Howard Dean Double Talk

Here is what Howie had to say:

“To bring genuine relief to the residents of the Gulf Coast, President Bush needs to put aside partisan politics and put the needs of Katrina’s survivors front and center, by protecting their freedoms and giving them access to the tools they need to recover and rebuild. Democrats understand that the American people are counting on their leaders to unite this country and rebuild our sense of community in the face of this national tragedy. emphasis added

So Howie, is the President the only one or should we all put aside partisan politics? I think you want to attack the President and his initiative and make it sound like you are non partisan while accusing him of the same. Here are a few of your recent comments:

  • “Finally, the American people deserve answers to the tough questions about why the federal government was so grossly unprepared to respond to this national disaster. Sure Howie, and the local government was prepared. The feds were way too slow. Shut up Jackass
  • But when Katrina hit, President Bush couldn’t be bothered to change his schedule…To do what Jackass, fly in and stop the hurricane.
  • …even though officials on the ground were waiting for help. No, they were running around screwing things up. Quit lying you piece of horse dung.
  • And while Louisiana’s Democratic governor tried repeatedly to reach President Bush, he called Mississippi’s Republican governor repeatedly. Wrong again Jackass. The President contacted her on a number of occasions asking her to let him help. She kept refusing. Get your facts straight dumb ass.

So much for this talk of non partisanship. I guess it is OK for you to run around lying to the people who are stupid enough to listen and then accuse the President. I am tired of your stupidity but you are great for the republican party. I will say this, the only thing you know about being President is that you are not qualified. The same people you pander to decided you were not qualified to be President. The picked that loser Kerry over you. But then, some genius put you at the DNC.

I just wish you would at least get your facts straight before you ran off at the mouth. I could tolerate you if you did not lie like a rug. You might think that lying crap will get the White House back, you will only be sorry.

Dean quotes from here.

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