Howard Dean, Be Careful What You Ask For

I received the DNC email with its usual pack of lies. It did contain some information about the secret senator who they believe is Republican Ted Stevens. I can’t refute anything Dean has to say about Stevens because he is a big pork man. Here is the beginning of the email:

You know the joke about how the government paid $436 for a hammer?

It’s true.

So a bipartisan group of Senators introduced the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 — a bill that would create a public, searchable database of all federal grants and contracts. Letting the public and the press see where the money goes would be a huge step towards eliminating ridiculous, wasteful spending.

A Google-like web site to find out where your tax dollars go — seems like a no-brainer, right?

Think again. A Republican Senator famous for pork barrel spending placed a “secret hold” that’s preventing the proposal from even getting a vote. The mystery Senator has revealed himself — it’s none other than Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, who became famous for trying to waste taxpayer dollars to build a “bridge to nowhere”.

It’s time to ratchet up the pressure and get this bill on the Congressional agenda. Tell Ted Stevens to give this important open government measure a fair up or down vote:

I would like to see this item voted on and passed but does anyone find it the least bit ironic that a Democrat is demanding an up or down vote with a straight face? Where was this jackass when we were trying to get up or down votes on nominees? It is really beyond me how this idiot can function.

As usual, the email is laced with lies about Republican culture of corruption and the “fact” that the only time a budget was balanced a Democrat did it. Howard, the budget was never balanced. That was nothing more than manipulating numbers. If the truth be told and the budget was really balanced, the President didn’t do it, the Congress did and they were Republicans. But the thing was not balanced in any regard.

Dean demands that this be passed so that we can see how the Republicans waste our money in pork. Perhaps Dean is unaware that some of the biggest porkers of all time are Democrats and one has every object in his state named after him (Byrd). I would like to make a deal with Howard. Stevens can allow the vote and the database needs to be online in a week. If any Democrat is in that database then he must resign. Dean is so sure that Democrats are pure and uninvolved then he can wager their jobs on it.

Be careful what you ask for Howie. When that database is available you will not be able to lie like this because people will be able to check. Those who are not bright enough to know by know will rapidly discover you are a lying fraud. So, let us get that database up now. Care to take the deal Howie?

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One Response to “Howard Dean, Be Careful What You Ask For”

  1. Rosemary says:

    Yes, yes! I care to make that bet! Boy would I love to find out who is spending what. I would also like that bill passed that says you cannot add pork without putting your name on it. It would then have to be voted upon. hehehe. (Pence’s idea, I think.)

    Hey, guy. How are you? I pray you are well. ;)