to this fine man is criminal. Dumb-o-crat Ben Cardin wouldn’t make a pimple on Michael Steele’s ass.

  2. Buffoon says:

    Frustrating as all hell how we can;t get black America to understand this

  3. Patsy says:

    Big Dog, I had no idea that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican. I admit I have not spent a great deal of time studying the life of MLK, but why isn’t very well known that he was Republican? Howard Dean’s assertion that blacks do better with Democrats is simply not true. Republicans have appointed far more blacks to Cabinet positions, including 2 Secretaries of State, than Democratic Administrations have. I agree with your assertion that the Republican Party has much more to offer blacks.

    And someone needs to b***h slap that jerk Howard Dean, about a hundred times. He is such an offensive man. Where does the Democratic Party find these people, anyway?

  4. Big Dog says:

    I added a link to the post from an interview with his niece. She affirms that she is a Republican as was MLK. She also talks about the history that moved blacks away from the party.

  5. Stix says:

    Very good post Big Dog.

    And yes it was a Democrat administration that illegally wiretapped MLK also. It is amazing that most blacks do not understand that the Republicans were the ones that passed the anti discrimination laws in the 60s, and the Democrats were the that voted against it.

  6. Patsy says:

    Big Dog, I googled MLK Republican and found a 2006 post from Human Events explaining it and much, much more. I think I recall reading it back then, but it’s worth reading again. Here is the link:

    Why Martin Luther King was Republican