Howard Dean And Immigration

Howard Dean, The DNC Chairman, has a problem with the anti-immigration policy that has been put forth. Dean feels that this will make it tough for those who are here illegally to obtain legal status. He also feels that it is wrong to punish people who smuggle illegals into this country or to punish people who marry an illegal so they can stay here. What I get out of this is Dean wants us to make it harder to punish criminals. He wants to reward criminal behavior. It is illegal to enter this country under false pretenses and without the proper paperwork. Everday, people from Mexico enter this country in VIOLATION of our laws. For a man who has been shouting about how corrupt the Bush administration is and saying that people who broke the law should be punished, he is not very consistent. Here is an excerpt from the DNC website:

“It’s shameful that the Republican Party continues to use important issues to divide Americans for political gain. We all agree we need to strengthen our borders and enforce our immigration laws, there is no place in the debate for the reckless scapegoating of immigrants. President Bush’s failure to provide leadership on immigration reform and his failure to enforce our border laws have fostered an atmosphere of hostility, and Americans are tired of the divisiveness.

“Voters know that together, America can do better. That’s why this year they overwhelmingly rejected candidates like Jerry Kilgore in Virginia and Jim Gilchrist in California who used immigration to scare and divide voters. Instead of demonizing immigrants, the Republican Party should join Democrats in seeking comprehensive immigration reform that protects our borders, provides cities and states the necessary resources to keep our communities safe, and brings America together. A realistic and comprehensive approach must also protect all U.S. workers and their wages, prevent exploitation of immigrant workers, and offer immigrants who have earned it the opportunities and responsibilities of U.S. citizenship.

“Democrats will never abdicate the responsibility for a real immigration policy and its enforcement to vigilantes, or exploit people’s fears for political gain. Americans demand the same of the Republican Party. They can start today by rejecting the anti-immigrant bill working its way through the House.”

Let us look at the items here. Scapegoating of (illegal) immigrants; they are ot being made scapegoats, they are being held accountable for a crime. Voters know we can do better so that is why they overwhelmingly (a small margin) rejected Republican candidates. Using this logic, Howie, it is fair to say that Americans overwhelmingly rejected John Kerry , and by extension, the platform of the Democrats.

Democrats will not abdicate their responsibility for immigration except for the 40 years when they were in power. They view illegal immigration as more votes for the Democratic party. The Democrats will not exploit fear except when they are trying to scare Americans about phony CIA agent leaks, LEGAL electronic surveillance, and objections to Supreme Court nominees based on contrived ideas of regressing to back alley abortions and segregation.

Yes Howie, I can see how well you guys are doing your jobs. You are right about one thing. Americans are tired of the divisiveness and you can help correct that by having your moonbat buddies stop opposing everything for purely political reasons. You can personally help by stopping your slanderous and libelous attacks on Republicans. You know the attacks, the statements about Republicans not working an honest day. I am sure that if you stick a sock in your mouth you can help the cause.

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